Best Drum Set Mounting Arms in 2020

Gibraltar SC-700HA 7/8 Inch Diameter Ratchet Tom Arm Review:

Like another reviewer said, it's a Pearl-type holder that really does the job. I have always been pleased with Gibraltar products. It is a geared tilter, but I also use mine on a rack, so precise angle adjustments are not an issue for me. I already have some Pearl short tom arms (too short for my rack) and long tom arms (too long - would hit the top of my bass drum). The length of these Gibraltar arms is just right. My only gripe is the small tabs on the included Memory-locks was too big to fit into the corresponding slot in my tom mounts, so I had to use the ones off my Pearl mounts.

Gibraltar SC-4425MB Short Cymbal Boom Rachet Tilt Review:

After just buying a PDP drum rack with the side extension, I knew I was going to need a cymbal arm to hold my ride. So I started looking around and come across a few Gibraltar cymbal arms for racks. Well the description and video on their site said it's made for use with splashes and little accent cymbals and there was no word if it could be used with heavier cymbals like a 20" ride. Well I was a bit worried that it might be too small but after I compared a few of the arms to this one and considering that the lock on this arm looked more heavy duty than the one on the larger cymbal arm, I had a gut feeling this would hold up just fine and..... it does! I have the Sabian B8 performance pack for just something to start with, which are FANTASTIC starter cymbals BTW and this arm holds the ride without breaking a sweat. You could put one of the heaviest and biggest rides out there onto this arm and it wouldn't budge!

So yeah I am very happy with it and the Gibraltar name! This review was to show that if you want a shorter arm to hold a heavy cymbal that there is no need to worry! Get it you won't be let down!

Gibraltar SC-GCA Grabber Cymbal Arm Review:

At first I thought I'd wasted my money because the clamp would not fit the cymbal holder that came with my cocktail drum kit. Don't worry, thought. There's a work-around. Just flip the clamp half that has the open hole. It'll then be able to grab anything, even a coat hanger.

I now have it mounted on my cocktail drum kit, with a 10" splash on it. This clamp on holder is rugged enough to hold a much heavier cymbal. Maybe a 20", as long as the stand it's connected to will support it.

The only reason I gave four stars is the shrink-wrap that was literally form fitting around the entire rig, and it's wing-nuts. It took a rutty half hour to get all that shrink wrap off. LOL

Although I was able to work around the fitting issue, I wish the manufacturer had provided a second adaptor to fit around narrow diameter rods without having to flip bits to set things to rights.

The elbows do a nice job of holding their positions without slipping.

Pearl TH88S Tom Holder, Gear Tilter, Short Review:

I bought these to multi-clamp to cymbal stands and provide a low gear option for a drum kit I overhauled. I installed Pearl's optimounts on my floor tom and mounted tom. This arm does a fine job holding a 16 inch floor tom, and the memory locks make set up a breeze.

Pearl TH70S Tom Holder, Gear Tilter, Short, Forum Series Review:

I have owned this type and the uni-lock tom holders which cost more. I personally like this kind better. The uni-locks will start to slip over time and will wear out. These ones have the interlocking teeth and should not wear out. They may be a little less exact, but nothing I couldn't make work without compromising a good position for my toms.

Yamaha CL-940BW Tom Ball Clamp (non-YESS), Long Hex Rod, Short Base Review:

I seldom gig with more than a 4 piece kit these days. Most kits are sold as 5-piece and most used kits are sold as shell packs and some bass drums are virgin shells (no tom holder). I tried mounting a single 12" or 13" tom on a snare stand and that was fine but I prefer carrying less (and lighter) hardware, and I prefer the look of a single tom holder too. The shaft is long enough when I use an 18" or 20" bass drum, which is important.

Yamaha hardware is solid. I've owned and played various Yamaha kits over the years, from the cheaper to the more expensive lines, and the hardware has always been very good. You do have to be cautious not to over tighten the ball clamp on their tom holders (including this one) or you can strip it (happened once when someone else used my kit).

I bought this on Amazon because it had to be special ordered from the music store; the price was about the same but I got it faster via Amazon.

Gibraltar SC-BDKR/S Bass Drum Key Rod 7/32-Inch, Pack of 4 Review:

Fits perfectly on my Pearl kick drum. This is a 12-24 x 4 1/4 inch bolt. 7/32 inch is the size of a clearance hole for the threads. It has the standard 7/32 inch square drive bolt head on it. The washer is captive and 0.060 inch thick. Excellent finish. This IS NOT a M6 x 1 106mm bolt though it's close enough to look like it will work. The difference in thread count is 24 per inch versus 25 per inch which is close enough to thread in 2 full turns. You'll be sorry if you force it from there.

Meinl Percussion MC-STBD Standard Bass Drum Cowbell Mounting Bracket with 6" Steel Arm and Padded Foam Clamp, Black Powder Coated Review:

I tore up my bass drum hoop with a cowbell attachment that didn't have padding. I wish I would've had this one all this time!! I really like this cowbell attachment. It has a padding to protect the hoop. Now I can go back to having a cowbell on my Bass Drum without tearing up my hoop. The wing nut used to tighten the hoop feels pretty sturdy, just try not to overtighten as you may strip it. I haven't run into that because I don't overtighten. I tighten it just enough to where it is sturdy and won't move or slide when I hit the cowbell. Also, one of the other advantages of the padding is it acts as a shock absorber so the cowbell "gives" a bit and promotes vibration.