Best Graph Paper in 2020

Mr. Pen- Graph Paper, Grid Paper, 22 Sheet Papers, 4x4 (4 Squares per inch), 17"x11", Drafting Paper, Squared Paper, Blueprint Paper, Architectural Paper, Computation Pad, Quadrille Writing Paper, Pad Review:

You will have many more options for 11 x 17 graph paper from Amazon than in a local store, but still not very many. I use this for laying out rooms in my home. Sketched once and installed in a sheet protector (found here on Amazon by searching Ruby Paulina), I can arrange and re-arrange furniture (cut outs) many times without asking for help moving actual heavy objects. Yes, I could do this on my computer, but I enjoy the meditative quality of sketching and the more tactile experience of handling cut paper.

I bought two different brand packages of this oversized graph paper to compare quality. Purchased in the same order and arriving in the same box, Mr. Pen brand paper was much better protected (plastic-wrapped) than the unwrapped, barely glued together Ampad offering.

Neither Ampad nor Mr. Pen opt to label these graph paper pads with the actual paper weight. Neither is very thick, resembling basic copy or notebook paper in the hand. Neither was too thin/fragile for my use, including some erasing and repeated handling. Mr. Pen is definitely heavier weight than Ampad.

The Ampad option was the least expensive 11 x 17 choice at the time I ordered, but I will probably stick with Mr. Pen brand in the future if prices remain at a similar ratio. I paid 20.6 cents per sheet for Ampad and 36.3 cents per sheet for Mr. Pen in September 2019.

I prefer to buy a larger (thicker) pad once than make repeat purchases, usually at a higher price per sheet and with more packaging waste, but there were no high quantity choices in 11 x 17 graph paper at the time of my search.

Mr. Pen- Graph Paper, Grid Paper, 4x4 (4 Squares per inch), 8.5"x11", 60 Sheet Papers, Drafting Paper, Squared Paper, Blueprint Paper, Architectural Paper, Computation Pad, Quadrille Writing Paper Review:

I love graph paper for all my notes, it helps me organize and memorize much better (you should try it if you have not yet). I am a connoisseur of different types of graph paper, and this is the best I have found to date. Better than five star which was the previous winner. The sturdy backing makes it very easy to take anywhere, and the perforated pages are strong enough to not rip off when I don't want them to, but easy to rip clean when I do. I would highly recommend this product! If you have any issues at all, the customer service is unbeatable.

Mr. Pen- Engineering Paper, Graph Paper, 5x5 (5 Squares per inch), 8.5"x11", 60 Sheet Papers, Grid Paper, Computation Pads, Drafting Paper, Squared Paper, Blueprint Paper, Quadrille Writing Paper, Pad Review:

 Exactly what I needed! Sturdy and comes with a cute sticker.

Five Star Loose Leaf Paper, 3 Hole Punched, Reinforced Filler Paper, Graph Ruled, 11 x 8-1/2 inches, 100 Sheets/Pack, 1 Pack (17012) Review:

Excellent quality, medium weight, smooth, clean white, paper; fine and medium point ballpoint pens glide smoothly over the surface without much pressure, FP fountain pen friendly- no bleed through. I've been using this paper (college rule) for a year for ongoing projects and writings I reference often and keep in a binder, so I can say the reinforced tape works- I haven't had to replace a page yet.
I use graph paper often, 5 sq/in and 4 sq/in depending on the purpose. This paper is great because the smaller grid is one side and the larger on the other. The holes are centered so that flipped you have the grid you want fitting perfectly. The lines aren't are lighter than most but personally I prefer lighter, which I haven't found in years. Other than that, notebook graph paper couldn't be better than this.

Oxford Filler Paper, 8-1/2" x 11", 4 x 4 Graph Rule, 3-Hole Punched, Loose-Leaf Paper for 3-Ring Binders, 400 Sheets Per Pack (62360) Review:

My 6th grader needed graph paper this year and after looking at several options, this choice from Oxford turned out well - the squares per inch are good, the line darkness is not too dark (nor too light), and the paper's thickness is acceptable. The 3-hole punch is an added bonus; the teachers require them to keep 20 sheets on hand in their 3-ring binders at all time, so this saves time when he needs to grab more sheets to replenish!

Five Star Loose Leaf Paper, 3 Hole Punched, Reinforced Filler Paper, Graph Ruled, 11 x 8-1/2 inches, 100 Sheets/Pack, 3 Pack (38034) Review:

My son has geometry this semester and forgot to pick up graph paper during our back to school shopping run. Rather than making the trip to Target and dealing with searching the aisles and getting annoyed in the lines, I hopped on Amazon and got these. Quite impressed.

Ink is quite good, lines are defined and clear without being distracting from what you draw on this.

Paper is thick and sturdy enough, doesn't rip from the compass points.

Reinforced holes means these sheets stay in his binder.

Good quality and price, I'd buy these again.

School Smart Double Sided Graph Paper, 8-1/2 x 11 Inches, 1/2 Inch Rule, White, Pack of 500 Review:

As a middle school teacher, I often use this to help students with visual/writing difficulties. It can be used for graphing or for computation (keeping digits lined up in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). I have also used it to help students with severe writing difficulties write written responses, since they are able to write one letter per box and can use boxes for even spacing as well.

Alvin, Quadrille Paper, Graph and Drafting, 4x4 Grid, 17 x 22 Inches - 50 Sheets Review:

Thin /
Tore the edge taking out of the book
But it was my carelessness

The paper is awesome!!

Lined grid on one side
Blank white on the reverse...
A tad bit bigger than my desk
Is why I gave it 4 stars
But the advertising is correct measurement
So I’ll give it 5

Roaring Spring Paper Products Wide Landscape Pads, 40 Sheets, 11 x 9-1/2 Inches, White (ROA74500) Review:

Not only are they great for taking notes in college lectures, but the pages are also a must - have for drawing. I personally have always drawn illustrations on notebook paper before going digital to Adobe Illustrator. Problem was, I sometimes wanted a landscape scene, and I RELY on those subtle blue lines in notebook paper. Graph paper never worked for me. So when I tried to do a landscape drawing on regular notebook paper, I couldn't fit my art vision in. When I turned the paper horizontally, the lines turned vertical... I searched for a type of notebook paper that allows me to sketch landscape art with horizontal guidelines. I love it, and I will continue to buy this product.

School Smart Double Sided Grid Paper, 3 Hole Punched, 8-1/2 x 11 Inches, 1/4 Inch Rule, White, Pack of 500 Review:

Okay, so I usually hate buying graph paper.

I hate that most of it comes in tablets so you have to tear off each sheet individually and hope it doesn't rip--no problem here! It comes loose.

Most graph paper comes in tiny amounts--this 500 page deem will last!

Most graph paper must be hole-punched by hand to fit in your binder--this is already neatly hole punched for you!

Most graph paper is 8x10.5 inches--this graph paper is a standard 8x5x11 inches, the same as your printer paper!

I strongly recommend using graph paper for ALL math work, especially for young children, as it helps them line up place value and decimals neatly. And of course, graph paper is a must for high school math students who must plot graphs, and for middle and high school science students for projects that require graphing results from experiments, surveys, etc. With all that graph paper, this is a great and economical way to keep your kids supplied!