Best Golf Ball Retrievers in 2022

Last update: January 9, 2023

Can you make money selling golf balls?

Yes, you can make money selling golf balls. You can either sell them online or in physical stores. The key is to find a niche market and offer a competitive price. You can also sell used golf balls. Many people are willing to pay for golf balls that have been used by professional golfers.

Do golf ball retrievers work?

A golf ball retriever is a long-handled device used to retrieve a golf ball from a water hazard. Many golfers use them to save themselves the trouble of wading into water to retrieve their ball. But do they actually work? The answer seems to be mixed. Some golfers say that their retriever has worked perfectly, while others have had mixed results. It seems that it depends on the quality of the retriever and how deep the water is. If you're considering purchasing a golf ball retriever, it's worth doing some research to see what other

How do golf ball finders work?

Golf ball finders use a combination of radar and GPS technology to help you find your ball. The radar helps to identify the location of the ball, while the GPS helps to pinpoint its exact location.

How do they get golf balls out of lakes?

Golf balls are typically retrieved from lakes by one of two methods: either by manually wading in and picking them out or by using a golf ball retrieval device. The simplest way to retrieve golf balls from a lake is to simply wade in and pick them out by hand. This can be time-consuming, however, and is not always practical depending on the size of the lake and the number of golf balls that need to be retrieved. For larger lakes or for retrieving a larger number of golf balls, a golf ball retrieval device can be used. These devices typically

JP Lann Golf Ball Pick Up Shag Bag Review:

This was the only ball pickup device I've ever used. It is a highly useful gadget that costs just a little over $20 and appears to be fairly durable. Although I haven't used it on the practice greens, this item is fantastic for practicing chipping in the backyard or taking full swings with practice balls. Since that's what it was made for, it naturally picks up real golf balls without any issues, but it also does a great job with hollow plastic practice balls and can pick up whiffle ball-style practice balls, but they can get a little smashed because they are made of softer plastic. I got one for my dad as well because it worked out so wonderfully for me. Since you won't have to bend down to pick up every ball you hit, this shag bag will save you time and strain on your back.

IGOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever Review:

The design works, which is good. I've successfully retrieved balls from the water some distance away. You can grab it with this if you can see it. The mechanism is quite ingenious. However, if you miss and it trips, you must remove it, reset the head, and try again. You can also fit it in your golf bag.The Bad: Will this hold up is my main concern. When extending the antenna, take care not to place an excessive load on the construction. So far, so good, but the joints are press-fit, just like an old vehicle antenna, so if you bend them, they break. The is vulnerable. Be careful because you can't really bang this around much without breaking things. Fortunately, I discovered a head cover on the course for a different brand that fits this perfectly and could perhaps increase its usable life.Time will tell, but things are looking up.This product performs as promised, but if you need something more durable, you might want to look at another manufacturer.

Datrek IG20203 IGOTCHA JAWZ Golf Ball Retriever, 10' Reach, Blue Review:

I've purchased two ball retrievers from Igotcha. I'm replacing a ball retriever that I recently lost with this one. The old ball retriever really broke down a few times because it had too many moving parts. Therefore, when looking for a replacement, I chose the Jaws model instead, and I am quite delighted with it.IGotcha undoubtedly makes the greatest ball retrievers available on the market, to start. Their retrievers are expandable and constructed of high-quality materials, allowing you to put one of these in your bag. They are really small and perform just as promised. Although the Jaws concept is quite straightforward, it just works very well. Any golf ball can be placed over the rubber grips in the jaw mechanism on the inside of the retrieving hoop, which have the ideal degree of friction and grip to pull your ball back out of the water or from inside bushes or other vegetation.Since there are no moving parts to break, this is, in my opinion, the best model the company has to offer. Since I chose to replace my lost first model with this one, I suppose I should consider myself quite fortunate because, in my opinion, this model is far better than the one I previously bought.

ProActive Shag Tube - Plastic with Ball Release Review:

Very fine thus far (after one month). I'm not sure if this was an error in design, but 21 balls accidentally fell into my golf bag since the closed end of the tube was not sealed. After learning my lesson, I no longer dump it and now store it open end down.I really appreciate the idea that it fits in an open spot in my golf bag despite my learning curve. I would be able to distribute a ball as needed using a retractable shaft that I could bury at an angle in the earth.

Callaway Golf Ball Retriever Review:

Wow. This is just great! I've used a variety of ball retrievers in the past, but this one is unique from all the others. I've had balls buried in muck about 3/4 of the way, and you can press the retriever down on top of the ball, and it generally retrieves the ball. It will haul it out even if you shove it deep into the muck.When I performed a fast experiment to determine the farthest distance I could be from a ball on flat ground indoors, my feet were 17 feet away from the ball I could pick up. That was also a fairly easy reach. I wasn't pushing myself too hard in an effort to cover more ground. It is demonstrated in the accompanying video.

Nickel Putter Golf Ball Pick-Up Review:

Thought this was a little more expensive than I intended to pay, but it appeared to be top-notch in the industry. The tool is actually very excellent and little. With the help of the three included screws, it attaches to the end of my putter pretty securely and hasn't shown any signs of slipping off. It slides into the bag smoothly, but you need to be a bit cautious because it is simple to catch the opener and have it flip open as it is sliding into the bag's bottom. The good news is that it is sometimes too simple to open the putter into the pickup position, and it only opens when you want to use it for putting rather than retrieving. Would advise using a stronger magnet to keep it shut.The major drawback is that sometimes the ball pops off the pickup after you carefully maneuver it onto the ball at the bottom of the cup and attempt to collect it. Although it could be more difficult to fit onto the ball, it would be wonderful if there was a bit more tension in the clip to provide a tighter grip. It should be noted that the pickup requires some skill because it requires inverting your putter and sticking the butt of the grip into the hole. Since my putter is so long (48"), it can be challenging to guide the grip and pick-up into the hole, onto the ball, then remove the ball.Despite being challenging, it is incredibly cool and makes my playing partners envious. Very little and doesn't get in the way of my putting grip. opens like a Bic pen flick. Overall, I believe it was worth the money, and if I lose or break this one, I'll definitely buy another one.

Mile High Life | Telescopic Extendable Stainless Ball Retriever 16.5"-80" Long & 7 Oz Weight | Claw Ball Grabber | Suction Cup Ball Grabber | Flexible Variety Value Packs Review:

Works fine, although the extender could be more robust. It broke after three usage. It's fantastic for taking balls out of bushes or in the water, but not so great in the rough.

Pelican Golf Ball Retriever with Premium Golden Yellow Nylon Cup 12 and 18 Foot Maximum Retracted Length Aluminum Alloy Shaft Review:

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Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent Head Golf Ball Retriever Review:

This is a good product—good enough that I've purchased a second one exactly like it. Aluminum makes it relatively lightweight, and the end-mounted round ball grabber is quite effective. In addition to making you some new golf buddies as you recover their lost shots, it will undoubtedly pay for itself.After heavy use, my first one lasted 3–4 years. When I was retrieving a ball from a pond, the terminal extension—the one with the loop—came off and glub-glubed down to Davy Jones' Locker. This was the final incident for it. However, I believe that the terminal extension ultimately broke loose as a result of my mistreatment of it through vigorous extension removal. When the extensions were stretched, I additionally bent parts of them by slapping them against the ground, which caused a retrieved ball to fall out of the plastic hoop.Permit me to recommend that there are strategies to remember and develop into habits in order to ensure the longevity of the product. To stretch the retriever, draw out a part at a time. Before pulling it out, give the section a slight counterclockwise twist to loosen it. Then, once the segment is fully extended, give it a slight clockwise twist to set it. Push one component into another, then collapse it by rotating each one counterclockwise. These actions just take a moment, yet they quickly develop into habits. And to avoid bending the extensions, don't bang it on the ground (like I used to, obviously) to move a ball that you have retrieved. These actions ought to considerably increase its lifespan.

ProActive Sports Player Select Super-Lite Golf Ball Retriever with 9ft Lightweight Fiberglass Telescopic Shaft Review:

extremely light weight You won't even notice your backpack if you carry it! A decent length is 9 feet.Initially, I awarded this product two stars because I had trouble using it to pull a golf ball out of the water. The technique, which involves dragging the head toward you after putting the head just past the ball, was described in an email from the company. This is effective.Initially, I also had trouble entirely collapsing the retriever. This was resolved for me by fully extending the shaft (if not, it might stick), cleaning the shaft, and then lubricating the shaft. I used Lithium-WD-40. This fixed the issue with the closing jams. Nevertheless, I advise asking your playing partner to leave it open if you borrow their instrument so you can clean it and dry it before shutting it.

How much do golf ball retrievers make?

Although there is no definitive answer, it is generally agreed that golf ball retrievers make somewhere between $30,000 and $50,000 per year. This is based on a variety of factors, including the number of hours worked, the location of the job, and the level of experience.

How much does a top golf ball picker make?

A top golf ball picker can make up to $100,000 per year.

How old do you have to be to be a golf ball retriever?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different golf clubs and courses have different age requirements for their golf ball retrievers. However, most golf clubs and courses require that golf ball retrievers be at least 18 years old. Some clubs and courses may require that golf ball retrievers be even older, such as 21 years old.

Is a ball retriever considered a club?

A ball retriever is a device used to help retrieve a ball from a water hazard. It is considered a club because it is used to help the player complete the hole.

Should you carry a golf ball retriever?

A golf ball retriever is a very useful tool to have when playing golf, especially if you are playing in an area where there are a lot of water hazards. They are also useful for retrieving balls that have gone into deep rough. There are a variety of different golf ball retrievers on the market, so it is important to choose one that is the right size and weight for you.

What are all the pockets on a golf bag for?

A golf bag typically has several pockets designed for carrying various items. The largest pocket is usually for storing the player's clubs, and the pockets typically get smaller as they are located closer to the top of the bag. There are also usually pockets for balls, tees, a towel, and other smaller items.