Best Guitar Amplifier Speakers in 2020

Celestion Pulse Series 12 Inch 200 Watt 8 ohm Ceramic Bass Replacement Speaker 12 in. 8 Ohm Review:

This gives new life to my amp. I had a guitar cab with a V30 and G12H, and I swapped out the G12H for the Pulse, so that I would have one speaker for playing bass through. To my surprise when I use both speakers together for guitar it sounds really good.
I tend to play with high gain and down tune to D standard or lower. This speaker allows for a lot of rich low end definition and crunch that was missing before.

Also, it sounds great for bass guitar and handles overdriven tones gracefully and powerfully.

CELESTION V-Type 12-Inch 70-Watt 16-Ohm Guitar Speaker Review:

It is a greenback and a v30 combined in the best ways possible. It's got girth, it can soar for leads, but it cleans up to be chimey yet warm.

and for this price??? It's ridiculous. It is one of Celestion's best speakers.

I got this speaker because I play both English and American amps, and the Greenback blood in this makes it compatible with almost anything.

Get it. you won't be disappointed.

Eminence Red Coat Series Man O War 12" Guitar Speaker, 120 Watts at 8 Ohms Review:

The Man O War is a little "darker" sounding than the Governor speaker to my ear. The Governor has a little more bite like a V30, but is less mid-scooped than a V30. The Man O War and Governor together seem to produce a nice fat tone, not too bright, not too scooped, but nice growl on distorted tones, but works very well on clean tones as well. Not sure I'd want the Man O War by itself to more clean/chimey tones, but together with the Governor the tone is fat. I like it : )

I gave the same review for the Eminence Governor (from here down) - I had an Avatar 2x12 cabinet with two Celestion G12 Century speakers (these have lightweight neodymium magnets) wired in series for an 16 ohm cabinet. Sort of an unusual wiring scheme since most cabinets/amps are set up for 8 ohm.

For years I struggled to get good tones out of my amps, and unfortunately, I kept blaming the amplifier and kept going through amp after amp....finally one day it dawned on me that some of the well rated amps I tossed to the side just might not be the problem, it might be the speakers. I always knew that good speakers were important, but I had some good speakers already in the cabinet.

I was going to try swapping out the G12s with V30s but decided to give these Eminence speakers a try mostly because they were cheaper by a long way and also because I wasn't convinced that the G12s were the problem. So I picked the Governor (sort of similar sounding to a V30, but less scooped sounding) and this Man O War speaker (which I read was a good combo).

Huge improvement in tone, actually, outstanding really. I don't know if it was because I now had a more "standard" 8 ohm cabinet wired in parallel which matched up better with my amp, or the fact that the heavier magnets are just better than the lightweight neodymium magnets, but these speakers sound great. I am using a Mesa Mark V which I loved when I tested it out in the store, but for years at home I was just not getting anywhere near the right sound - something was always missing before. I was blaming the amp, stomp boxes, everything and was just overlooking a key part of the sound - the speakers! The speakers make the sound after all, so a good quality speaker is probably one of the most important things.

I can't compare this directly to anything, but my Mesa now chimes, growls and sounds fat like it did when I test drove it, so the Mesa is saved! Great value, I would buy Eminence again.

Jensen MOD6-15 6" 15 Watt Guitar Speaker, 8 ohm Review:

I picked up a Fender SP10 amplifier for less than $10.00 at a local thrift shop. I didn't purchase it to use specifically as a guitar amp, but after the speaker swap, it'll work very well. It didn't take more than 15 minutes to swap out the cheap little speaker in the SP10 with the new Jensen. The speaker's holes all line up. NO DRILLING! And you just reuse the existing hardware. I didn't even have to solder the terminals. I spliced and taped the existing wires to an additional 6 inches of wire that I'd already threaded and electrical taped to the speaker terminals. I tested the speaker before reinserting the speaker panel in the SP10. What a difference in sound. As I'm keying in this review, I'm listening via my Kindle Fire through the SP10 with its new Jensen MOD6;15. After the speaker cone has "broken in" the sound will even get better.
If you're hesitant about performing the swap, don't be. It's simple as can be. Just remember that you should purchase the 8 ohm version of the MOD6.

Eminence Legend CA154 15in 300W 4 Ohms Review:

I recently purchased this as a replacement driver in my hand-me-down Peavey 1x15 TNT cab. The "Black Widow" driver whose sound I was in love with suddenly began making that buzzing sound a driver makes when its cone is through.

I admittedly was in a bit of a tiff when I discovered the same driver was almost impossible to find, and the ones I did find were going for well over $140.

This driver was a direct swap right into the cabinet and I have almost never been happier with an Amazon purchase. It reproduces the same deep lows with no problem and even has higher power handling at fraction of the weight of the old driver. I'm only running 200 watts through it and it can easily overpower a full drum kit and a guitar ran through 2x12 @ 150watts, both at full tilt. I also run my keyboard through it and it produces some pleasing midrange as well. I wouldn't hesitate to buy anything from Eminence.

SHIDU Bluetooth Voice Amplifier, Personal Voice Amplifier 18W with Wired Microphone Headset Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Rechargeable PA System Power Bank for Outdoors,Teachers,Shower,Beach Review:

This is the best Voice Amplifier I’ve ever used! It works really great! I work in a prison and do a lot of tour guides for volunteers. It was such a huge help! They could hear me very well outside and inside the prison dorms. It is outstanding! I have even used it in my Sunday School class. Amazing quality! You can use it so that your voice is amplified or you can use the Bluetooth option to listen to anything. It even plays from a usb drive or a micro-SD card. Just plug it in and let it play. Also it has the option of recording your own voice on the microphone provided and play it later.
An option that I really like is that it has a large capacity lithium battery! You can use it for a very long time! I recommend it with no hesitation!

Zoweetek Portable Rechargeable Mini Voice Amplifier with Wired Microphone Headset and Waistband, Supports MP3 Format Audio for Teachers, Singing, Coaches, Training, Presentation, Tour Guide Review:

This little device kicks out some pretty good sound. I teach several large aerobic classes and I needed something to help my voice carry over the gym and this works fairly well. We do a lot of extensive moving so I have to attach the amplifier to the back of my pants to keep the chord from getting tangled in my arms, therefor the sound goes in/out a little if the mouth piece is not inline with the speaker on the amplifier. I would purchase the wireless one if I had to purchase it again, simply because the chord does get in my way. All in all it's a wonderful device and the ladies love that they can really hear my voice during the exercises.

Celestion Vintage 30 Guitar Speaker, 8 Ohm Review:

I purchased one of these as an upgrade to the stock Fender speaker in a 40 Watt Blues Deluxe. This speaker is much louder and much more rounded than the original, a lot more low end. Out of the box it didn't sound good at all, it was breaking up all over the place and a little fuzzy even at lower volumes so I went online and found celestions instructions on breaking it in, which I followed (earplugs highly recommended) and now it sounds just like I was hoping for. The biggest difference in tone I have noticed is with the drive channel - most everyone hates the Blues Deluxe's drive because it's very shrill and not very powerful, but it sounds a lot better through this speaker. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get a bit more warmth and crunch out of their amps. It is 60 watts with 8 ohms of resistance so make sure your amp is compatible before buying.

Portable Bluetooth Voice Amplifier, Ultralight Rechargeable Wired Mini Personal Speaker with Microphone, Use in Classroom, Meeting, Promotions and Outdoor Activities, for Teachers, Tour Guides & More Review:

It is easy to use, but it takes time to be used to it for the first time use. The audio quality is very good, even in the bluetooth speaker mode and MP3 playback mode and FM radio. I like these multifunctions, which is very useful for the outside activities. And it is small as a normal power bank, good for carrying out.

There is an internal mic, so it is not necessary to plug in your micphone for recording. The recording can only record from the mic, could not record from FM or TF playback or bluetooth player.

The bluetooth device name is NK-BA300, instead of “APORO mini” meantioned by the manual which waste me much time to fingure out .