Best Game Boy Advance Accessories in 2020

XIBERIA V21 3.5mm Silver Gaming Headset, Over-Ear Stereo Gaming Headphones with Uni-Directional Microphone for PC, Computer, Laptop, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac, iPad Review:

+ Different cable option (hybrid 1 audio and microphone head, or separate audio and microphone heads) depending on your need
+ Comes in a very nice package
+ Has a carrying bag
+ The cushion is comfortable enough for long hour use
+ Over the ear style - this adds to the comfort (as opposed to on ear)
+ Flexible band

Cons: Not for Office use because...
+ It's HUGE. See my photo for a reference. You don't want to be THAT KIND OF GUY IN THE OFFICE WITH A BIG HEADPHONE ON
+ There is some leaking sound -- not ideal for office environment
+ A bit bulky. It is flexible but it does not fold nicely like the BoseQC35 or Beats. But hey, you got this one for 1/10 of the cost of the other two so I don't complain here.

Jeecoo N13 Gaming Headset for PS4 Xbox One PC, Bass Surround Headphones with Noise Cancelling Microphone, Highly Breathable Ear Cups for Computers Mobile and More Review:

 When you are gaming and want to play a horror game, or stand a chance against enemies in a shooter, sound is important. Im a gamer, a youtuber, and a guy that likes listening to metal and other heavy music occasionally. What I needed was something that was comfortable and could deliver on the sound. These do exactly that.

1. Comfort - The padding and sizing of these is great and I have no complaints. I wear these at work to have music play and at home for games. Very nice for hours of use.
2. Sound - Clear, deep, rich, and also good highs and mids. Nothing is overpowering or feels out of place. Very good sound for both music and games.
3. Build quality - Plastic build but feels like it will last. The padding is soft and comfortable and the cable is very strong. Its one of those braided cables.
4. Mic position - The mic is never in a position where it feels in the way. I really enjoyed that about these. Some headsets leave it right in the edge of your field of view, but these are placed pretty well.

1. Mic quality - its a headset microphone, thats about how it sounds.
2. Cable length - Its only about 5 feet long, so you really need to be close to your source of audio. Not much of a con but I wanted to mention it anyways.

Final Thoughts:
Would I suggest this? Yes, it sounds great, feels good, and is a nice headset overall for gamers, youtubers and music listeners.

Exlene Nintendo GBA/SP/DS USB Power Charger Cable (with Charger) for Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP (GBA SP) / Nintendo Original Console [Game Boy Advance] … Review:

As promised, this product charged my original NDS unit immediately, without an issue. My DS has been dead for *at least* 3 years, and I haven't ever been able to find the original charger for it. I play on my 3DS now primarily. But, I wanted to play the games that were made for DS and GBA that are not compatible with my 3DS.

The packaging is cosmetically appealing, and it even came with an additional 3.5mm to USB adapter (not sure why)!

5/5 well-deserved stars from me. This product works like a charm.

RUNMUS Gaming Headset PS4 Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound Stereo, Xbox One Headset with Noise Canceling Mic, Compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox One Controller(Adapter Needed), NS Review:

Uh, everything? Haha, no in all seriousness I liked
- How soft the padding is around the ears and on top of the head
- How it covers your whole ear rather than pressing against your ears, so they don't hurt after hours of use
- Braided cable! Huge plus! Braided cables last forever!
- Adapter for computers requiring separate headphone/mic wires, so convenient
- Easy volume/microphone controls; the switch for the microphone is easy to move and the volume wheel is so smooth. Oh and the control includes a clip to attach to yourself so you don't have to fumble around looking for it!
- Easy to extend and retract headphones for resizing purposes, they slide so easily but not to the point where they don't keep their intended length. It's a good balance

- Honestly the only dislike I have is that the microphone cable is a bit rigid so it was difficult to position it next to my mouth properly but I managed to get it after a little bit of effort. That's probably something specific with my product though, I doubt they all have the same issue. It works perfectly now though so it's not even really a con I guess

NUBWO Gaming headsets PS4 N7 Stereo Xbox one Headset Wired PC Gaming Headphones with Noise Canceling Mic , Over Ear Gaming Headphones for PC/MAC/PS4/Xbox one Review:

I am extremely picky when it comes to sound quality, and I was pleasantly surprised when I got these headphones! I was skeptical because they are at such a low price for headphones, but if it came down to me buying new headphones I'd definitely buy them again! They cancel out noise pretty well (four out of five stars as they do allow a little sound in) and I'm not disappointed in the least! I use headphones for my phone more often than a gaming console, and they worked well for my phone and laptop as well. I've had problems in the past with headphones being too big or small either around the ears or over the head, but the industry has come a long way in the design aspect over the years. There is an elastic band just under the headband of the headphones that helps to keep them on comfortably (I get headaches easily but didn't with these as the headphones were light enough and don't squeeze my head). The padding on the sides was really soft as well, and I feel like I could practically sleep with these on. They are fast with shipping and I ended up getting these in the mail just a few days after purchasing them. They were well protected in the box and in perfect condition when they arrived. If you have a kid that you don't want to spend a lot of money on for a luxury headset then this'll be perfect for him/her. Overall I am really happy with my purchase and couldn't have gotten a better headset for the price!

Game Boy Advance SP Replacement Battery Pack for GBA SP (packaging may vary) Review:

So for awhile now the switch on my Gameboy advance sp wasn't working properly...when I would try and turn my Gameboy on, it wouldn't. I would have to carefully toggle the power switch for my Gameboy to turn on. I thought that maybe it was a problem with the battery (the battery wasn't holding a full charge sometimes after charging it) so I decided to order a new battery, hoping it would fix the power problem.

As you can see in the pictures, the battery comes with a tiny little screwdriver so you can unscrew the back which holds the battery. I have a picture of what the difference between the original battery and the new one look like and that the new one does in fact fit perfectly.

Even though the new battery didn't fix the power switch problem (guess my Gameboy advance sp is finally starting to die on me, though it is over 10 years old) the new battery keeps a charge just fine so at least there's that + the little Phillips head screwdriver is a nice little bonus.

Exlene Gameboy Advance sp Charger (2 Pack), GBA sp Charger Cable Cord Compatible with DS NDS GBA Game Boy Advance SP Review:

Works perfectly fine, and it brings 2 cables! It even revived my GameBoy Advance SP thats been dead for about 4 years now. Highly recommend due to its usb flexibility, take/charge it in the car, on the computer computer, and an outlet, its great. A plus in the future is if you sold them with wall adapters.

5 in 1 USB Charger Cable Cord for Nintendo NDS Lite/Wii U/New 3DS(XL/LL),3DS(XL/LL),2DS,DSi(XL/LL),NDS/GBA SP(Gameboy Advance sp),PSP 1000 2000 3000 Review:

The product, a simple little GBA charger, is exactly what is described. Got a little reach to it, at around 3 feet or so. The prongs stow inside, like most travel chargers do. It's packed in some plastic, folded over, so you can get at it nice and easy.

Included with the charger is a nice little note from these guys, asking you to let them know if you need anything, or if the product isn't exactly what you were hoping for. I discovered it only after beginning this review, but they also ask that you leave them some feedback, and a "five star" review.

No problem, guys. You got one from me. Thanks a bunch

ESYWEN Xbox One Controller Charger 2 x 800mAh Xbox Controller Battery Dual Charging Station for Xbox One/One S/One X/One Elite - 2 PCS Rechargeable Battery Packs Review:

This charging dock has already saved me money. I have a husband and teenager who loves to play games, as well as two younger kids who love to watch YouTube videos of people playing games.. We would go through batteries every few days. We've had this for 3 weeks now and have yet to have a battery die on us. We get done, I pop controllers on the charger and walk away. The auto-off feature may be my favorite. Most of our battery waste from before is due to video streaming, kids find what they want to watch, the controller will sit untouched for an hour or more (most of the time more since they get distracted and go play somewhere else while the tv keeps going) These batteries auto-magically power down after being idle for so long. Super happy with this purchase!

Old Skool 2 Player Link Cable Connect Cord For Nintendo GameBoy Advance and SP Review:

I would also like to say, don't listen to the bad reviews. The cord is perfect! It is really nice and works great. I like the snug fit of it, and it comes out easily enough, when using the finger holders. I would highly recommend.