Best Electric Spice Grinders in 2020

SHARDOR Coffee & Spice Grinders Electric, 2 Removable Stainless Steel Bowls for dry or wet grinding, Black.… Review:

It is really easy to use. You twist the bowl into the base to lock it in, and the lid is the on switch. You just press down. It is easy to pulse or grind continuously.

I bought this specifically to go along with a new Indian cookbook. So far I have made a few spice blends with many different seeds, peppercorns, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks and while dried chilies. It can handle all of the above with absolutely no issues.

I also used it to make oat flour. It came out so much finer than using a food processor and it only takes a few seconds.

I ALSO tried using it pulverize nuts. Don’t do it. It’s too powerful. You’ll end up with nut butter in the blink of an eye. But thankfully it is really easy and fuss-free to clean.

I have just washed mine with soapy water and a dishrag and have been very happy with the results. My last spice grinder was basically ruined with I got the bowl wet. This thing is actually made for heavy use.

AIGOSTAR Coco- Electric Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades | Grinds Coffee Beans, Spices, Nuts and Grains | One-Touch, 60g, Black Review:

This grinder holds 3 time the amount as my old Starbucks grinder which was just the right size for my 2 cup coffee maker, it has a lot more room for beans and the motor is stronger .I like the odd shaped clear top that has two measurements on the side.when it comes to cleaning I do no think any coffee grinder is great for that but it is easier to get into with the provided brush.

Easehold Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder 200W Stainless Steel Blade Portable Pepper Herb Mill Grater Review:

Biggest problem is you’re actually scooping out grounds next to blades. A better design, which admittedly would have made it more expensive, would involve different compartments. It is designed for safety, which is obvious because the button to start it is on the lid and not the base part with the blades. The grind is not always even, and sometimes I have to shake it before pressing the button again because grounds bunch up in the areas just outside the reach of the blades. Also, when you take the top off, a small amount of grounds will likely fall on your counter, which I just wipe up with a rag. With all these complaints, I still really like the product. I bought it because of tendinitis, and it continues to help me. Lately I have been using it to blend roasted buckwheat kasha, and it may be even better at that than it is with coffee beans.

KitchenAid Bcgsga Spice Grinder Accessory Kit, Stainless Steel Review:

I have an old KitcheanAid coffee grinder that was still running like a champ, but needed a cup replacement. Since noone offers just a cup, I had to buy an exact same thing KitchenAid BCG111OB Blade Coffee Grinder. During my research of coffee grinders, I noticed this set and thought it would be a neat idea to have separate grinding containers for spices, but I was still on the fence as I thought I could use the coffee grinder cup for any grain-grinding purpose. I'm glad I purchased this set! If you look at the pictures, the blade is specifically designed for grains way smaller that coffee beans in a way that the blade comes way closer to the bottom of the cup, compared to the coffee grinder cup. The set is 2 cups, 2 solid covers and 1 perforated cover to be able to use freshly ground spices right after grinding. Pictures are coffee grinder cup compared to spice grinder cup.

Zelancio Electric Salt and Pepper or Spice Grinder Set | Battery Powered One Touch Grind | Set of 2 Mills Review:

This review is with mixed results. I switched back and forth from three stars to four several times. While I had a problem with one of the grinders from the first set I purchased (and had to throw it out), I purchased a second set. The locking feature on the one I threw out did not work, and ended up dropping into a Bloody Mary. However, the three remaining ones work well. I have used Black Peppercorns, Himalayan Pink Salt, and Sea Salt, and have had no problems with the grind or the lock. I took a chance with my second order and have had no problems with the three. If you purchase and receive these grinders, make sure you feel the locking feature fit into place. Lesson learned.

Bestpriceam Zinc Alloy Electric Metal Grinder Herb Tabacco Crusher Grinder Cracker (Black) Review:

Does make for some very finely ground herbs. A little low on power when attempting to grind the herbs get stuck and motor stops spinning... you’ve gotta shake it hard but it does do the job if your patient with it.

Coffee Grinder Electric Aicok, One Button Coffee Bean Grinder with Fast Speed, 12 Cup Portable Spice Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades, Black Review:

I ABSOLUTELY love this grinder. I have had no problems grinding anything I want. I have used it on fresh herbs and it does grind/blend just fine as long as it is in liquid and has enough volume for the blades to reach it. It works just as well for grinding coffee. As far as grinding coffee, I've been able to make coarse grounds just fine, but you have to make it in small batches, just enough beans to cover the silver part inside, then just blast it four short times and the grounds are perfectly coarse. All in all, awesome product, especially for the price.

Waring Commercial WSG30 Commercial Medium-Duty Electric Spice Grinder Review:

The spice grinder does the job but has problems when using it for a long period of time say more than 20 minutes so for large items that you are reducing down or powdering it takes a while when dealing in bulk. Also if the herbs or spices have a moisture content in them it may be necessary to dry them and crisp the item up so as to get the desired effect. I like the set of grinders and clean up was a snap so changing from one spice to another is easy and not difficult just wipe them out and go when done it was a quick wash in the dishwater and rinse then dry great product for home use.

I did push it on some stuff I was grinding and it quit working had to let the unit cool down completely before the unit would reset and then able to continue. Other than that it work great.

Electric Herb Grinder By CYPHRTECH - Stainless Steel Portable Crusher and Dispenser With Rechargeable Battery, USB cord, and Cleaning Brush (Black) Review:

I bought this a while ago for my sister since she loves herbs (if you know what I mean) so I thought it would be the perfect gift for her and she loves it!!! She said It’s so easy to use and looks so fancy so definitely worth the money. Definitely going to order another one for my friend!

Electric Allloy Metal Grinder Crusher Crank Tobacco Smoke Spice Herb Muller Gold Review:

There's nothing wrong with the grinder just get some piles and bend it in shape work just find