Best Food Assortments & Variety Gifts in 2020

Healthy Snacks Care Package Snack Box (40 Count) for College Students, Exams, Finals, Halloween, Gift Basket, Gift Ideas, Get well, Military, Deployment, with Chips, Cookies, Granola Bars and Nuts Review:

This is absolutely perfect for what I need it for. I'm due with my first baby in four weeks and I wanted to have something that would have a variety of snacks available instead of eating the hospital food or snacks from the cafeteria.

I understand that people say, "Oh, you can go out and shop for all this stuff and it'll be cheaper." True, but trying to go shopping when you're 36 weeks pregnant is a nightmare. Between the wanting to eat everything in sight, the feet swelling, the back aches...well, you get the idea. Plus, I should have more than enough left over so that when I'm handling a newborn I can just grab something to eat and not have to worry about cooking.

Overall, I would definitely buy this again and probably will once the baby gets here.

Care Package Snacks for College Students, Finals, Office, Christmas Gifts, Deployment, Military and Gift Ideas - Including Over 3 lbs of Chips, Cookies and Candy! (40 Count) Review:

This is actually a Great Gift. I purchased it as a housewarming gift when I got new neighbors, who had children. They seemed very happily surprised, and the kids were ecstatic!! For the price I wished there was a bit more product, but the assortment really made it worth the price. It would have cost me an awful lot more than $25 to create this gift. I transfered it into a cute basket and it was a gift I was Proud to give...

Sweet Choice (50 Count) Ultimate Sampler Mixed Bars, Cookies, Chips, Candy Snacks Box for Office, Meetings, Schools,Friends & Family, Military,College, Halloween , Snack Variety Pack Review:

Great idea! Wide variety of snacks, perfect to satisfy a sweet tooth or cravings if you don't want repetition of buying a big box of one thing. Yeah, they did use candy as filter, but still a good range. twizzlers (8), airheads (6), laffytaffy (5), fruit roll up (5). But also 4 granola bars, 4 crackers, nuts, chips, cookies. Yum

Barnett's Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket, Gourmet Christmas Holiday Corporate Food Gifts in Elegant Box, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Birthday or Get Well Baskets Idea for Men & Women, 12 Unique Flavors Review:

I bought this for my wife a gift and she absolutely loved it. It come wrapped beautifully with a bow and was perfect. The cookies tasted delicious we finished the whole box in one sitting. I highly recommend it for a gift of just to treat yourself to a treat

Cookies, Chips & Candies Ultimate Snacks Care Package Bulk Variety Pack Bundle Sampler (50 Count) Review:

I manage a small manufacturing plant with a 12 man crew. I order snacks/candy not only for my employees, but also for our patrons. Some of the employees/patrons like chocolate, some like gummies and crackers, and others prefer candies. To add to the difficulty of choosing which snacks to provide for them, I also have an employee with a gluten allergy. Needless to say it is difficult for me to find quality gluten-free products to offer him, whilst also offering a quality variety for everyone else. I have sampled a few different gluten-free products and they are NOT my favorite. When I came across this box, I was excited and hopeful that this would arrive as it advertised and not end up being less of a variety.

When the package arrived, the snacks were perfectly arranged/organized in a box (it was actually the correct size, not a giant box full of air bags where the snacks could easily shift like many other sellers on Amazon I have purchased from) that said, "Snack Chest" and "Crafted With Love". I can absolutely tell that they indeed meant what they said in their Amazon ad. The guys here LOVE the variety and even asked me if I was going "healthy" on them LOL! My employee with a gluten allergy was pleasantly surprised that there were quite a few gluten-free options that were actually tasty!

If you want to please them all, this is the way to go!!! They even offer a larger variety pack of 100!!! I have included pictures, I am 100% satisfied with this seller and product!

***None of the snacks were expired*** :)

Ultimate Sampler Care Package (40 Count) - Halloween Package, Trick or Treat Snacks, Chips, Cookies, Bars, Candies, Nuts Gift Box, Office, Meetings, School,Friends & Family, Military,College Student Review:

This summer while my grandkids were out of school I often heard that they had nothing to eat. I started looking around on Amazon for some kind of snacks to send them as a treat. I found this care package. They were so excited when they got it. I had to tell them not to eat it all at once! They loved everything and were especially excited that there was hot chocolate in the box as that is one of their special treats that they have when they come to visit me! I'm definitely planning to buy this again to send to them as a treat. Maybe when they are home for Christmas break!

My ​College​ Crate​ ​Microwave​ Snack Care Package - ​50 Piece​ Bulk Variety Pack Box for Adults ​and ​Kids ​with Ramen ​Mix​, ​Popcorn, Mac n Cheese, Assorted Chips, Granola Bars and Candy Review:

I got this for my wife because whenever she gets some alone time her favorite thing is to watch trash TV and eat "bad" food. Instead of ordering a pizza, I figured this could be a fun way to have a treat while still getting the full effects of taking a day off. This kit worked wonderfully.

Highlights- This kit is very well balanced. There are healthier options, such as popcorn and Nature's Valley granola bars which are high in fiber. There are also total candy options, such as Twizzlers, and the in-betweens like Kraft Easy Mac.

This is a perfect kit as a care package. Whether it's for a college student, a loved one, or a soldier stationed overseas. The selection of recognizable treats brings a smile to people's faces.

The Care Crate Man Box Ultimate Men's Snack Box Care Package ( 50 piece Snack Pack ) Chips Variety Pack, Cookies, Pretzels, Jerky, Nuts Review:

This was a great gift for my dad who had plenty of other things and who was not eating well. I was out of the country and it made a nice reminder. When I returned most of the items were eaten and he really enjoyed having this. It was in some ways a luxury item that he would not buy himself. And frankly, I have always given him such eatables. He does not have diabetes or other health issues, so a snack doesn't hurt his wellness. There were many options but this 50 piece meant it would last while I was gone.

Blue Ribbon Care Package 45 Count Ultimate Sampler Mixed Bars, Cookies, Chips, Candy Snacks Box for Office, Meetings, Schools,Friends & Family, Military,College, Halloween, Fun Variety Pack Review:

It gives exactly what it shows the picture.I really enjoyed that there was a little bit of everything. I kind of wish there was a little more of the smaller candies but yes I was very happy. everything is fresh, everything is nice and crisp and it has a nice variety. I enjoy it. I know this might not be for everybody and you could get a cheaper if you went to the store and bought it all yourself sometimes that can't happen. I just had surgery and wanted to treat myself and so I figured why not and I'm very happy with this care package thank you so very much.