Best GameCube Games in 2022

Last update: January 17, 2023

How long do GameCube discs last?

GameCube discs are designed to last a long time, but there are a few things that can shorten their lifespan. One is if the disc gets scratched. If the scratch is deep enough, it can cause the disc to skip or freeze. Another is if the disc gets too hot or too cold. Extreme temperatures can cause the disc to warp, making it unreadable. Finally, if the disc is left in direct sunlight, the ultraviolet rays can damage the data on the disc. With proper care, a GameCube disc can last for many years.

Is GameCube better than PS2?

There are a few reasons why the GameCube is better than the PS2. First, the GameCube has better graphics and sound capabilities. Secondly, the GameCube has a more user-friendly interface. Finally, the GameCube is more affordable.

Is GameCube more powerful than Xbox?

The Xbox is more powerful than the Gamecube. The Xbox has a 733 MHz CPU, while the Gamecube has a 485 MHz CPU. The Xbox also has a 250 MHz GPU, while the Gamecube has a 162 MHz GPU. The Xbox also has 64 MB of RAM, while the Gamecube has only 40 MB of RAM.

Is GameCube still being made?

No, the GameCube was discontinued in 2007.

Harvest Moon Magical Melody - Gamecube Review:

Before playing this installment in the series, I have played Harvest Moon on the SNES, Playstation, Playstation 2, and Gamecube (A Wonderful Life).Harvest Moon: Magical Melody offers the best blend of farming and community engagement I've yet to see in a Harvest Moon.FARM-LIFEEach season requires the planting of at least five different crops, with consideration for the soil's fertility (which can be augmented with fertilizer). Only a few varieties of livestock are available, including cows, chickens, horses, sheep, and perhaps one or two more that can be discovered or unlocked later in the game. As usual, the game starts with you getting a dog. Later on, you also receive a second pet (you'll find out what it is).TOWNSFOLKYour farmer can get to meet many residents of the community. Enough to significantly lessen any boredom you might get from daily tending to your animals and plants in the game. Each season has a number of festivals, and if you've gotten close to a certain number of the town's residents, they'll come over and offer you a gift. To enable all of the characters to settle in town, certain conditions must be met (e.g., transport a specific quantity of ore, herbs, or clay; plant a specific quantity of trees).MARRIAGE/COURTSHIPThis, in my opinion, is an essential component of any Harvest Moon game (which is why that futuristic one on the PSP fails). You can get to know people of the opposing sex and even marry one of them, as it was in any decent Harvest Moon. There are 10 women available for men to date. There are 10 men I can date as a woman.MYSTIQUE MELODYAlthough you can't go online and boast like you might with the PS3 or 360, Magical Melody features something that is somewhat comparable to Trophis on the Xbox 360 and Achievements on the PS3: Notes. You will receive a Note as compensation for reaching certain goals and completing tasks in the game. To me, the main purpose of these Notes is to make you feel accomplished. It encourages you to keep playing. Of course, gathering Notes in order to bring back the Harvest Goddess is the "primary goal" of the game.LAST WORDYou should give this game a shot if you've ever enjoyed Harvest Moon and own either a Gamecube or Wii (remember, Wii folks, your Wii can play GC games). And this is undoubtedly a wonderful game to start on if you've never played Harvest Moon.

Animal Crossing Review:

As you try to convince your friends to become Animal Crossing fans, being a fan is intrinsically frustrating. If you will, visualize...You: It's awesome that you can capture bugs, go fishing, and purchase carpet and wall coverings!Friend: Oh, yeah. [loner pause] Is that it?You: Nulla! You can carry out tasks for the town's animals, establish fruit trees, unearth fossils, or even compose letters! Even when you're not playing, time still passes. There's a dog who comes to town and sings for you like every Saturday night.Friend: Right, all right. I'll move to stand somewhere else right away.Laugh all you want, but Animal Crossing is one of those uncommon games that sells the platform, my friends. It's absolutely open-ended and peaceful (you don't even kill the bugs and fish you catch). You can choose to play more or less.Please keep in mind that reading and writing are crucial components of gaming if you're thinking of giving this item as a gift. Fluency in English will greatly improve your experience, but even very small children (like my 4-year-old) can enjoy running about, shaking the branches for fruit, and catching bugs.Additionally, you might wish to buy additional memory sticks if numerous individuals want to start characters. The town has limited resources that are refreshed daily and some activities that can only be completed once (for instance, the town museum will only accept one of each sort of fossil) (e.g. a special money-giving rock that dispenses bags of coin to the first person to whack it with their shovel). With two sticks, you can visit each other's communities and make plenty more animal friends. However, be careful what you write because these animals will reveal you the messages the other player sent them.For those who have a Game Boy Advance, there are further features, including another island to discover. Additionally, you can scan new music and minigames into the GBA's e-Reader. Cool features, but you don't need to acquire all that additional stuff to have a good time.One other thing: You don't need to connect your Gamecube to the internet to trade stuff with anyone, anywhere. The local shopkeeper will accept an item in exchange for a unique code. Give your pal the code, and they'll give it to the retailer in HIS town, and presto! For those of you who enjoy trading, there is a strong collecting community online.

Mario Party 7 Review:

I'm a woman, and I don't find this game to be at all challenging. Additionally, playing this game with your pals is a ton of fun. For instance, blowing the balloon..a it's lot of fun for us and you don't need to be a game player to get it. It's just like a little hilarious competition and you can always laugh with it.However, I dislike the final star giveaway scheme. Because they offer a free star to the player who loses the most or lands closest to the bowser, it just seems like all your effort is for naught. Well, it's kind of frustrating but also enjoyable.If you and your friend enjoy playing games at parties, this game is a must-have. Your group will have more fun if you play this game.

Luigi's Mansion - Gamecube Review:

I never played this on the GameCube, but I recently took it up and finished it.I believe Luigi is the winner of a competition and is given a mansion. Mario must be found and saved at the mansion after being abducted by King Boo.Action/Adventure game play. You traverse a mansion, attempting to illuminate each room by capturing ghosts in your Poltergust 3,000. (a vacuum). Your vacuum has 2 settings: suction and extraction. Ghosts have a number on them that needs to be reduced to zero in order to lure them into the trap and capture them. You must turn the control stick in the opposite direction from the direction the ghost is facing once it is in the vacuum's stream (first by stunning it with the flashlight). To start the process with the majority of the major spirits, you must figure out a means to surprise them. It could involve moving a chair or opening a window while they are distracted. It's exciting to try to figure out how each of them can be defeated because they each have a unique method. Later on, you also acquire unique vacuum powers like fire, water, and ice. Each is utilized throughout the game to clean up specific rooms. You need to locate the keys to new doors in the mansion to proceed. When a key is discovered, you can look on the map to see which door it unlocks. You can also scan ghosts to detect a sign of their vulnerability. You will also receive a boo meter in the game that aids in finding the boos as you go about the estate. Without initially trapping every boo, you can't enter the last area. The boos are marked with a number, and you must track them from room to room until you catch them.In conclusion, the GameCube has good visuals. The controls are simple. The game takes about three to five hours. It took longer than I anticipated, and some of the ghosts are challenging to find and/or photograph. It is worthwhile to purchase if you still have a GameCube or even a Wii because the Wii can play ALL GameCube games.

Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker - Gamecube Review:

This game has been mine several times. I'm not sure why, but the disc seems to degrade. I've only ever had this one game that the Gamecube/Wii couldn't read, but perhaps I just got unfortunate. Anyhow, I think this is my favorite Zelda game. The silly kiddie designs are my favorite. The most expressive face belongs to Link. It is a fun game. If you don't understand what I mean, play the game to find out. I adore how the soundtrack corresponds to the sword blows. I like the creatures that stick you, giggle, and race up the walls while yelling "da-neh, neh, da-neh." Wind Waker has a fantastic plot. Playing is quite enjoyable. It is really replayable. More time than any other Zelda game ever was spent creating this one. Unlike today's newer games, which are basically junk produced by a computer, they truly cared about the game.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - GameCube Review:

Yes, I was aware of all the positive reviews this game had. I was aware of its features, yes. Yes, I was aware of the new characters, but I never imagined anything could match the brilliance of the first Sonic Adventure. Its easy-to-use controls, captivating plot, and sense of speed easily drew me in. However, I hadn't yet played Sonic Adventure 2.I finally acquired Sonic Adventure 2 Battle in the mail in May of this year. Although I was aware that I was in for a treat, a small voice inside my head yelled, "This CAN'T be as good as the original Sonic Adventure!"I was greeted by the game's introductory cutscene in less than a minute. Sonic appeared to be a crazy maniac to me after I saw him jump out of that chopper. After some time had passed, the game began with City Escape. I'll stop talking about my experience and move on to the features. I should probably discuss the incident.The plot is divided into two sections, Hero and Dark. We get to take over the roles of Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails for the Hero tale. The military is pursuing Sonic for an unspecified cause (that will become clear later), and he must flee. When Dr. Eggman and a brand-new character named Rouge the Bat try to steal the master emerald, Knuckles is busy protecting it. However, Knuckles breaks the master emerald and disperses its parts all over the game before they can flee. Then there is Tails, who is merely interested in learning why Sonic is being pursued and what Eggman is up to.The sinister tale follows, including Dr. Eggman, Rouge, and Shadow as the primary characters. Shadow, a hedgehog with a difficult background, will stop at nothing to avoid being tormented by memories of his past. Rouge is a bat who works for the government while also attempting to work for Dr. Eggman. Rouge is a jewel-hunter. Eggman is the last to come up with a new strategy to rule the world. His strategy is to seize control of the space colony ARK and threaten the inhabitants of Earth with laser death if they don't comply with his demands.Although there is a "Final" narrative, it contains a lot of spoilers, so I won't even attempt to discuss it. But let's get to the actual gameplay.Shadow and Sonic both progress through the speed levels. These levels contain the homing attack, spin-dash, and platforming segments. The Sonic Adventure's Sonic stages are unique to me, though, in that Sonic and Shadow control very differently.The spin-dash button must be held down for a sufficient amount of time in order for either hedgehog to spin-dash after simply tapping it. We also receive other upgrades, such as the light dash, which enables you to move through a trail of rings at the speed of light, in addition to a spin-dash that is handled differently.In the end, all these speed levels require of you is that you exit the level and move toward the goal ring.The stages featuring Knuckles and Rouge are the next, and they share many characteristics with Knuckles' stages from Sonic Adventure. In essence, all you're doing is using your handy radar to look for riches. By pressing the jump button twice, you can glide along while using the B button to attack foes.The stages featuring Tails and Eggman are the last. The only thing these two characters do is drive around in robotic mecha and shoot bad guys. You can score a lot of points by connecting many enemy groups. But just like the speed stages, getting to the end is your ultimate priority.There are many gimmicks in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, such as the Chao Garden and even Kart Racing. When you have the chance, use them.You should add Sonic Adventure 2 Battle to your wishlist since it offers a ton of gameplay and narrative variation. But is it superior to the first Sonic Adventure? Of course it is!

Super Mario Sunshine Review:

Super Mario Sunshine has high expectations because Super Mario 64 was one of the best 3D platformers ever created. But does it actually meet them. No and yes. Let's begin with the narrative.When Mario takes a holiday, he chooses to visit the Isle Delfino, a tropical island. But before he arrives, a fraud named Shadow Due to Mario's destruction of the island, the Shine Sprites have fled, leaving the island's inhabitants in the dark. Mario must now clean up the island in order to get his reputation back.The game is executed well. Your objective is to gather 120 Shine Sprites throughout the island, however there are only nine distinct locations to visit, which is a little frustrating. I enjoy seeing a ton of various worlds, which I had the opportunity to do in Super Mario 64. Also You are unable to remove your FLUDD (Flash Liquidizing Ultra Dousing Device) device for virtually the whole duration of the game. I'm not saying it's awful; I just believe it would be wonderful to occasionally take a break from it. The stages may be a lot of fun, and there are lots of different Shine Sprites to collect. Some games require you to collect coins (ten blue coins get you a Shine Sprite), surf on Bloopers, climb windmills, collect money, and more. I could go on and on.The graphics are fantastic and a significant upgrade from Super Mario 64's. I enjoy being on Sirena Beach while the gorgeous sunset is happening and the water looks fantastic.The controls are nearly error-free, simple to learn, and difficult to forget.However, I have another grievance. The chopped sequences are so lifeless, and I HATE that. Mario's constant blank expression detracts from the plot. It is also impossible to skip a number of them. Even on an older console, the conclusion of Mario 64 was a blast to witness. It's also really unfortunate that the music isn't nearly as excellent as it was in Super Mario 64 or any of the other Super Mario adventure games.You'll probably want a guide to assist you if you want to collect all 120 Shine Sprites because this game is difficult and has a lot of replay potential. Although it's not quite as good as Super Mario 64, this game is still a ton of fun overall, and I certainly suggest it.

Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets Review:

To retrieve a book that SHE WANTES, the tiny Witch sends you running all over the place, where you are zapped by Prefects, fall to your death, and get your leg locked by Prefects. She is currently awake and secure in her bed, her wand on vibrate, and she is thinking about Ron Weaselly. I'm going to really hex her the next time I see her! (Can you tell that I'm having a blast from my rant?) Even though it's challenging, it feels wonderful to complete a "level". There are several "Walkthroughs" available online, some of which are better than others. Without them, you will feed this game to the closest giant spider.

Was the GameCube a failure?

The GameCube was a commercial failure, selling only 21.74 million units worldwide. Its main competitor, the PlayStation 2, sold over 155 million units. The GameCube's main advantage over the PlayStation 2 was its superior graphics processing unit, which made it more attractive to developers. However, the PlayStation 2's superior online functionality and DVD playback capabilities gave it a significant advantage over the GameCube.

What game has the most lore?

There are many games with extensive lore, but the game with the most lore is probably World of Warcraft. With over fifteen years of history, Warcraft has built up an incredibly rich and detailed world, with a deep history and complex characters. The game's lore is constantly expanding, with new books, comics, and movies adding to the already huge amount of story. If you're looking for a game with a vast and fascinating lore, World of Warcraft is the clear choice.

What games can you play on GameCube?

There are a variety of games that can be played on the GameCube console. Some of the most popular titles include Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Kart: Double Dash, and Animal Crossing. These games provide hours of entertainment and can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

What is Nintendo's most failed console?

The Nintendo 64 is widely considered to be Nintendo's most failed console. It was released in 1996, and was immediately overshadowed by the Sony PlayStation. The Nintendo 64 only had a few hundred thousand units sold in its first year, and was discontinued in 2002.

What is the best game on GameCube?

Super Smash Bros. Melee is the best game on GameCube. It's a fast-paced, action-packed fighting game that features some of the most iconic video game characters of all time. The game is incredibly fun to play with friends and family, and is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

What is the longest game to 100% complete?

The longest game to 100% complete is undoubtedly Final Fantasy VII. The game features an incredibly vast and detailed world, an engaging story, and a huge cast of characters. Not to mention, the game is absolutely massive, with over 100 hours of gameplay. Completing every side quest and unlocking every secret can easily take over 200 hours.