Best Electrically Conductive Adhesives in 2020

Copper Foil Tape with Conductive Adhesive (1inch X 12yards) - EMI Shielding, Stained Glass, Paper Circuits, Electrical Repairs, Soldering - Extra Long Value Pack at A Great Price Review:

Very, very happy with my purchase of copper tape. I had heard it would deter garden slugs from crawling into potted plants & eating the flowers. IT WORKS!! I put a double row of tape around each planter & it not only dresses up the planter but I haven't lost any flowers this year. I am delighted!! On the packaging holding the tape it cautions to beware of cutting yourself, because the tape is made of paper thin metal. Well, me being me, I gave myself a pretty good slice on the first strip of tape I applied. After that lesson was learned the hard way, I was more careful & no more cuts! I bought 2 rolls of metal tape because I wasn't sure how much I would need. As I said, I put double rows on each planter, and after filling 10 good sized pots with plants I still had a small amount left on the first roll & was able to save the second roll for my next round of planting. I am a very happy shopper!!!!!

Copper Foil Tape with Conductive Adhesive for Guitar & EMI Shielding, Slug Repellent, Crafts, Electrical Repairs and Grounding (2" x 33') Review:

Shielding an electric guitar or bass its super important (unless of course if you want that hum to be part of your sound which many players seem to love), if you don't want your guitar picking-up unwanted interference noises (these can come from fans, fluorescent lights, etc.). Pictured is my US Fender Stratocaster guitar, getting a DiMarzio pickup upgrade along with complete EMI shielding done with this foil. I did a continuity test and the glue is also conductive, so you'll end up with a pretty tight Faraday cage inside your guitar lml

You won't be disappointed by this product

Copper Foil Tape (2inch x 18ft) for Guitar and EMI Shielding, Slug Repellent, Crafts, Electrical Repairs, Grounding - Conductive Adhesive - Thicker Foil - Extra Wide Value Pack at A Great Price Review:

Don't know yet. It's only been on a week, but haven't seen any bug's, worm's, slug's or anything on my tomatoes and herbs. Product is easy to install, "but"....don't try to do it on a windy day. Having a second person might even be a good ideal. Mine is on an elevated planter I built. It's 5'x2' 18" deep and 37" off the ground. Mine is all cedar, but to be sure for the tape to stick, I painted a 4" band of sealer (shellac, poly) around the whole planter to assure a good adhesion for the tape.

This is an update with photo. Tape truly works, have slugs and catapillers attempt to close the tape to no avail. I'm a happy camper!

WEST SYSTEM EMW1832294 Review:

I bought then to glue a 3" uniseal to polyethylene, and ended up gluing 2 one side the worst damaged side of the polyethylene glued well and is sitting under pressure underwater now, however the other side which I damaged in the process of taking everything apart to glue the bad side Did not hold completely near the bottom of the seal it separated slightly, although i suspect it had to do with the preparation since it was my first time I probably did not get it 100% right, although It's also underwater and not leaking. To add my neighbor fixes cars and was looking for a new glue to use for repairs he took the piece of card board I mixed the glue on and attempted to crack it only causing him frustration, and eventually just cutting it with my big pick axe lol, he says it wont crack and the look on his face said I don't understand. I would buy this again, I have also used it to repair my Nike sandals which split all way through on the side of both sandals as well as the top strap starting to come loose from the rubber, But it was no problem for this glue. I have size 15 foot, and often end up catching the front of the sandal on stuff bending it in half at times as i step forward with 250lbs behind my step, but no cracking or damage at all since glued i am surprised.

Copper Foil Tape (2inch X 33 FT) with Conductive Adhesive for Guitar and EMI Shielding, Slug Repellent, Crafts, Electrical Repairs, Grounding Review:

I'm using this to shield my guitar bodies from unwanted noise. I have applied it to one guitar so far. I am still working on other aspects of the guitar so I have not had an opportunity to try out the shielding. I thought the tape was easy to work with and there is enough tape that I hope to be able to shield three guitars. The adhesive seems to be very good. I just cleaned the areas of the guitar with alcohol and applied the tape. Because of the irregularly shaped cavities of the guitar there is a lot of tape overlap so I hope this does not affet performance. We'll see but so far I am very pleased with my purchase.

MG Chemicals 8329TCM Thermal Conductive Adhesive, Medium Cure, 14 g, 2 Dispeners Review:

Worked perfectly for me to encapsulate my espresso boiler electrodes from the body. The original
boiler electrode material had been degraded from high heat (ran w/o water) which allowed moisture
to enter and trip the GFCI after a few seconds. After scraping the old material out and baking
the boiler in the oven, I used this product to seal the electrodes. The product is electrically
insulative of course and my boiler now works good as new (which it almost was!)

Copper Foil Tape with Conductive Adhesive, for EMI Shielding, Guitar, Soldering, Electrical Repairs, Paper Circuits, Crafts, Grounding Review:

It is a great conductive tape! It made shielding my Fender Telecaster a piece of cake. The adhesive side of this tape is conductive so it is not necessary to compensate by soldering, or folding tabs to complete the circuit where you overlap the edges.Highly recommend

MG Chemicals 8331 Silver Epoxy Adhesive - High Conductivity, 10 min Working time, 14 g, 2 Dispeners Review:

I originally brought several defrost repair kits at my local Auto shop. Although they did work, they only lasted about a week or two before the tab ended up falling off again. I ended up searching the internet for alternatives other than buying a new back windshield. I tried conductive tape and liquid solder sold at lowes.. both didnt work at all. Finally gave into buying this, since the price was pretty expensive. Just wish I ran into this sooner instead of spending 40+ dollars on other alternatives. The epoxy when used correctly hardens like concrete while keeping electrical conductivity.

Here is step by step on how I fixed my defrost tab on my 04 Toyota Solara.
-Remove drivers side rear glass panel by using a panel popper.
-Remove tab from wire.
-Remove solder on bottom side of tab that will attach to window. I initially tried to use a solder gun but found using a drill gun with a wire brush attached 'sanded' the excess off with ease.
-Clean tab and location on glass with rubbing alcohol. Make sure the new location is not the same one where the tab fell off.
-Use a small vice grip to hold the tab. I found a great location where I was able to use the back seat top cushion to jam the vice grip to help hold the tab to the glass window. It was very sturdy.
-Grab a piece of cardboard and a stir stick. Squeeze out epoxys at a 1 to 1 ratio(1 black tube 1 white tube), I only ended up using maybe 1/4 of the tube. Stir very well. It will take a while for the epoxy to harden, so no need to rush.
-Use stir stick to generously apply the mix to the tab. (I put a small amount on the bottom) Make sure you spread it around to contact the circuit on the glass.
-Use a hair dryer to help harden the epoxy. Very important: Dont mess with it while it is drying! I propped up a hair dryer and set it to low heat since it was only about 6 inches away from the tab. Left it on for 20 min. Came back and the epoxy had hardened.
-Remove vice grip and reattach wire to tab
-Test with multimeter before reattaching panel.
Enjoy your great work!

GENNEL 10gram Thermal Conductive Glue Silicone Plaster Viscous Adhesive Cooling Compound For LED GPU Chipset Heatsink Review:

This stuff works, found out the hard way, used it repurpose some old CPU heatsinks for a Peltier device, didn't seem too hold well at first, so I put a generous amount on. About week later I wanted to change the setup around, thinking that it still held as before I went to pull the coolers apart, and well pictures say it all. I would say this is pretty much a permanent solution so be careful where you apply it. That being said, it transfers heat and as you can see, holds great! 5 out of 5 stars, couldn't be happier just have to be more careful lol.

About to test solutions to break down glue for better removal. Will report back.