Best Electric Fondue Pots in 2020

Artestia Electric Ceramic Fondue Set with 6 Fondue Forks (Rose Gold Color Base/Black Ceramic Pot) Review:

This fondue pot is the absolute best cheese fondue pot I have ever tried and I love it. I previously owned a non-stick electric fondue pot for cheese fondues, but it scratched too easily and no one wants non-stick coating on their food. Plus the outside of the pot was enamel and it was hard to clean dripped cheese fondue off the side. I have tried using both my stainless and glass-insert (non-electric) fondue pots for cheese, but they were so difficult to a) keep an appropriate temperature and b) clean! I bought the Artesia electric ceramic fondue set for our Christmas dinner this year and it was amazing. 1 - I could do all of the prep right in the pot, on the stove; 2 - It maintained the perfect temperature throughout our meal so the cheese never burned or got clumpy; and 3 - It was soooooo easy to clean afterwards. My new favorite fondue pot!!

Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker Review:

Several reviews say the cheese and chocolate burn easily. This would be a possibility in any direct-heat fondue pot. This one is a good size, however, to turn into a double boiler. We typically have a 3-course (cheese, broth, chocolate) fondue meal with this one pot:
Fill the fondue pot with water up to just below the handle screws. Toss a bowl inside (we use these to great success: and put the cheese in that. This makes a double boiler for your cheese. We typically crank the heat up to a 4 and that keeps it at a nice temperature for the cheese to remain a perfect consistency. After that, lift out the bowl and dump the water. Fill it up with your broth or oil and toss the poker-holder lid on. Repeat the cheese trick for the chocolate. 3 course meal, one fondue pot, no washing out the pot between courses.

We do have an issue with the length of the plug. We use an extension cord even though they say not to. That cord is way to short not to. I imagine the manufacturer was doing his best evil-genius-laugh when he put that on the label.

We've tested this thing in the dishwasher, and it seems to be ok so far.

Trudeau 0829192 Electric Scarlet Fondue Pot, 84 oz, Red Review:

We were hesitant to buy this fondue set since it didn't have any reviews at the time, and was very pricey. However, its been working out great, and we've used it several times since it was purchased. Our reasons for buying this fondue pot were as follows: 1) It's electric vs fuel 2) Has two pots, stainless steel for cooking meat and ceramic for cooking cheese and chocolate 3) Works as a double boiler to reduce scorching or overcooking cheese or chocolate. 4) liked the idea that the cord disconnects quickly if pulled for safety. We set it up on our kitchen table and plug into wall, reduces chances of someone getting stuck on cord and pulling off the table. 5) large enough for entertaining 4-6 people 6) Fun red color

Artestia Electric Chocolate & Cheese Fondue Set 8" Ceramic Inner Pot Review:

We bought this mainly to use for chocolate fondue. The first issue I have is that the directions are very vague. There are no directions on how to use it for chocolate. So I searched the questions people had asked under the product info and added water to the stainless steal pot underneath. Not knowing how much water to add, I ended up adding too much and the hot water started to bubble out from the pot and all over my table! We quickly unplugged it and emptied most of the water out. Once I figured that out, everything was great. It melted the chocolate and kept it warm. If the directions were better I would give it a 5.

Chocolate Fondue Maker- Deluxe Electric Dessert Fountain Fondu Pot Set with 4 Forks and Party Serving Tray - A Great Valentine's Day Gift! Review:

We had a lot of fun with this. Didn't try melting the chocolate after seeing the other reviews, but made a quick fondue on the stovetop then transferred it to the bowl for serving. It held more than enough for our family of 3 to dig in and enjoy a delicious dessert. It kept everything nice and warm the entire time and was easy to clean up when we were done. We'll get a lot of use out of this.

Chocolate Melting Warming Fondue Set - 25W Electric Choco Melt / Warmer Machine Set w/ Keep Warm Dipping function & Removable Pot, Melts Chocolate, Candy, Butter, Cheese, Caramel - NutriChef PKFNMK14 Review:

I love this little machine I gave it 5 stars because It really is Amazing Fun For Whole Family I Absolutely Love ALL The Accessories It Comes with! Its my New favorite toy It melts chocolate beautifully I Do Not have to Worry about my chocolate burning in the microwave or on The Stove top. I use it to fondue, cheese and chocolate awesome!! I use it to pour chocolate into Molds, Making cake balls, You name it Works Well for Every Occasion. The Surface Stays fairly Cool To the Touch So I let My Children make there S'mores I Really Do Love This Little Melting Machine and So does My Family 1 Happy Customer!!!

Electric Chocolate Fondue Melting Pot with over 30 Accessories and 12 Recipes Review:

I purchased this to melt chocolate for making chocolate covered pretzels for my staff for Christmas. I have made chocolate covered pretzels dozens of times and it is a pain to have the chocolate harden and then have to remelt without burning the chocolate. This double melting pot was so easy in every way! I used both sides at the same time. I melted white chocolate on one side, while melting milk chocolate on the other side. The melting pot does not get too hot and does not burn your chocolate. Very impressed with this melting pot. The only downside is that it is expensive. It is very light weight and does not seem to be something that should cost almost $40. Overall, it came with great accessories and exceeded my expectations for what I set out to accomplish.

OVENTE CFC317BR Electric Cheese/Chocolate Fondue Melting Pots and Warmer Set, 1 Liter, Brown Review:

This is perfect size for chocolate. There are no controls but temperature right for chocolate

Nostalgia LSM400 Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S'mores Maker Review:

Nice little gadget. Yes an open flame will work faster and will not replace a campfire, but what fun is everyone gathering around the gas stove, this can be put in the middle of the table and everyone can enjoy, it takes a couple of seconds longer to roast a marshmallow, bit it still gets hot enough to burn one if you want. One issue I have is one of the caps the holds the bearing for the rotating try was missing, I have emailed the company, waiting to see if the will send me one