Best Drum Set Percussion Mounts in 2020

Pearl JG16 Jungle Gig Adapter Review:

As I'm sure you've noticed from most of the other reviews, this is not an all-in-one conversion kit. You DO need extra parts to make this work. I live near a drum shop that sells used mounts, so I used them to solve that issue. I have a relatively cheap kit, so I don't mind drilling holes into it. I found a used Pearl BT3 Tom Bracket in black to blend in with my black tom. It's sturdy and works just fine.

I've been using this with a Gibraltar beater, the Gibraltar SC-RFSAB Round Flat Self Align Beater to get a softer, jazzier sound. It's good stuff, but I'd recommend putting a port-hole in your front (bottom) head for any dampening you might want to do.

Gibraltar SC-EMMP Electronic Module Mounting Plate Review:

To help those avoid same quest I had to take...this fits Roland's TM 6 module perfectly. No screws are delivered with this plate, nor did any accompany my new TM 6 module. Size specified in my research is M5 ×12 mm machine screws. I could not find this specific size at my local Lowe's or Home Depot...they skip from M5×10 (too short) to M5×16 (too long). I had small washers laying around so I bought the M5x16mm- 2 washers on each and fit was cost of 6 screws = <$3...

Floor Tom Isolation Mount - Fits all Brands of Drums – Booty Shakers (Black - 3 Pack) Review:

for years now we drummers have settled for the floor tom maybe not resonating as much as it could... if you ever taken a floor tom out of its case and held it and hit it... you heard the tone ring out... then you put its legs on and sat it on the floor... and whoosh the tone got sucked into the floor/carpet/concrete/bandstand... well with this Floor Tom Isolation System... you will finally hear all the tone... all the time. So easy to put on and take off... just don't leave them behind after a gig... you don't want to go back to the muffled tone sucking sound once you've tried them. a great product.

Latin Percussion LP592B-X Percussion Claw Review:

Ok quality. I would not put anything other than a small percussion instrument on it. The black piece can be rotated, although I'm not really sure why you would need this. I had a hard time getting it to rotate the first time (it came rotated upside down so it had to be flipped). Now that rotation feature is a little loose and I do not see a way to lock it into a position or tighten it. It is working and hasn't fallen over but I don't trust it 100% to stay upright.

Snare Drum and Tom-tom Mount Isolation – Fits all Brands of Drums - Little Booty Shakers (Black - 3 Pack) Review:

I was almost mad at how well this product works! Immediately after I put them on the snare basket, my 12” tom sang beautifully! I just started using a snare stand for my tom, and I was displeased with how choked out it was...until this $16 dollar fix. Just mad I didn’t think of this first, well done! Haven’t tried on the snare drum, that may be next. Hard to see product in photos, but that’s actually a good thing!

TAMA QC8B4 Quick-Set Cymbal Mate 4pc/Pack Review:

I tried these, the Dixon EZ Cymbal Quick Release, and the DW QR wing nuts. These were my favorite of the three and also the cheapest. The DW looks nicer and the integrated felt is really nice, but they require threads all the way to the end of the stand, which my hardware doesn't have.
The only reason I took away a star was that if you really wail on your cymbals and have these things set pretty tight, they may bump up by about a thread, but then they'll stay put there. It's probably worth noting that I'm using these with Roland electronic cymbals (these are M8 and not compatible with stock M6 Roland arms - had to change arms), which use a metal rotation stopper instead of a bottom felt, so I suspect you could get away setting them tighter on an acoustic cymbal without any slippage.

Ludwig LAC2983MT Atlas Arch Rail Mount with Two LAPAM1 Brackets Drum Set Mounting Hardware Review:

Some people have complained that Ludwig has been behind in innovation for years. Well I think the new Atlas line of hardware has officially quieted Ludwig's critics. I recently purchased the Atlas Rail Mount for my non-Ludwig drum kit, and I must say that it performs fabulously. The adjustable screw allows the mechanism to fit on any drum that holds its lugs down with two screws. The L-Rod holds the drum perfectly in place, and thanks to the Atlas Double Tom Accessory I can now hold two rack toms onto my Arch Rail Mounting System with ease. The drums sing much more beautifully than they did when I used a rims mount thanks to the lug mount that has its three points of suspension. My bass drum even sounds fuller thanks in part to no longer having a metal pole shoved halfway through its shell. If you're looking to upgrade your hardware, I highly recommend Ludwig's Atlas series. I plan on remodeling my entire drum set using Ludwig's Atlas hardware to replace many of the inferior pieces on my maple kit.

The DrumClip External Drum Ring Control, Damper/Dampner (Regular) Review:

I thought I was actually going to be receiving 2 or 3 different sizes with this order, but I just received the one (the *middle* item in the Amazon photo that shows 3 sizes sitting on a drum head), so my first reaction was: Wow, $7 for *this* little piece of plastic?

Well, I put it on the rim of snare batter (withOUT the rubber or felt pad) and immediateliy took a liking to it. It mounts *very* similarly to my Sennheiser e604 mics. I've used everything to control excessive ring from my snare drum from internal muffles (the old days), Remo O'rings (including DYI copies made from old drum heads), furniture pads, wallets, paper, tape, and Moongels. Obviously, not all at once. Anyway, I really like this little guy: It gave me more dampening than a single Moongel, but much less than an O'ring. And I'm pretty sure that it'll never come off or move unless I want it to.

I did find that the placement on the rim (e.g. 11 o'clock versus 9 o'clock) affected the amount of muffling more than I would have expected. This might have to do with my specific snare drum, the tuning, how it's cradled in the stand/basket, attached mic, etc., but still, I was somewhat surprised.

So I won't be buying one or two of these for every drum, but for the snare batter, I like it and am happy to now have it in my kit.