Best Electronic Drum Pads in 2020

Makanu Drum Gel, 12 Pieces Clear Drum Dampener, Drum Damper Gel Pads, Non-toxic Soft Drum Sound Dampening,Tone Control for Your Drum Head Review:

Hmm. The good things- price, the "sticky only one side" which does save on dirt attraction, and they seem to perform as well as any others.The cons- maybe because it was a powerful show but a couple did fly off during the set. You do have to find a way to carry them- I must admit the little plastic cases for the other brands comes in handy- but again- it isn't that hard to find something to carry them in. I also noted that one of them had lost stickiness- although I have to go back and check to see if it is just from dirt (again- a single gig).Still I am not completely judging yet- I will update later if I feel it needs to lose a star-or go up to five. But -10 only a dollar item, so ..

Roland Electronic Drum Pad (CY-5) Review:

I used "Gibraltar SC-CMBAC Medium Cymbal Boom Attachment Clamp" and "Hosa STP-203 1/4" TRS to Dual 1/4" TS Insert Cable, 3 Meters" to split the rim off Tom 4 and make this an extra cymbal. It came with a hi hat clutch and cymbal mount, so I did not need to buy anything else. The offset nature is a little weird, but I tightened the cymbal down and it seems ok / still moves. When I have to replace the Alesis cymbals, I will probably go with the Roland CY-12s.

PAXCESS 9 Pads Electronic Drum Set, Electric Drum Set with Headphone Jack, Built in Speaker and Battery, Drum Stick, Foot Pedals, Best Gift for Christmas Holiday Birthday Review:

 I've been playing the drums for years now and wanted to try to generate interest in my nephew. I looked around Amazon and decided on this kit ans it seemed about the middle ground in terms of price and quality. And I'm quite happy with the results! I will break down why I'm giving this drum kit 5 stars, from the perspective of a drum player.

First things first, this is NOT for an intermediate, advanced, nor professional drum players. This drum set would be too simple for you. HOWEVER, this kit is awesome for handing off to kids.

Going into the build itself:
The material it's made out of is a nice feeling rubber and won't tear easily. The rubber is quite thick. The speaker the kit comes with is of decent quality and won't shatter on its first drop (trust me, I know!). It comes with two pedals for your feet to simulate a real drum kit which I appreciate. However, I wish the pedals had a little bit more weight to them because they seem to slide around. I resolved this situation by attaching one of those furniture rubber mats on them. I love how portable the thing is. It doesn't have to be plugged in and can be rolled up and carried around. My nephew absolutely loves this thing and carries it around everywhere he goes.

Now, going into the sound, I was surprised that the drum can even register double hits! Once it gets too fast, the sound won't properly play (remember, this isn't for professionals), but hit registration on this kit is not bad. I am able to quickly switch over from different hits, but it still gives a crisp sound. I've included a short clip of this in action.

On the speaker, there's different sound options which is a nice feature on this kit. They're all preset and I wish I had a little bit more variability to them.

To ramble and add a few comments:
The drumkit comes with smaller, lighter drum sticks which may be good or bad depending on how you see it. It was perfect for my scenario because my nephew is only 5 and full size drum sticks would be much too heavy and large for him. So keep the stick size in mind before the drum kit gets to your house and plan accordingly!

Another thing to note (even though I wished it was made a little differently) is that this kit comes with pedals! I think this a great feature because drums aren't just an upper body activity! It's important to realize that a drum set is a full body activity and getting feet involved at this early stage is a great booster in exercising that musical muscle.

Overall, I'm really happy with this purchase! Beware adults, whomever you gift this item to will be quite noisy! My nephew sure was!

AIEX 24 Pieces Drum Dampeners Drum Damper Gel Pads Silicone Non-toxic Soft Clear Drum Silencers Drum Mute for Drums Tone Control Review:

I purchased a pack of these to use with the high school marching band I teach at. I was initially concerned about the low price, however my fears were immediately resolved upon using them. They work quite well and do not easily come off, despite the fact that the marching band plays in a wide variety of weather conditions.

Alesis Compact Kit 4 | Portable 4-Pad Tabletop Electronic Drum Kit with Velocity-Sensitive Drum Pads, 70 Drum Sounds, Coaching Feature, Game Functions, Battery- or AC-Power and Drum Sticks Included Review:

We made the mistake of buying the RockJam portable rollup drum kit which was complete garbage. We returned it for this drum kit from Alesis. Although it is double the price of the RockJam, it's absolutely worth it. Alesis has been making drum kits for decades and this kit is very high quality and feature rich for the price. The unit is smaller than I expected, but lighter weight and more portable than I expected as a result. The size is actually great. Power with A/C or battery. All of the functionality works well and sounds very good. Love the LCD screen and so many features to try out, including a coach mode, demo mode, and game mode. Perfect for a first time drummer wanting to learn how to play drums. Highly recommended!

30 Pieces Drum Dampeners Gel Pads Silicone Drum Silencers Dampening Gel Pads Non-toxic Soft Drum Dampeners for Drums Tone Control (Size Set 1, Color Set 1) Review:

They are sticky a lot and no shedding phenomenon,they were dirt cheap and work well .these will stick to the bottom heads on your drums better. they seem to be stronger and unlikely to tear. they're only sticky on one side but you're only using one side.

Great quality and size for this price.But these little items are great! Hardly noticeable and dampens overtone rings without smothering the sounds you want! Personally, I am well satisfied!!

Dampeners do the job of controlling over-ring and can be applied wherever desired as they are clear. The adhesive is very strong so they will stay in place regardless of mounting angle. Used singularly or in multiples as needed, if you would find them clear and colored they would be perfect!

Alesis Sample Pad Pro | Percussion and Sample-Triggering Instrument With Responsive Dual Zone Rubber Pads, Active Blue LED Illumination, Expansion options for 2 more Triggers and 200+ Built-in Sounds Review:

After reading pretty mixed reviews on the 4 pad product I decided to purchase it and give it a go. As much as I’d love to buy the spd-sx from Roland my usage of a drum pad doesn’t justify the cost.

I’ve used it a couple weeks now. I use it solely for live settings. Haven’t really had the line out buzz others have mentioned. I did hear it the first time I used the headphone jack to test the unit but haven’t heard it since. I run the pad with just mono out thru a direct box.

The volume output is on the lower end. I have to max out the main output volume and the volume of the samples has to be at 10. For the softer samples it’s somewhat difficult to hear over the rest of the mix.

All in all for the price it does what I need it too and didn’t cost $800. I also use a Roland snare trigger and run it thru the pad. It was pretty much plug and play. No double triggering and I use it on my normal snare head. It’s a good unit for the price point if you just need something for samples here and there. If I used it consistently for almost every song I’d probably skip this and save up for the spd-sx.

RockJam Portable MIDI Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit with Built in Speakers, Power Supply, Foot Pedals and Drumsticks Review:

This pliable drum kit has an impressive array of sounds it can create. You have 9 drums for the sticks and 2 foot pedals for bass drums. In addition to that, there is the ability to change the different types of drums with a style button. Being a novice I don't know the technical names - regular drums you'd hear in a band, drums that sound more like they are from the islands etc...

There is also a demo mode where you can hear different genre's of drum beats and a tempo button to increase or decrease the tempo of the beat. There are also buttons to record and play the beats that you make. What none of the buttons have is an indicator light telling you what level the volume is on, which type of drum you are using, what style of music is being demo'd etc...

Because this set does not include speakers you have you source your own. It comes with a 3.5mm cable so you can connect speakers. This is where my angst over this product comes in. I tried 2 different speakers and neither would play the sounds coming from this kit. Both speakers work fine on their own, just not with this kit. I tried using the AUX cable that came with the kit and I tried using their own cords...nada.

It does work with earphones though which is fine if you are playing to yourself and not wanting to disturb others, but I wanted to play out in the open but I can't. You also have the ability to play along with music on your cell phone which is pretty cool, but again you can't play out loud - only with your head phones.

Here's a tip I did since I am a beginner, I pulled up YouTube where there is a ton of beginner drum lessons and was able to practice what was taught while listening through my ear phones.

Something that is small, but what I would put on the wish list for second generation is on the back of the power source each section is labeled, but in order to read what it says you have to turn the whole unit around. Since this set is easily bendable it would be nice if the writing were viewable when you bent it forward. I'm not sure I explained that clearly so I included some pictures so you see what I mean.

I must say they packed a lot of different sounds in the small kit enough to keep anyone busy and the sounds are really true-to-life. I would've done a video review so you could hear it, but speaker option doesn't work. If it were not for that, this would've been a 5 star review.