Best Drinking Jars in 2020

Travel Glass Drinking Bottle Mason Jar 16 Ounce [6-Pack] BPA-Free Plastic Airtight Lids, Reusable Glass Water Bottle for Juicing, Smoothies, Kombucha, Tea, Milk Bottles, Homemade Beverages Bottle, Review:

These are great. Bought them to make daily smoothies in advance for the week. Leak proof (I’ve carried these in my purse and gym bag with no problems) and they feel durable. Easy to clean with a want scrubber or regular sponge. I always rinse soonest i possibly can after consuming contents to make washing easier later. No weird smells - I was tired of the plastic blender bottles holding onto scents. PS I’ve removed some of the lid liners and still no leakage!

Libbey County Fair Glass Drinking Jars, Set of 12 Review:

First off, if you're comparing glasses, these are the way to go. I am a researcher myself, and I must have looked for these jars everywhere for my upcoming wedding. The price for these mason jars are great, especially with the free shipping that is included. Other sites may have cheaper jars, but their shipping costs make them much more expensive. Trust me, stick with these.

My fiance ordered 8 cases (96 jars) for our wedding. The jars were projected to arrive between the 21st and the 24th, and they were brought to my doorsteps on the 21st.. About 5 days after they were ordered. Great timing! The jars arrived in 2 very large cardboard boxes and were packaged quite well. I have not came across any cracked or chipped jars thus far.

The jars themselves are of great quality. They seem to be made of very thick and sturdy glass. I will say that they certainly seemed smaller than I anticipated, but these glasses will be used in our wedding as drink cups, so they will do just fine. The handles are a great touch (and are also sturdy), and the image on the front is perfect for our theme and is certainly legible.

Overall, I am very happy with our purchase, and I believe they will be a great conversation piece in our wedding. If you so choose, a small piece of twine can be tied around the top of the glasses for a nice touch. They could even be used for wedding favors if you're looking for a functional and cost effective route.

Don't go with a cheaper jar and *hope* they work. Go ahead, order these, and knock one more thing off of your to-do list.

Elk and Friends Kids Cups/Toddler cups with Straws - Glass Mason Jars 12 oz with Straw Lids + Leak Proof Regular Lids + Silicone Straws - Spill Proof, Sippy Cups for Toddlers Review:

These are a great option if you're trying to do small things that add up eventually to reduce waste & exposure to plastics as much as possible. These have glass & silicone components (no plastics). The lids/straws are awesome because they're adaptable on a few different sized mason jars. The sets come with a silicone sleeved mason jar each with two lids; a lid with a hole for the silicone straws as well as a solid lid for food/drink storage AND straws & a straw cleaning brush is included. Mine were packaged well with no breakage upon arrival. It was well worth the $ for us. The 12oz size can be used for kids, adults, & as storage containers - they 'grow' with a family & therefore can last a long time, certainly longer than your average cheap plastic sippy cup. We chose the 12 oz. size which is great for our 7-year old & adults so it's a good mid-point. I think there is also 8oz (quite small for younger kids) in this brand & 16oz sizing (if not in this brand, in other brands). Are these perfectly spill-proof? No, not if a kiddo turns them upside down & shakes it. Our daughter still uses a more spill-proof option for her lunch box & at night but these are wonderful for during the day around the house.

Zephyr Goods Plastic Mason Jars with Handles, Lids and Straws | 20 oz Double Insulated Tumbler with Straw | Set of 4 | Wide Mouth Mason Jar Mugs | Cups for Kids and Adults Review:

These cups are just what I wanted when I was looking for a cup with a lid. They have been dropped several times, and there is not even a crack. They are easy to clean. I just pop them into the dishwasher. I love that the straws cannot be taken out without undoing the lid. This keeps the kids from loosing the straws. The only thing bad I can say about it is that sometimes the lid does not screw on correctly on the first try, but that just might be user error and not the cup.

Travel Glass Drinking Bottle Mason Jar 16 Ounce [6-Pack] BPA-Free Plastic Airtight Lids, Reusable Glass Water Bottle for Juicing, Smoothies, Kombucha, Tea, Milk Bottles, Homemade Beverages Bottle, Review:

These are absolutely perfect and great quality. I use them to store my homemade bone broth and for when I juice. I read another review that someone said they break easily... I'm not sure what that person did to break his but I purposely tested them to see how strong they are and I set them hard on the counter and knocked it on the side of the microwave and fridge even on the corner of the fridge where it would be more likely to break if you hit it...and nothing happened, no breaks at all.... very strong good quality and very nice looking!

Estilo Mason Jar Mugs with Handles Old Fashioned Drinking Glass Set 6, 16 oz Each Review:

I love these!!! You can set up your fruit/ smoothie fillers in them, cap them up, stick them in the fridge/ freezer take them out ...screw the bottom of your blender on the rim ...bam smoothies. Or the kids will each put their own ice cream in, screw the blender blade on.. bam individual milk shakes already in the cup...for a great price

Ello Kella Glass Tumbler with Straw Review:

Great sipper over all. The straw has to go : ( It's a cheap plastic straw and a PITA to clean--knocking off 2 stars because of the straw, but will definitely be buying more of these because they are easily upgraded with StrawGrace Handmade Glass Straws Clear Straight 9 in x 10 mm - 5 Pack With 2 Cleaning Brushes - Premium Glass - Healthy, Reusable, Eco Friendly, BPA Free, Very Sturdy - Milkshake and Smoothie Straws which are the same size as the cheap plastic straw. Colleagues are impressed with it, and now that I have a matching glass straw to go with this great design... I couldn't be happier. Might upgrade to 4 stars later if I'm feeling more generous, but the product designers should have know better. The cost of the sipper is only reasonable if you don't have to buy parts for it!

Update: Upping a star as this product has become a staple in my on the go drinking habits and I've order it now mulitple times. Would give 5 stars if glass were upgraded to borosillicate and the straw were glass, but this product is perfect for its design--right down to where it just fits in my car holder.

Mason Jar Mugs with Glass Handles and Metal Straws, Brimley 16oz Drinking Glasses Set of 4 Review:

I love these mugs. They are gorgeous, and I love the vibe that they have. My only issue is that I bought this set over others largely because of the seller's claim that these mugs can be used for both heat and cold. The handle, however, is so small that your fingers will touch the outside of the cup if you pick it up by its handle. Therefore, if your drink is too hot, it can't be held that way (or from the bottom; that is too hot as well) until it is much much cooler. I wish the handle had more room for my fingers, because otherwise this mug set is absolutely perfect!

Tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler Glass Water Bottle Straw Silicone Protective Sleeve Bamboo Lid - BPA Free (Amber/ 2-Pack) Review:

 So I’m really surprised how much I like this.
Just random things to note:
1) the top has stayed on when knocked over or when my toddler grabs the straw (but I grab it back fast so I’ve never seen her carry it around long by the straw)

2) straw is plastic, body is glass

3) not heavy at all, love the feel of the silicone sleeve. Moderates temperature too, which is nice for my cold smoothies

4) love the straw size

5) fits in my stroller cup holder. So it’s good for in-house, car pool, on the go transitions

6) really pleased with it and it looks so dang cute! Plus it’s got a money back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose!

7) my (large but slender) female hand fits inside the glass bottle portion so i can clean it with just a rag which is so nice.

TOSSWARE 16oz Mason Jar - Set of 12- Recyclable Plastic Mason Cocktail Cup, Shatterproof and BPA-free Drinking Jar Review:

These are unusually nice glasses. You can pick the style for the drink you want to serve and really up the presentation with this high quality plastic. I used for a wedding rehearsal dinner outside event. The mason jar style was well received. I even used a few to hold things out on display for use that night. Excellent, high quality product.