Best Floor Jacks in 2022

Last update: December 4, 2022

Are bottle jacks better than floor jacks?

There are a few key differences between bottle jacks and floor jacks. Bottle jacks are more compact and can be used in tighter spaces. They’re also less expensive. Floor jacks, on the other hand, are sturdier and can lift heavier loads. So, which type of jack is best for you? It depends on your needs.

Are floor jacks worth it?

If you're looking to buy a floor jack, you might be wondering if they're worth the investment. The answer is yes! Floor jacks are incredibly useful tools that can make your life a lot easier. For one, floor jacks are great for lifting heavy objects. If you need to move something heavy around your garage or workshop, a floor jack can make the job a lot easier. Floor jacks are also useful for getting your car off the ground. If you need to change a tire or do some work on your suspension, a floor jack can make

Can a 2 ton floor jack lift an SUV?

A 2 ton floor jack can lift an SUV. It is designed to lift vehicles that weigh up to 2 tons.

Can a 3 ton floor jack lift a truck?

Yes, a 3 ton floor jack can lift a truck. Most floor jacks are rated for 3 tons, which is enough to lift a truck. However, it is important to note that the weight capacity of a floor jack is not always evenly distributed. For example, a 3 ton floor jack may have a weight capacity of 6,000 pounds on the lifting arm and 3,000 pounds on the base. This means that the jack can lift 3 tons on the lifting arm, but only 1.5 tons on the base. Therefore, it is important to check the weight capacity of a

Hi-Lift Jack HL485 48" Hi-Lift Red All Cast Jack Review:

Excellent product. If you're not sure what you're getting into, this jack lifts by using a cam motion to go notch-by-notch up its shaft. I believe most consumers are aware of what they're getting into here. Reversible mechanism is used. Due to its ability to lift (push) and compress (pull) a very heavy weight, it is incredibly versatile. You can winch, spread, cradle, and even fasten items in place in addition to lifting them up or pulling them from the ground. Although there are many excellent online training materials for this equipment, it can be deadly if used incorrectly.I was hesitant to order this on Amazon after reading the reviews since I was worried that it would get damaged in transit. But mine arrived unharmed and in very good packaging. Although several of the evaluations on this site mention damage to the finish, I don't believe you can genuinely use this item without doing so. Paint is used in places where metal touches metal when under load, and regular use will always remove this finish. The first time I used my jack, this happened. I'm not sure why Hi Lift chooses this coating over plating or some other form of galvanizing, but be aware that the shaft's finish is obviously not made to survive. I bought the cast version of this tool in the hopes that it would be somewhat more resistant to corrosion than the stamped sheet steel version. I guess only time will tell. Overall, I'm really happy with this purchase and strongly endorse it.

Hi-Lift Jack HL-605 60" Red All-Cast Jack Review:

The jack was excellent. I used it to free my stalled 1939 Ford 9N tractor from the muck. I put 2X6 Fir lumber under the tires after lifting the tractor one side at a time by about 4 inches. I started the tractor off as though it were on a driveway after about six boards per side. I strongly advise viewing the YouTube videos on how to use the Hi Lift Jack correctly. If used improperly, these jacks might be harmful. After some use, the jack gets better since the thick paint is removed from the mechanical surfaces and it operates more smoothly. Since these jacks like to stick and get dirty quickly, have a can of WD-40 handy. With a brief spray of WD-40, it is operating normally once more. I should perhaps add that I am 71 years old and did not require any assistance with this rescue.I'm going to mount the jack on my Jeep CJ7 because I anticipate using it there next.

Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48" Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel Jack Review:

These items are constructed like tanks, perform well, and can be utilized as a comet if you become stranded and lack a winch. They are really useful to have, especially if you have larger tires and venture off the main road. You may use them for other purposes as well. For those DIYers, I'd also suggest a base or a tiny piece of wood with nails to create a little "nail footprint" for a sturdy basis on uneven or soft ground.also a handle strap for a high lift jack.To keep it in good condition, don't forget to clean and oil it occasionally. Mine spends the entire year outside on my jeep. About twice a year, I take it, clean it, and oil it.In addition, I purchased a cable lock to secure my jeep after my first one was stolen.

Vestil FJB-16 Basement Floor Jack, 12" - 16" Height Range, Maximum Height Capacity (lbs.) 9738, Minimum Height Capacity (lbs.) 9738 Review:

These strong steel tubes are nicely coated. There are two ways to change the height: using pre-drilled holes and steel inserts, or by turning the top screw with the jack's supplied bar. By lining up or down the holes on the two main telescopic tubes, the holes can be adjusted by around five inches. The length is then secured by slipping the thin steel inserts into the holes. The top screw mechanism can be used to make fine adjustments by spinning the screw with the supplied bar. The top and bottom plates have already been pre-drilled with holes so that they can be screwed to whatever is being used to support the jack. The top plate can rotate. Each dish measures roughly 5" by 3-1/2". I've bought 12 of these jacks in different sizes. They have been effective for me. For tiny places, this smaller size is ideal. The height from your foundation or footing to the beam or connecting point must be taken into account. To ensure that you get the right size, use this equation to determine the jack's range.

Vestil FJB-100 Basement Floor Jack, 54" - 100" Height Range, Maximum Height Capacity (lbs.) 5600, Minimum Height Capacity (lbs.) 8438 Review:

When a product is lacking parts, it takes a lot of time and costs Amazon a lot in delivery. Without the pins or turn bar, it is useless. How simple it would be to make sure the box contains all of the parts before shipment. It would be cost-effective to take only one easy step. The process of trying to contact someone on the website and dealing with multiple customer service representatives over the course of two days wore on both of us. While the chat feature was an excellent way for me to communicate, customer service was also wearing on me because I should have been working on the project during this mild spell. Result: After a few hiccups and once we were all on the same page, service was provided instantly! Amazingly, the delivery person picked up my returned jacks today and brought me a brand-new set with all the parts! thanks Please examine the contents of the package before shipping it out, Amazon. After all, I just need to get a longer turning bar from Amazon to upgrade from one star to four stars, taking one star away for the chaotic' solid goods.

Hi-Lift Jack HL604 60" Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel Jack Review:

I utilized this to jack up the footbridge's girders so that falseworks could be built underneath it to permit restoration. I do have a portable power source here, but it only goes so far, and I needed to crawl under the girder for around 7 1/2 feet. 20' of 2x12 Doug fir. You may slip a piece of 2" EMT over the jack stem if you remove the pulling adaptor at the top; in my instance, 5 feet worked just fine. To effectively grab the bottom of the 2x12, I ground a 2" deep trapazoid out of the higher end. This adaptation worked so beautifully that I felt compelled to reveal how to install falseworks as yet another application for this machinery. About 25 years ago, I purchased one from HF, but as I recall, I was unable to get it to function. This little guy functions flawlessly. I do wish that the direction lever were simpler to use, but I suppose that's just how things are. The lifting process proceeded quite smoothly and the base did find a good grip in the creekbed. Schedule 40 may fit through a 2", but the EMT is significantly less expensive, and I didn't require that kind of strength (compression). Bring your jack to the hardware store and try it out before you buy (the EMT or pipe). The pipe cannot slip fit if it is even slightly curved. Cheers!

Professional Hardwood Flooring Jack Positioning Tool Review:

This flooring jack dramatically sped up the final few courses of the hardwood floor installation I just finished. The ideal combination always took some time to find, and it wasn't always simple to apply pressure and use other tools at the same time. In the past, I've used a mix of pieces of wood and pry bars. The jack performed admirably and made it simple to rapidly tighten everything down. It would have been nice if I had bought one years ago. Since I did manage to punch a hole right through the Sheetrock, the baseboard will fortunately easily hide it. I would advise inserting a block between the wall and floor if possible. very worthwhile.

Vestil FJB-150 Basement Floor Jack, 54" - 150" Height Range, Maximum Height Capacity (lbs.) 2588, Minimum Height Capacity (lbs.) 11200 Review:

a good, functional jack. I'm giving this jack four stars, along with some other reviewers, just because the turning bar is useless. Using the jack did not cause the paint to come off. I finally used my Craftsmen transmission bar, adding more leverage by sliding one half of the tubular steel handle from my floor jack over it. This made jacking up and replacing the sagging beams holding my garage roof simple with a little bearing grease on the screws. Before using, lubricate the threads. Also, place a small pad of plywood or another material to the top plate to prevent it from being pulled out from beneath you as you turn the screw. To avoid an accident and make it simple to plumb the jack by tapping the foot around with a rubber mallet, I ran the screws up into the beam in my case. I plan to purchase another of these to repair the living room ceiling/second floor beams using the same technique that I used to fix the flat NM roof on my garage, which now drains properly (plywood sandwiched onto the sides of top and bottom 2x4s makes "box beams" exponentially stronger than original design and virtually eliminates flex in second story floor).

AKRON PRODUCTS C-79 Floor Jack, 4'5"-7'9" Review:

This floor jack is excellent. Six of them are already in use. Civil War soldier constructed the house in 1865. These floor jacks are ideal for providing the support that large beams require. Nobody nearby uses this brand. The package clearly states MADE IN AMERICA. Another benefit. checked that every box was complete and that every part was there. It's a good thing the boxes are taped and bonded. My relative began to gripe, saying, "Just like the online reviews, da bits are missin." Oh well, I made sure to let him know that the parts were inside the posts! OHHHHH. The lift's range is excellent, and the cellar has many different clearances. For first-timers like my cousin, the instructions on the SIDE of the box are excellent. The key word for this product is quality. For the task at hand, the pieces are excellent and finished. These are not decorative poles for your living room, but they are nonetheless quite useful. Sorry there aren't any photos; my wife told I should clean the cellar first, HAHAHAHA. Quality like this is not available in stock at large box stores. These items arrived from Amazon to me promptly and in excellent condition.

Akron Adjustable Floor Jack (Model C-4), Akron Jacks Floor Jacks, Telescoping Jack For Temporary Support, Size Range 1'-1' 3" (2 Pack) Review:

If the floor jacks are not extended higher than 15 inches, they can support a whole 18,000 pounds of weight. Additional 3" can be obtained, but they won't support the entire weight. It might be alright to lift a drooping floor, but if there is a wall above your lifting point, you need the whole capacity.The remarks regarding the thin foundation plates are accurate. The plate that the screw fits into collapses at even close to full weight until it hits the area it is lifting. By inserting two washers of equal thickness into the dimple to support the weight instead of the plate, this can be easily halted. The washers strike first as the load compresses the plate. The load distributes out to the rest of the plate if the washers dig a little bit into the beam. Works well and doesn't need to be machined.It is challenging to put this jack together in small areas because the parts are not welded together. I discovered that I could hold everything together with masking tape for as long as I needed to finish setting everything up. Everything stays exactly where it should once there is even a modest load.Before using this jack, make sure to clean the screw and nut and check that the threads are smooth. On mine, there were metal shavings and grime that tended to clog the screw. Make that the screw's load-bearing tip is smooth and spotless. To acquire a smooth bearing surface, I had to clean up some burrs and debris. Grease the threads and the bearing surface once everything is tidy and turning easily. Otherwise, lifting anything even close to the rated load will be exceedingly difficult.Therefore, with a little more attention at the factory and an appropriate top plate, this would be a fantastic product. It could be further enhanced by giving the wrench a second pair of flats that are 90 degrees apart from the first set. The jack screw must be turned with a small pipe wrench when using only one set in confined spaces.

Can a 3 ton jack lift an SUV?

Yes, a 3 ton jack can lift an SUV. Most jacks are rated according to their capacity to lift a vehicle by its tire. A 3 ton jack can typically lift a vehicle that weighs up to 6,000 pounds.

Can a floor jack lift a house?

A floor jack is not powerful enough to lift a house.

Can a trolley jack lift a car?

A trolley jack can lift a car, but it is not recommended. Trolley jacks are not as stable as a floor jack and can cause the car to tip over if not used properly.

Can I use a 2 ton jack on a 3 ton car?

If you need to lift a 3-ton car, you would require a jack with a capacity of at least 3 tons. A 2-ton jack may be able to support the weight of the car, but it is not recommended. The 3-ton jack will provide the necessary support and stability to safely lift your car.

How do I choose a floor jack?

There are a few things you should consider when choosing a floor jack, such as the weight capacity, lift range, and construction. Weight capacity is important because you want to make sure the jack can handle your car or truck. The lift range is important because you need to know how high the jack can lift your vehicle. The construction is important because you want a durable jack that will last.

How heavy of a floor jack do I need?