Best GPS Vehicle Mounts in 2020

Garmin Portable Friction Mount - Frustration Free Packaging Review:

I have tried all other kinds of mounts for my Garmin GPS, including the suction cup and the AC vent holders but the AC vent ones block the AC airflow and the suction cup ones come loose right away. I had to remove the AC grate clips when not in use to allow the air to flow. Those clips are not easy to insert and remove and are a pain. The suction cup one always took several tries to get it to stick. I decided to give this a try and boy, am I happy I did. This sits perfectly on top of the dash of my 2006 Honda CR-V and stays put. I purposely took some corners hard and did some hard stops, acceleration, and braking and this thing didn't budge a millimeter. When I am parked, I can simply lift this, with the GPS still attached, off the dashboard and set it on the floor in front of the seat to get it out of view. Then simply put it back up onto the dashboard and away I go. I finally found the mount that works for me.

Bestand GPS Dashboard Mount, Portable Friction Mount for Garmin 700/600/300/200 Series and for New Nuvi Series Review:

I've tried a variety of window suctions, vent clips and adhesives for cell phones and GPS devices and none really did the job. Getting a device that could move around didn't seem like a good idea. But I was wrong. I've used this portable friction mount for my Garmin Nuvi GPS in three different vehicles and it doesn't matter whether the dash was flat or rounded. IT WORKS PERFECTLY. No movement while I'm driving, even on sharp turns. And each driver in our family can put it exactly where it works best for them instead of where the air vent is or the holding device was installed.

GPS Dash Mount [Matte Black Dock] for Garmin Nuvi Drive Dezl Drivesmart Driveassist DriveLuxe, Tomtom, Magellan Roadmate, Navman - Car Sticky Non-Slip Dashboard 3.5 4.3 5 6 inch Navigation Holder Review:

I have just installed the GPS Dash Mount this evening, 8/23/19 after some testing to see where the best place on the dash might be. I like the feature allowing the mount to remain closed and low profile unless I am using the GPS to navigate. My vehicle is a 2013 Nissan Frontier King Cab S 2.5 L base unit. I have a smart phone but had rather use the Garmin Nuvi for navagation so this mount should be great. Only time will tell if it is suitable for the task at hand. The vehicle is garage kept so there should not be heat from the sun beating on the unit and causing the attachment surfaces from deterioating too soon. Replacement 3M attachment patches can be ordered via so that is a good deal. The GPS fits well and securely into the mount and that is excellent. I expect this unit to be dependable and useor a long time. The price was good and the strength of clamping/holding power are impressive. And the low profile presence is great for around town visibility. I think this was a great purchase and as of this moment, I recommend it for those using a GPS unit or smart phone navagation units for dash mounting.

Garmin Universal Mount Connects Suction Cup with Unit Review:

this was a perfect fit for my Garmin DriveSmart 61

The old universal mount broke I'm guessing from being put on to the suction cup window mount and taken off so many times.
I had an idea that from now on before pushing onto the suction cup mount that you could lubricate the ball of the suction cup mount with a little saliva. that might prolong its life by making it go on easier.

Bike Phone Mount for Any Smart Phone: iPhone X 8 7 6 5 Plus Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 S7 S7 S6 S5 S4 Edge, Nexus, Nokia, LG. Motorcycle, Bicycle Phone Mount. Mountain Bike Mount. Bike Accessories. Review:

It's really irritating to be biking and then having to stop to check your phone for directions. While walking you can just pull your phone out of your pocket and glance at it, but with biking it's much more of a commitment. You have to stop, get off your bike, possibly take off your biking gloves, pull out your phone, and then look at your navigation app. This bike smartphone cradle solves this problem, and I couldn't be happier. This will allow you to put your phone on you handle bars and use turn-by-turn navigation as if you were driving a car. Like I said, I wouldn't go too fast with my phone mounted to my handlebars, but for just cruising around, this is great.

One of the main things I was worried about with this mount was my phone's security. If you're on a bike in a busy city and your phone falls, there's a decent chance that it's gone forever. This mount mounts very securely to your bike, and then holds your phone very securely as well. The two adjustable clamps on the side do most of the work, but then there is what is essentially a heavy-duty rubber band holding your phone as well. This secures the phone from all four corners, and with the clamp on the side of the phone, your phone isn't going anywhere unless you want it to.

iSportgo S30 Dash Cam Suction Mount with 10pcs Joints for REXING,Z-Edge,Old Shark,YI,KDLINKS,Falcon Zero,Transcend,Crosstour,VANTRUE,GoPro Hero and Most Other Dash Cameras DVR GPS Review:

 I run a Youtube channel (Rated R Cars) about cars, tech, and comedy and I use a lot of sports cameras (and some get destroyed). I use a lot of mounts.

I got this mount to put cameras outside my car.

This mount is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Small and low profile. NO GLUE. I can't STAND glue on suction cups. It leaves a mess on the windshield, car, etc. Don't get me wrong, the glue mounts may be good for placing it and leaving it. But I remove my mounts and move them around the car.

This mount is solid quality and comes with a bunch of attachments. I use the sports cam attachment.

So far, so awesome. See video review to see it in action.

AmazonBasics GPS Car Dashboard Mount Holder for Garmin, Tomtom, Magellan and Other Portable GPS Navigators Review:

GoPro doesn’t make a standard windshield mount for its cameras, and their suction cup dash mount doesn’t adhere to textured dashes, which is 99.9% of modern dash material. So I needed an alternative and not something too high or big for my low recording car camera. This bean bag GPS mount is an excellent alternative. The GoPro adhesive base holder cured and attached within 24 hours to the GPS dash mount’s base. I’m not sure why there are negative comments about the mount reportedly sliding. This was not an issue. The device has three heavy bean bag “arms” with two cellophane covers (top & bottom) on the bases, just peel them off. I cleaned the top base lightly with alcohol and dried it to ensure the GoPro adhesive camera holder attached perfectly. The bottom-side of the GPS mount that goes on top of your dash is really sticky on its own once you remove the cellophane. I use a lint roller to remove any debris the bottom-side may gather. The cool thing?? I can literally pick up my GoPro camera attached to this GPS dash mount and move it any other car with no hassle. So if it works for my GoPro camera, it’ll definitely work for a GPS suction cup device, which is its original intended use. I have no complaints.

GPS Suction Cup Mount for Garmin [Quick Extension Arm], Replacement GPS Dash Ball Mount Dashboard Windshield Car Holder for Garmin Nuvi Dezl Drive Drivesmart Zumo Driveassist DriveLuxe StreetPilot RV Review:

I love my Garmin GPS. I use it just about any time I'm going somewhere other than the market. However, it was difficult to find a mount that was stable and easily visible while driving. I tried several different styles (suction cup on the windshield, cradle mount on top of the dashboard, A/C vent mount, top-of-the-dashboard "sandbag", even the CD player slot mount, but none of them reliably stayed put or could be placed conveniently within my line of sight. After seeing some positive reviews of this "suction cup with extension arm" variant, I decided to try one. Bingo! This one works the best for me.
The extension arm makes it possible to position the GPS right where I need it. The extra-sticky suction cup holds fast all day long and the GPS really stays put. Removing the mount from the windshield takes only a little bit of extra effort and the stickiness is easily restored by moistening the suction cup. (I just lick it. I know, eeewww, but I'm the only "licker" involved. A quick wipe with a wet paper towel works just fine.) The GPS stays right in position when using the touch screen.
I like it, it stays put, it stays in my line of sight, and it works.
An easy 5 Stars.

Arkon 90mm Adhesive Mounting Disk for Car Dashboards Garmin TomTom GPS Dashboard Disc Review:

I had a dashboard mount with a warped mounting plate caused by leaving a suction cup mounted bracket attached while the car sat in the sun. The warped plate kept the suction cup from getting a reliable grip when my GPS was mounted. I used a heat gun to warm the mounting plate enough to push it flat (although not flat enough for the suction cup to grip), cleaned it with the included alcohol swab and stuck the new adapter plate on top. After letting it set up for 24 hrs, I took it on a 1 week trip to Florida and had absolutely no problem with it holding the suction cup mount for the GPS firmly, even after sitting in the sun. Saved me a lot of money over buying a new dashboard mount. Highly recommended.