Best Extension Ladders in 2020

Little Giant Ladder Systems 13610-001 King Kombo Professional 6' - 10', Green Review:

After having the Flip’N’Lite.. the 6’ aluminum A-Frame ladder from little giant , i had almost written the brand off . The flip’n was egregiously CREAKY , and would squeak/scream so loud each step it made me loath using it. (It’s rated 300 pounds and I’m 198 / athletic). THIS guy however, is the most solid feeling ladder I’ve ever used, whether in A-Frame , or extension ladder mode. I can’t tell you how solid it feels. The option of using it in both configurations finally solved my need to access my 12’ ceilings to do
Electrical work (also inherently safer with fiberglass ladder) with a ladder that can be reasonably stored in a normal condo without storage in the parking garage. So so glad I spent the extra time looking and the negligible extra for a solid, safe, 375 pound rated ladder. A++++++

Ohuhu 15.5 FT Telescoping Ladder with Stabilizer Bar, EN131 Certified Convenient Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder, 330 Pound Capacity Review:

This ladder is awesome! I was a little worried about a ladder that slid together being sturdy enough to hold me as I weigh about 180lbs but after seeing the description I decided to try this ladder out and was not disappointed! It is heavy enough to feel that it is sturdy but light enough that I didn’t struggle to carry it or move it while I was cleaning out the gutters. It also slides apart and together so easy and was put away much quicker than I expected. The strap and padded handle made it easy to carry it back into the garage and hang it up! Very happy with this purchase!!!

Louisville Ladder LP-5510-00 Series Extension Pro-Guards/Ladder Covers Review:

For years, I protected my walls from the ladder by putting worn-out socks over the top. It was fairly effective, but looked awful. I thought, I bet Amazon probably sells some kind of ladder socks, and sure enough, they do. I was a little concerned when I first tried them on my combination step/extension ladder because they were too large; they hit top wrung, and so could not be seated securely.
As a solution, I simply cut out notches in the pliable plastic. I thought I would have to pour some kind of foam into them to keep them in place, but they have internal bumps on them that grab onto the ladder. The rubber walls are about 1/8" thickness, and feel very strong. The ladder looks so much better now too. I am pleased with this purchase.

Luisladders Folding Ladder Multi-Purpose Aluminium Extension 7 in 1 Step Heavy Duty Combination EN 131 Standard (12.5 Feet) Review:

I am a 57 year old woman and I find this ladder easy to carry around to different locations and to use it. I have used it in painting my bathroom, in cleaning and sealing my gutters. I took it out back for my neighbor to use to trim my tree limbs that sagged after a storm. It is light weight and easy to carry. It seems sturdy enough that I felt safe using it. My only critizism: The buttons to lock and unlock the joints are difficult to move back and forth. They are very short metal stubs that tend to slide back and forth from the right to the left. I found they need to be exactly centered in order to slide them to the lock and unlock positions. I cannot do this with one hand. They are hard to press with arthritis in your fingers. If they were a little longer and coated with a softer material this would be the perfect ladder for anyone to use!

Addition: I've had this thing for quite some time! I just discovered that I don't have to try to push those little buttons to fold and unfold the ladder! There are actually small levers that you pull on the other side of the frame! I was trying to do it the hard way! Now I love this ladder more than before! Why didn't I notice those little levers before??!!

Louisville Ladder Fiberglass Extension Ladder, 28 feet, 300-pound duty rating, Type IA, FE3228 Review:

I purchased this ladder as a present for my husband, and I am more than pleasantly surprised at how much he likes it. Unlike other ladders I looked at, this ladder DOES come with a rope and pulley to extend the ladder, as well as moveable leveling feet to help you keep firmly balanced. And the ladder is STURDY. Nothing lightweight about this! My husband is a big guy - not pushing the 300 lb mark, but a good 240-250 lbs. and he says he feels very secure climbing this ladder.

Having a Prime membership paid for itself with this one purchase. It would have been impossible for us to drive to the local hardware store and bring a ladder this heavy home on the roof of our car, so to have it delivered right to our front door at no extra charge? It just doesn't get better than that.

Don't hesitate. Compared to other ladders of this quality even in higher price ranges, this is an excellent quality ladder you will own for many, many years to come.

TOPRUNG 12ft. 2IN1 Aluminum Extension Ladder, Multi-Purpose Step Ladder with Bulit-in Wheels, 300lbs Duty Rating Review:

This ladder is awesome! I used it to get to my gutters and I have to use both heights. I am a 60 yr old woman and had no problem doing the transition from step ladder to fully extended. I felt very safe and I am extremely uncomfortable with heights. I love this because I have no garage or storage and I can conveniently keep it in my basement and because it is so light it is not awkward to get it down there. My old 6 ft ladder was so heavy that I dreaded having to bring it upstairs when I needed it. And I always had to borrow my neighbors tall ladder. I wish I saw this ladder a long time ago! Thank you Toprung! By the way, the picture that came on the product had two views. The picture showing the ladder extended I believe has the wheels on wrong.

Louisville Ladder 22.5-by-54-Inch Wooden Attic Ladder, Fits 8-Foot 9-Inch to 10-Foot Ceiling Height, 250-Pound Capacity, L224P Review:

This is a great value for eighty bucks and I can't explain how it can be shipped free. This same item is about 120 from most home improvement stores. But I wasn't surprised to receive the item in 'damaged condition'. This is bulky and heavy and I can just imagine the Amazon and UPS employees cussing when they have to load and unload this item. The box doesn't have any handles so that can't help. The little UPS gal probably could not have lifted it by herself. Anyways, the wooden frame was pretty beat up, but with a hammer and some good deck screws, I was able to get it back to square (this item is manufactured in Mexico and a lot of pieces are stapled together). It was funny that the day it was scheduled for delivery, I got an email notice that they "attempted delivery, but no one to sign"??. I was home all day and my security cam would have caught the UPS truck! And there was no UPS notification sticker at the front door! So the "attempted delivery" was bogus (probably due to the damage). Still, the price was right and they delivered it the next day. The single instruction sheet is relatively simple (and only in English, which is a welcome surprise) and easy to follow. Hoping to install it this weekend, but it will take some planning.
EDIT (5-5-19) Wow, just noticed that the price jumped to $120 !! I guess I stumbled onto a deal when Amazon had it for $80. For $120, I would look at the "Louisville Elite WA2210L" at Lowes for $126. This model uses gas springs instead of the coil springs and has a very clean look (my neighbor had one installed).

Hausse Retractable 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder, 13 Feet Review:

This is a very nicely packaged fire escape ladder. It comes in a flimsy zip case in a box. Not a great case, but will look nicer than most when not being used. We will need to return this item however because it is too heavy for my children to lift and secure in their window. Seems like a high quality product.

Costzon Folding Step Stool 3 Tier Wood Ladder, 3-in-1 Design with Ladder, Stool and Storage Shelf, Multifunction Pine Wood Foldable Ladder for Home, Library, 300lbs Capacity (Dark nut-Brown) Review:

As many of the other reviewers mention, this was very hard to assemble. It took my husband and me both (one to wield the screwdriver, one to hold the pieces together) working for about an hour. We didn't have to re-drill any holes though a couple were not lined up perfectly which added to the difficulty. Now that it's done we like it. It's light-weight so we can move it around the kitchen to the various too-high cabinets that we have, it's easy to unfold and fold back up, and it seems pretty sturdy. I've stood on the top step and didn't feel unsafe. The color looks decent with our cherry dining set and dark cabinets, and when it's folded up it doesn't take up much room.

LOUISVILLE LADDER 16 AL228P Extension-ladders, 22.5 x 63-Inch Rough Opening Review:

Al the reviews are the same on this one. The frame is cheap, the quality of the product is good except for the wood around it. Guess what guys, who cares about the pine frame around it???? The part that you use and that really matters works well. Quality build. Don’t try to open it until it is installed. You’ll likely crack that flimsy 1/4” panel. Get help installing it, like a strong buddy what can lift 80-100lbs above his head kind of strong buddy. Or get two wimpy friends that can lift 50lbs each and put them on two ladders below while you are in the rafters. If you are nuts you can install a wood wedge block on one side and try to install it by yourself, but it is not recommended. Once installed you will love this thing. Solid, sturdy, and you only have to install it correctly one time for it to last the life of your home. The extra insulation included is cheap and moves around until you tack it down. Don’t pay the extra for that little bit of insulation it isn’t worth much. I wish these guys would put a finishing kit together for sealing up the attic space...I would buy something like that. Now it is Sheetrock trim corners time. Would I buy this one again....100% yes. I like the build on it.