Best Flute Cleaning & Care Products in 2020

Flute Cleaning Kit Set with Cleaning Cloth Stick Screwdriver Gloves,Cleaning Cloth Review:

I enjoy facial masks and I have a multiple step skin care routine. Keeping my hair out of the way is important to me. I saw these and thought they looked like fun headbands. I was right. They are soft. They are comfortable. And I love the bow. It adds a dash of je ne sais quoi to a very practical item.

American Plating 361 Flute Cleaning Rod Review:

Just a standard metal flute cleaning rod, but it's durable. Of course, they're never long enough to suit me, but that's because I prefer to store my flutes assembled. :D Do make sure to wrap your cleaning cloth around it so you don't mar your bore with metal on metal, a standard warning with any but wooden cleaning rods. This, I bought, for a friend who lost their cleaning rod and it sets the head cork correctly.

D'Addario All-Natural Cork Grease Review:

Amazing product to use for the Bassoon. My school gave me a cork grease, but it finished pretty quickly because it was useless. I had to apply tons of layers, but my bell stuck. I had to go to three different to help me get it out.

This one is different, however. I only had to apply a thin layer and it's already doing the job. Highly recommend for Bassoonists.

Cecilio Flute or Piccolo Care & Maintenance Kit Review:

we like this set for the flexible swab. The little brush/swab is made from soft cotton type material and round in the front. It can be used to carefully clean a headjoint or even curved necks. The swabs are micro fiber - one regular one and one that has a weighted string to pull though your instrument. Unfortunately the weight on the string is flat and long and will not fit through some curved flutes. The swabs are relatively thick microfiber- we would have preferred a thinner material but bought this set primarily for the little flexible brush.

Hodge Silk Flute Swab - Black Review:

I was hoping there would be some kind of string attached to this, as I use it to clean my flute. I used to have one that you would drop the string down the body and pull it, and the silk cloth would be pulled through. However, I just stick this through the hole in my cleaning rod (comes with all flutes), and it works well. Silk is the best material for an instrument cleaning cloth. This cloth isn't that big, so it fits into my case well. (I wouldn't buy this for a large instrument, but it's great for something flute-sized). It's a little thin, but it's nice quality, and looks nice. Best cloth I found on Amazon, and I searched for a while! However, you would probably find a bigger, thicker one (with a string, if you want) at a music store.
Good for the price too!

Hodge Silk Piccolo Swab - Black Review:

Normally, I might give this swab four stars. The fit is a bit awkward (if you tighten the roll/press/fold,) it bunches in the middle, and dooesn't end up tubular, which would be the ideal for cleaning an instrument that is mostly tubes. Other than that, it is well made, perfect stitching, solid materials, and not wastefully packed.

I mostly chose 5 stars rather than 4 because I'm sick of reviewers complaining because there is no attached string. Of course there isn't. There isn't one indication in the item description there would be.. I don't know how people justify trashing a product for a feature that is a known part of it's form factor.

SuperSlick HSWAB Clarinet/Flute Hanky Swab (colors may vary) Review:

The Hanky Swab was very easy to use and did a great job on cleaning the flute. My daughter was happy to get this for her flute.

Pro Tec LP1 Flute Lip Plate Patches Review:

We have had these sense the end of August 2018 and have been using sense. My daughter wanted to play band in 6th grade and she wanted to play the flute and I knew of her Nickle Allergy. Well we are low income and real metal instruments (Silver-Gold) are thousands of dollars and my daughter has a nickle allergy. The school doesn't provide an instrument so it's up to the parents to buy one. We could never afford to pay that type of money on an instrument. We found a silver plated nickle one for just over $600.00 bought it. Well I found out her chin was breaking out even with the silver plated nickle so I did some research and found these lip plate stickers. I'm glad I didn't spend thousands of dollars to buy a new head joint or lip plate because these are in my price range and they work excellent! She has been playing the flute sense September 2018 and had one breakout before we bought these and sense I put one on the flute she hasn't had a breakout sense! I'm so glad this worked because she loves her flute and I would've hated to make her stop something she loves just because I couldn't afford the correct peice for her. The lip protector doesn't come up or peel off in anyway until I choose. She didn't know that your supposed to change them regularly and kept one on for over a month and it was still in place and working! However she changes them now for germ control. But I'm glad I found these and they work! Great product for reasonable price.

Yamaha Music Stand (YAC-1071P) Review:

Bought these for my daughter who is just starting band and borrowed an old Artley flute from a friend. Was nervous they wouldn't fit but the plugs fit great! It takes some careful attention when putting them in (3 of them bent and were unusable) but if you slowly move your finger around the plug over the hole it'll fall into place.