Best Electric Guitar Hardware in 2020

Black Chicago Screw - Binding Post Kit 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 Open Slotted Back Fasteners + Rubber Washers, Phillips Truss Heads Kydex Leather Holster Sheath Review:

I have used these exact Chicago screws on several holster and knife sheath builds. They have been used with both .080" and .060" Kydex, and put through some heavy abuse with holster applications, as well as magazine pouches. They remain tight once set without the need for thread locker, the rubber washers have held up to the elements well and I have even attempted to over tighten the screws to see if they would break such as the screws that were supplied from a very large holster/tactical gear manufacturer. The only issue I have noticed, that in no way hinders the performance of these screws, is the black finish is prone to wear and seems to wear easily. However, I have used hundreds of these Chicago screws with zero malfunctions/breaking. The addition of the slotted back makes it very easy to tighten these screws to the required torque unlike those that do not have a slotted back. The phillips head on the top/front of the screw fits a standard #2 phillips driver perfectly and prevents slipping and rounding of the screw head.

Canomo Pack of 10 Noiseless Tremolo Springs for Electric Guitar Tremolo Bridge, Silver Review:

The package came really quick, and well packed. Originally the ad said they were stainless. When I notified them of this they promptly got back to me. Even apologizing for my not getting what I wanted while very politely expressing deep concern for any of my disappointment. They offered a full refund and quickly corrected the description in the ad as well. I changed my rating to 5 stars because as a business owner, I found their attitude very professional. It was a simple mislabel, nothing dishonest. It's because of that, I turned down the refund telling them I will keep the tremolo springs and use them later. They're very nice springs at a great price, good to have spares and I will eventually use them anyway. I was impressed by the genuine willingness to stand behind their product so firmly. In the past when something unfortunately happened with an order that called for a refund from other companies, I normally just receive a print out return label as my reply, or a one liner canned response. Which is fine, it all works out. But Conomo actually gave up some of their time to express their concern with a warm and well worded response of about 15 sentences or more. The kind of thing you might expect from someone you actually knew or did business with you on a regular basis. It said that reputation and your business matters to them, no matter how small as it leads to more later. On that note, the next time I'm ordering supplies, I will be looking for the Conomo brand name. I'm a guitar tech, and these are nice springs. You won't be disapointed.

Fender American Series Locking Strap Buttons - Chrome Review:

I used them on an Indo made Squier Strat. The screws in the Squier Strat were considerably larger in diameter (say a #10 vs a #8 screw) than any of my American made Strats, which is the size screw these Strap Buttons come with, however they were not so small as to be unusable without ANY modifications.

I've read countless times on forums about the toothpick and wood glue method people use on Squiers to get these buttons to work. I did attempt to "dry fit" the screw/toothpick and realized a round toothpick was WAAAAY too much of a filler to compensate for the thinner screw. If I was to use a round toothpick I'd absolutely slice it in half thickness wise, and that's still MORE than you'd need. If you could find a "flat" toothpick, that might be something that would work. But before breaking out the glue and toothpicks, try using the thinner screw on it's own. I found it started loosely and then quickly snugged up as I was tightening it down. By the time the screw/button was seated/tightened snug (DON'T use gorilla hand strength here!!!) I was more than certain the screw wasn't going to rip out. If you're gonna be flinging your guitar all over the place then go with the extra security of the flat toothpick and the SMALL amount of wood glue. As an extra measure, put a THIN coat of wax on the screw before you tighten it. Also, allow the glue/toothpick/screw to COMPLETELY dry before adding the felt washer, and watch for any excess glue squeezing out of the hole in the event you used too much.

Vintage Forge Black Jack Plate for Fender Stratocaster Strat Guitar Recessed Output Jackplate JP110-BLK Review:

This is an excellent quality product. While many cheaper pieces of hardware show their price in the plating, the gold plating on these is top quality. This is for a new guitar build, so I am not sure of the fit on existing or vintage instruments. If all Vntage Forge products are like this I’ll be buying from them again.

Musiclily 1/4" Oval Guitar Input Jack Output Plate Jackplate Socket for Fender Strat Tele, Black Review:

Bought it mainly for the plate. The jack on this is lesser quality than a more sturdy Switchcraft jack, but plugged a cable in and out a number of times and it seems to make a good connection. If you want to use a Switchcraft jack with it, you have to enlarge the hole in the plate slightly. A few passes with a small file did the trick. In the end, I might use the jack that came with it, as I'm doing a modification of the guitar's electronics and trying to fit a couple extra potentiometers in. The jack that came with it takes up a little less space inside the routing cavity (shorter in overall length).

Canomo 254 Pieces Electric Guitar Screw Kit (9 Types) with Springs for Electric Guitar Bridge, Pickup, Pickguard, Tuner, Switch, Neck Plate, Guitar Strap Buttons and A Elbow Tweezers, Chrome Review:

Everything needed. Assembled a custom bass for a friend with RA and paralysis due a stroke abd this set was essential!

set of 4 Guitar nuts, washers & lock washers for US CTS Pots & Switchcraft Jacks, metal (ship from usa) Review:

for anyone that doesn't know, the term "quarter inch jack" refers to the instrument cable's male plug end and the female portion of the input/output jack - it does not refer to the threads on the outside of the jack.

if your equipment was made in the USA using USA-spec parts, then this kit will work. if your equipment was made anywhere else, you need a metric kit. if you are unsure, another thing to keep in mind is that if you think you may become extremely upset that you can't return something that costs this little because of your own error, you probably are not using USA-made equipment.

this kit fit the effects loop jack on my 1991 Gallien-Krueger 800RB perfectly. let's all keep the old gear alive!

Honbay 10Pcs 1/4" Mono Jack Socket Stratocaster Replacement for Bass Electric Guitar Review:

I got these to use for some of my experiments in piezo microphones.
The low price making them extremely idea for experimenting with.
The connector lugs are of great design, as they have a square lug for negative and a round lug for positive, making it easy to see which to connect to, without having to eyeball the full assembly.
The insulator wafers are a slight bit thinner than normal, making a 1/4 plug hang a slight bit outside of the jack, but still fully operation.
Best low priced jacks, I've purchased in the past few years. :)
I hope this product stays around.