Best Drum Set Bass Drum Stands in 2022

Last update: January 17, 2023

Remo Emperor Black Suede Drumhead Pack Review:

They didn't sound great at first because I tuned them incorrectly (drummer error), but after I learned how to tune them correctly, these bad boys sang. The 16-inch tom is...okay; I had hoped for a louder sound, but it'll do. The appearance is also clean. It also emits a powerful, warm tone. And it goes beautifully with the reverse dot snare head on my Evans Power Center. Moreover, these tough guys are sturdy. When I'm into the music, I'm a hard-hitting fast hitter, thus these guys are heroes. I suggest them to novices who need a reasonable sound so they may start with a solid sound and have a baseline for improvement when they upgrade to something better.

Remo Ambassador Black Suede Drumhead, 14" Review:

Excellent drumhead; it leans a little more toward the midrange, but the lows and highs are well balanced. There is no "plasticy" tone, but you still get the attack of a clear drumhead. The finish does not scratch as easily as coated heads. This one is on a cast metal snare; you might want to use white suede for a wood drum, but you never know unless you try! Many miles have been put on it, and there are hardly any stickmarks to speak of. -AD

Remo Pinstripe Clear Drumhead Pack Review:

Really, you don't need to read a review of the most popular drum head used by touring drummers worldwide. These heads are incredibly consistent, so if you get one in 1985 and another one in 2018, you will essentially have a perfect replica of the identical head from that time 32 years prior. For quality and longevity, I MUCH prefer Remo drum heads to any other brand.If you prefer the look without the rings like I do, the black rings and logo may be simply removed with acetone and a wipe or paper towel.

Remo Emperor X Black Suede Snare Drumhead - Bottom Black Dot, 14" Review:

I was actually going to return this head, but it accidentally got mailed to me. However, my snare's tone suddenly changed. I attached it to my Joey Kramer Black Magic trademark snare because I had it close at hand. With the black shell and rims, at least it looks stylish, I reasoned. It immediately sounded amazing when I played! I play the drums in a blues band, so I don't exactly caress the snare. However, this head appears to be dynamically sound throughout. two thumbs up

Evans Dixson Bass Drum Lift (EBDL) Review:

I'm very delighted I bought this. I appreciate that the bass pedal does not need to be attached to the bass drum hoop, which could harm the wood. A really wonderful feature if you use a smaller size drum is that it elevates the bass drum, which I also like.

Remo S-Series Skyndeep Bongo Drumhead - Calfskin Graphic, 6.75" Review:

In Cuba, the smaller head for bongo drums was made from x-ray negatives. For my LP bongos, I wanted to do something different as I had heard this previously. This was a replacement for the damaged heads that were originally on my bongo drums because my LP bongos were sold to me with damaged heads. I have to admit that this macho head sounds amazing and has a snap that I truly love. Compared to the original rawhide on the LP bongo drum, it is significantly clearer. This are EMO drum head is a fantastic upgrade for a set of midline bongo drums. Due to my blindness, I am unable to describe how they look, but I can describe sounds, and these sound excellent.