Best Electrical Conduit Fittings in 2020

Cable Gland 1/2 Npt,Nylon Plastic Connectors With Lock Nut And Gaskets IP68 Waterproof Adjustable 6-12mm Cord Gland,UL Approved (12 PACK) Review:

I am very pleased with this product, but the first time I installed it, despite making the connections very tight, water got into it and shorted out the wires. It was hung outside, in a tree, connecting lights to an electrical junction box on the ground.

However, I replaced that unit easily and used silicone caulking on the next one and it has withstood several downpowers without any shorts.

The product was easy to understand, easy too install, but requires just a bit more installation instructions than I found on the net. And it is very cheap!

Sigma Electric ProConnex 55919M One-Hole BX Strap 3/8-Inch, 100-Pack Review:

I love these clips! I've ordered them a number of times already and I especially like the clear plastic, screw-top container they come in which makes them easy to see on the shelf (I hate digging through boxes trying to find stuff when I need to do a wiring job). Plus, they don't spill all over the floor if container gets tipped over.

Cable Gland Nylon Plastic Waterproof Adjustable, Cable Glands Joints Wire Protectors- Pg7, Pg9, Pg11, Pg13.5, Pg16 35pcs Review:

The pricing is cheap and of decent quality for my projects. I have not tested the waterproofing of these by themselves as I used some silicone on them just in case but they look to be waterproof. My big complaint is the 2nd to smallest size pg9 (circles in picture1) all of them where missing the rubber seal that make them waterproof. I have not needed to use that size yet and I'm sure I will find some rubber that will work laying around the shop but these would have gotten 5 stars if not missing.

Sealproof Non-metallic Liquid-Tight Conduit and Connector Kit, 1/2-Inch 25 Foot Flexible Electrical Conduit Type B with 4 Straight and 2 90-Degree Conduit Connector Fittings, 1/2" Dia Review:

Great product – very easy to use – got a little chuckle from an earlier review about how hard the fittings are to slide on – Very easy to use – you don’t try to push the conduit into the outside fitting - you twist it along the lines - however there are 15’s which have a screwtop which are easier - next time I will probably buy the Conduit and the easier fittings separate

American Terminal Wire Loom Black 20' Feet 3/8" Split Tubing Hose Cover Auto Home Marine Review:

I use this for my ham radio projects. This 3/8 size fits at least 12 ga. red/black wire that you get on spools from Powerwerx or other places, it would probably fit 10 ga. no problem. I will fit one Anderson PowerPole connector but not two; the one it will fit is a tight fit and I used a second piece to splice over it and then taped/zip tied it together for extra protection.

I would use the 1/4 inch size of this stuff for anything smaller than 12 ga wire.

It is a slight bit more flexible than I was expecting or wanting, but for light duty work and just covering wires, it will work fine. If I really wanted to lay on some protection, I might add a second layer at critical junctions or zip tied points.

Cable Gland -LOKMAN 34 Pack Plastic Waterproof Adjustable 3-16mm Cable Connectors Cable Gland Joints With Gaskets, PG7, PG9, PG11, PG13.5, PG16,PG19 With Durable PP Storage Case (Cable gland kit) Review:

These worked pretty good, which is on me. The threaded portion is long enough for a metal enclosure, but the NEMA 4 plastic enclosure(s) that are typically used in my projects (septic system pump and alarm cords), are thicker than these particular cable glands allow. As stated, the spec is there in the description (8 mm thread length), so I'm not dis'ing the product, but I had to discard the gasket, and barely got a thread to engage (I've taken a larger spade bit, and counter-bored since my first use, to get the seal). That said, I am pleased with the results in using these cable glands, as opposed to trying to seal the penetrations with duct seal, or some such. Will continue to use them, but will look for a 12 mm thread length alternative on my next order.

Wire Loom Black 20' Feet 1/2" Split Tubing Hose Cover Auto Home Marine Review:

This works great to hide your cabling and make things neat.

It can easily get crushed though, if put in high-traffic areas under foot. I still use it for this, but just do my best not to step on it.
This isn't really a flaw per-se, but it is something to consider if you are placing this on the floor.

Also, make sure you get the right size. Measure what you're putting inside and go one size up. I was barely able to fit my cables in it. There was a slight gap I pointed at the floor... And then used small, tho. velcro cable ties to keep the tubing together..
Also, don't go too big, or this will be more "crush-able."

Again, these aren't necessarily flaws, but a few things to consider.

SIM&NAT 20 PCS 4 Pin Male Connector Connecter for 3528 5050 SMD RGB Led Strip Lighting Review:

You never have a problem with product quality with these 4-Pin connectors. I've never had one fail to pass current/color fit loosely.

Pair these 4-pin inserts with female connectors. That way each end of your connector will become an interchangeable male/female end, allowing for maximum flexibility in your project.

Note that sometimes, these little guys can get VERY tight inside a connector and you can't remove with fingers. You'll need pliers, but before you remove the 4-pin connector TURN OFF THE POWER on the LED light strip. If the metal of pliers touches the pin on removal, it can short the LED strip and damage the power supply. I killed a power unit this way.

TUPARKA 50 Pack Cable Gland Waterproof Adjustable 3-16mm Cable Connectors PG7 PG9 PG11 PG13.5 PG16 PG19 Plastic Cable Gland Joints with Gaskets in PP Box Review:

I bought these to use them with the standard 1.75mm PTFE tubes that would allow me to have several filament spools above my 3D printer enclosure while keeping them moisture free. They provide a good seal against the plastic box and around the PTFE tube itself. Best of all, they are an assortment so there's a bunch of different sizes for you to choose from. They're also pretty heavy duty and they feel nice and robust. Definitely cranked on these things pretty hard to make sure there was no air gap between the fitting and the plastic box. Highly recommended!

Buyers Products (CC600) 6" PVC Conduit Carrier Kit Review:

I looked for the best available Conduit Carrier and I felt these were the best. These are the only ones I found with a true "saddle" for the conduit to sit in. Much stronger and far less chance of crushing the PVC pipe. I did interact with the customer service department to get some additional parts and they were fast and efficient. The end castings seem to be quite good. No cavities or flaws in any of them. I really wanted to give this a 5 star but there are two flaws that stopped me. First, and this is a small one, the end casings are shipped face to face (aluminum to aluminum) and they tend to arrive somewhat scratched. Not a biggie since these are construction grade items and pretty isn't critical so minor issue. The more troubling problem is the way the hinge and latch are designed, the covers are quite loose when latched and not even close to watertight. There is a nice rubber gasket on the inside of the opening lid but because of the design, it never touches the mating surface. The larger the PVC size the bigger the gap. You can see this in my pics. (I have purchased one of each size - 4", 6" and 8") I solved the problem by adding some spring latches which hold the doors closed tight so they are now watertight. With that modification these are the best (IMHO).