Best Eyeshadow Brushes in 2020

Amariver 200 Pack Disposable Eyeshadow Brush Sponge Tipped Oval Makeup Tool Dual Sides Eyeshadow Brush Comestic Applicator for Lady Women Daily Beauty (Black) Review:

The length of the handle/wand was the main objective in selecting the sponge-tipped applicators, although the wand did appear ever longer in the online least to me. Since I have just begun to use the applicators, I am speaking from only a brief period, but to date, they do hold up well without the tips falling off during use. The longer wand also makes eye makeup application simpler and perhaps a bit quicker. Makeup application is the purpose for which they were purchased.

Makeup Eye Brush Set - Eyeshadow Eyeliner Blending Crease Kit - Best Choice 7 Essential Makeup Brushes - Pencil, Shader, Tapered, Definer - Last Longer, Apply Better Makeup & Make You Look Flawless Review:

I have a large collection of brushes, both high end and midrange. I do all my brush cleaning at once on the weekend, and I prefer to always use a clean brush, so I use a several of them each day. Because I go through so many, I cannot afford an entire collection of high end brushes, so I supplement cheaper brushes where I can. I've tried lots of cheaper brands in hopes of finding a good one, but sadly they mostly get donated to my young daughter's play makeup kit. I'm pleased to say I've finally found a set that meets my standards. The brushes are soft, but firm, clean nicely and perform great at laying the product down and blending. The photo I attached shows all the brushes I use throughout the week to apply shadow to the lid. One of the Lamora brushes made it to this crucial rotation along side my mac, sephora, and urban decay brushes. You can see in the photo it's very comparable to the others and this is the condition after several washes. If you're hesitant and need brushes, just buy them. You will be hard pressed to find a difference between these and a set that will set you back at 10x the cost. Time will tell if they hold up like the others, but at this price point I'd be happy to buy a new set if they don't. This is a great quality set at a very affordable price. Unfortunately, my poor daughter will not be receiving anymore play brushes from me, as I've finally found an affordable brand that stands up against the rest! Thanks, Lamora. You've earned a happy and repeat customer from this sale.

EcoTools Brow Shaping Duo Includes Angled Brush and Spoolie Brush to Create Defined Brow, Natural Brow, Boy Brow Looks Review:

These are great. I can't promise I know what all the tips are for, but they seem really well made. (I have had good success with EcoTools products in the past.) The angled brush has been good for putting darker eyeshadows along my lash line. The two fluffy brushes are pretty similar, actually. One is a bit more floppy, I suppose (I've been using one for lid color and one for crease). And the smudging/short brush is nice and dense (and pretty useful for patting in a lighter color/highlight in tight corner spaces). I've only been using these for a week or so, but I like them. If nothing else, I FEEL like a professional (or at least a Youtube beauty vlogger) when I use all my fancy brushes. My one dislike is that I like to stand my brushes in a cup-like container, and you can't really do this without smushing one of the ends. So now they have to lay on my makeup space and that bugs me...(but I did see that before purchasing so I didn't deduct any stars.)

Makeup Eye Brush Set - Eyeshadow Eyeliner Blending Crease Kit - Best Choice 7 Essential Makeup Brushes - Pencil, Shader, Tapered, Definer - Last Longer, Apply Better Makeup & Make You Look Flawless Review:

When I first opened my package I was soooooo disappointed. I thought they were going to be cheap brushes. The packaging looks like something they would have at the dollar store. Don't be fooled! The packaging may not be the best in the world but the brushed are great! The blending brush, the detailed pencil and the angled detailed brush are my favorite. They are sturdy and the handles are matte black which I love. Overall this is a great set especially for the price, you can't beat it. I read another user say they had a chemical smell but mine didn't smell like anything. I also checked to see if here was any shedding and there was none. I also like that each brush is labeled what it's used for... Great starter set. I gave this a 4 star strictly because of the packaging, which may sound weird....but packaging makes a difference! Received these brushes super quick, within a week of ordering them!

Duorime Silky 10Pcs Eyeshadow Makeup Brush Set Essential Eye Makeup Brushes Kit Review:

Works very well for crepe-y, wrinkly, hooded eyes. Finally realized small, very small, detail brushes is what works best for the upper & lower lids like mine. Became frustrated with eyeshadow & eyeliner not applying or moving to where I do not want it to - until I gave these a try. My eyelid skin moves too much whilst applying eye makeup. I changed my technique at the same time using these brushes. That made a satisfying difference. Even the angled/diagonal/flat brush provides me with a gentle cat-eye eye liner (with shadow or gel liner) which is nearly impossible w/my eyelids. I waited several months till giving a review on this set of brushes (the black handle ones) to see how they worked out. I like that I can use these in different ways, depending on what I want to achieve. They are holding up well, wash just fine, and despite the different shape/texture of bristles, they are comfortable to use. Have considered gifting this set if in the future I know someone that could use them. So, in combination of changing my technique AND these brushes, less time spent doing eye makeup and more time for the rest of daily life.

Akstore 100PCS Disposable Dual Sides Eye Shadow Sponge Applicator Eyeshadow Brushes Makeup Brush (Multicolors) Review:

I needed to find something to replace my old eyeshadow brushes and these are perfect. My old ones kept losing the pads or were old and gross. These are soft and stay on while mixing eyeshadow colors. They also don’t absorb all the eyeshadow like others have. I like the variety of color wands and the size of these. Small and compact and good for travel.

Cuttte 120PCS Disposable Dual Sides Eye Shadow Sponge Applicators with Container, 2.44' Length Eyeshadow Brushes Makeup Applicator Review:

This product arrived quickly and they are exactly as described in the picture. I haven’t had a chance to try them yet (waiting for my eyeshadow to arrive). They are definitely super soft, so great for people with sensitive skin like me! I absolutely love the container they come in! The container fits perfectly in my purse and makeup bag. It’s also a great protection! I’m DEFINITELY a satisfied customer!!

TygoMall Professional Double Head Eyeshadow Brushes Cosmetic Tool 30 Pcs Disposable Dual Sides Eyeshadow Sponge Brushes Makeup Applicator, with 12 cm Long Handle, Black Review:

We are very slowly introducing the world of makeup to my 11 year old daughter. Because the cosmetics we've purchased are basic and low key (clear mascara, tinted gloss, concealer and light toned shadows) we wanted something impactful, showing her personality to help kick off this new experience. These brushes are perfect. Lots of sparkle, great price point, soft and super fun. I'd highly recommend, especially for the pre/young teen. My daughter absolutely loves them. She began practicing with them the minute they were delivered.

Pro Blending Brush Set - Smoky Eye Shadow Contour Kit - 4 Essential Shapes - Best Choice Crease, All Over Shader, Tapered, Soft Blender - For Shading & Blending of Eyeshadow Cream Powder Highlighter Review:

I have been looking for the perfect eye shadow bruises for just too long. I use powders, not creams. I have a set I liked, and nothing came close to it - even in the same brand as they changed their brushes. So I bought these - after there were hundreds of great reviews. Well, I needed two applications to get the feel of them, as to how to apply my eye shadow the way I liked it. Well, these are awesome and I have finally been able to add to my brushes! They are not too wimpy and soft, and they are not too thick with bristles that they don't pick up the powder (which my other brushes, I now realize, did take a lot of effort to get shadow onto the brush and then onto my eyelids). The white bristle brushes are nice and soft with loose and somewhat long bristles to pick up the make-up. The black bristled brushes are a bit firmer, but not hard, and also do a great job. Very happy with this purchase!

Qivange Eye Makeup Brushes Set, Synthetic Eyeshadow Brushes Eye Makeup Brush Set Cosmetics Brushes Concealer Eyebrow Eyeliner Eyeshadow Blending Brushes(12pcs, Black with Rose Gold) Review:

I was about to spend a lot more for a single blending brush when I decided to look here. I'm so glad I gave these a chance! There's no need to spend $77 for the BASIC EYES BRUSH KIT from Sigma that's only 5 pieces or even $25 for the 12 piece eye kit from Morphe. The only brush in this kit I haven't used is the one for wet liner. Let's face it, it's basically a tiny brush that has been bent. For anyone thinking that three of the brushes look the same, there are subtle differences (density, length, angle) that will become apparent once you use them. I'll include a photo of mine. I have everything from $1 brushes to $50 brushes, I don't mind paying for quality. I have not experienced any unusual hair fallout, the pick up is great and they blend very well. These could easily be mistaken for more expensive brushes. They arrived individually wrapped in plastic sleeves within a cardboard box. I washed them with baby shampoo and finished with a tiny amount of Argan oil for conditioning. I personally prefer using light haired brushes for eye shadow because I get a better idea of the color payoff. If you are just starting out or you're a true makeup junkie, you will love this kit!