Best Faucet Trim & Repair Kits in 2022

Last update: January 16, 2023

Kohler Part GP876851 Rite-Temp Mixer and Pressure-Balancing Unit Kit, Black Review:

This is the updated component to swap out the internals of a Kohler shower control that was manufactured in 2004. It works flawlessly and likely prevented us from having to pay a hefty plumber charge. Installing it was simple and just took a little while. You'll need a screwdriver and a set of pliers as tools. Both the showerhead and the area around the handle were dripping. The silicone oil that we also bought undoubtedly helped because the parts fit together tightly. To ensure that you can reinstall the old pieces in the same orientation, pay attention to how they come off. By the way, as the inner screws were tightened, the components were actually pulled into position.

Moen 11985 Pivot Rod, 50/50 Drain Assembly, Unfinished Review:

With my faucet, this functioned perfectly, but: (1). I had to utilize the old plastic nut and trim the short end by about 1/4 inch. I did use the plastic washer, though. Though I can't recall where I purchased the faucet, I believe it was at Home Depot. It is older than ten years and might be Glacier Bay, a Home Depot brand.As it was delivered, the short end measured 1 1/4 inches. The ball is the same size as my former one at 5/8 inches. I was fortunate that it worked by just hacksawing the short side; the manufacturers of these products should provide the exact specs. By the way, inserting a wooden coffee stirrer and marking the beginning of the thread with a pencil is a simple way to measure the required length. Create it a little shorter after that to make room for the ball and to provide some breathing room.

KOHLER K-79404 Faucet Spline Kit Review:

Spline functions properly. Its flexible composition and initial necessity are what I find objectionable. Some Kohler handle models need this spline kit in order to suit their valves.The plastic spline that connects the square handle to the splined valve stem is the problem. This area of the valve experiences the greatest wear and tear. The handle will fall off the valve stem unless you are extremely delicate with the plastic transition spline. Then you'll require a new spline.Make sure the handle set screw on one of these valves is always tight. This spline will fail even more quickly than it would have without a loose handle.

Kohler Part 84544-0 Kitchen Sink Rack Feet, White Review:

The original feet we used for the rack quickly became soiled and had numerous hairline fractures, which trapped more food, etc.I was given the chore of removing these worn-out, soiled feet when the new ones arrived. The best method is to hold them tightly with pliers, twist your wrist to take them off semi-circularly, and then release them.The new ones are quite difficult to put on.As best as you can, position them halfway on the rack, turn it over, and then apply pressure to a firm surface until you feel the rack perfectly seated.Now that they're in, I wish I had completed this process much earlier. I purchased a ton of these. My sink now appears to be clean.Since they are sold in bags of four, I quickly multiplied the number I required to get how many I needed. I ended up purchasing nine packets because my pair of rocks requires nine feet. That provides me with some fresh replacement feet.


Recently, I needed to rebuild a toilet, and I did so using a universal kit that I got from Amazon. I simply reattached the tank using the gasket, three rubber washers, and bolts that were supplied with the universal kit because the new flush valve and refill mechanism fit and operated flawlessly. A few weeks later, my wife discovered a little, very slow leak, which I discovered right away. One of the three tank attachment bolts was where it was coming from.We have three Kohler toilets, so I knew I'd be changing another one soon, so I got two of these gasket/bolt kits. I replaced the three bolts with this set after removing the gasket, rubber washers, and bolts. It was a perfect fit, and the issue was resolved (on a Kohler toilet, you can find the component numbers for replacement parts by looking inside the tank lid).

Danco 88103 Repair Kit for Delta/Peerless Single-Handle Faucets Review:

Danco has been around for a while, and it appears that using Danco rather than Delta will make it simpler to obtain Delta parts. If the Cap nut is removable, the rebuild is simple. The cap nut commonly locks up, and excessive counter-clockwise turning of the nut could twist the sensitive components inside the valve. Before starting your counterclockwise spin, make sure to mark the sleeve with a laundry marker at the top of the sleeve. If that mark changes, the valve will be irreversibly harmed. Use a tiny hacksaw to cut the cap nut starting at the stem and moving back toward the knurled surface in order to free a stuck cap nut. Be careful not to damage the valve body's male threads! After cutting through the cap nut, gently pry it apart where you made the cut.

Moen T2901 Gibson Posi-Temp Pressure-Balancing Modern Valve Trim, Valve Required, Chrome Review:

One of my cheap plastic Moen positemp handles needed to be replaced because it broke literally twice in a six-month period of use. Although Moen is obligated to offer a lifetime warranty with each of its faucets, I had become weary of their cheap plastic handle. Unfortunately, switching to a new handle is neither simple nor practical after you are a part of the ecosystem for one of these manufacturers. So, despite my desire to leave Moen, I decided to test the metal positemp handle. I am happy I did.The build quality is a world of difference. Metal is used everywhere, from the face plate to the handle itself. Most notably, the device's physics are completely different from those of the plastic knob because of the long handle's longer lever arm and lower torque (T = F * d) maintenance force requirements. As a result, there is less strain on both you and the device, which reduces the likelihood that it will fail (yes, this includes the internal $80 positemp valve). That's all there is to it.Without a doubt, I was delighted and decided to purchase three more to replace all of the shower/tub handles in the house. Don't think twice if you have one of those plastic Moen handles that are total garbage. Although other reviews have expressed dissatisfaction with the handle's separation from the face plate and the ability to see the screw heads, I did not find these issues to be particularly bothersome. Purely a matter of personal opinion, and I'm sure they'd view things differently if they were replacing their plastic rubbish. Attempt Amazon warehouse as well. Despite the shoddy packaging, I had success with two of my handles, and the products were excellent.

Delta Faucet Windemere 2-Handle Widespread Roman Tub Faucet Trim Kit, Deck-Mount, Oil Rubbed Bronze BT2796-OB (Valve Not Included) Review:

This was purchased to replace our Roman tub's construction-grade chrome faucet. Installation was rather simple because the existing faucets were Deltas, so we decided to stick with that brand so we wouldn't have to replace the plumbing supplies. For our newly renovated master bathroom suite, we purchased the complete series of Delta Foundations faucets (center set lavatory faucets, shower trim, and this Roman tub trim).We haven't filled the tub up and used it yet, but the water flow looks to be pretty decent. When both the hot and cold water are switched on, the water seems to come out pretty quickly in a nice straight stream, so I don't see it taking too long to fill the tub.It looks a little tiny and small sitting on our enormous jetted tub, but it's robust, just smallish in size. The only thing I would have preferred is if the handles were a little sturdier looking.You should be able to replace the trim if you already have Delta faucets because this trim DOES NOT COME WITH THE NECESSARY ROUGH PLUMBING HARDWARE, so please keep that in mind if you are looking. To use this faucet, you'll need to order the rough (and presumably get a plumber to install it).

PULSE ShowerSpas 3001-RIV-PB-BN Tru-Temp Mixing Valve, Pressure Balance Rough-In Valve Trim Kit, Round, 1/2" NPT, Brushed Nickel Review:

I wish we could have used this set instead of choosing a different one because we needed matching fittings for the diverter and the thermostat. I adore how Pulse thought to combine the fixture and valve into one box! The majority of manufacturers don't appear to do this. They are sold individually, which makes it frustrating to look for the right matching part and there is ALWAYS something that needs to be ordered specifically. (Even Moen and Grohe!) I'm hoping that all other manufacturers follow Pulse's lead and implement this strategy. To avoid further headaches, we will place future orders with Pulse.