Best Dog Grooming Combs in 2020

Detangling Pet Comb with Long & Short Stainless Steel Teeth for Removing Matted Fur, Knots & Tangles – Detangler Tool Accessories for Safe & Gentle DIY Dog & Cat Grooming (Grooming Comb) Review:

My short hair cat is 20 years old and has gradually cut down on his self-grooming to the point he's not grooming at all. He developed matting in his coat as a result. I bought this comb hoping I'd be able to work the mats out gradually . Well I used it and the mats were removed quickly and painlessly for the cat. I just grabbed onto the matted area close to the skin and held it while I combed through it. Some of the fur did come out but the matted fur was quickly removed and without pain to the cat. Great happy I bought it! Don't hesitate if you're on the fence with this one.

RUBOLD Dematting Tool for Dogs - Cat and Dog Brush for Shedding and Removing Mats - Undercoat Rake Comb for Safe and Gentle Grooming - Designed for Medium and Long Haired Cats Dogs and Every Other Pet Review:

I have to say that this is the best grooming tool I have ever bought. My dog has a lot of fur. And sheds all the time. My rugs looked like a disaster and my car's black interior had become blonde like my dog. It took me 1 hour to brush her with this comb and it took out alot of the undercoat that was so thick (It looked like I had combed out another large dog!!!). As an added bonus my dog loved being brushed with it too. Since removing all of the extra fur - no shedding or scratching. I wish I would have bought this sooner.

I have been grooming my dog for a while now. Since she loves being brushed with this, I tend to brush her twice a week. To say this is a miracle grooming tool is an understatement. The grooming tool has kept my dog from continuously shedding everywhere. My car and house are staying fur free. The tool has also stopped my dog's continuous scratching. I have told everyone at work and all my family about this magical tool. This tool makes washing her and drying her so much easier and less time consuming.

Pet Republique Dog Dematting Tool – Matt Splitters for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Long Haired Breed Pets – Effective Pet Dematting, Mat Remover, De-Matting Comb, or Dematter Review:

I have an indoor, long-haired calico rescue cat (around 7 years old), and a short-haired rescue cat (around 6 years old). My long-haired cat rarely gets matts in her fur, but she does shed a lot starting in the spring and throughout the summer. Because both cats tend to groom themselves and each other, there is a big increase in vomiting (both food and hairballs) starting in early spring until their winter coats come in. I bought the Pet Republique Professional Dematting Comb, mainly for my long-haired cat. Since she was a street cat before I rescued her, she is a little skittish of strangers, noises, and being touched/petted on her tummy. However, she loves to be brushed around her head, neck, back and sides. I just work in the other areas (tummy/underarms, rear end, tail) a little a time.

This dematting comb is amazing. I use it gently so that she doesn't feel like I am pulling on her hair, and even so, it gets rid of a huge amount of excess fur. While I am using it, I tend to run my other hand behind the comb lightly so that, if she feels like it is tugging in the areas in which her fur is longer or thicker, my other hand is helping to keep the tugging to a minimum.

I also like that the dematting comb works to thin out the hair - sort of like getting your hair "texturized" at a hair salon. Short of having her shaved in the summer, this is perfect to keep her comfortable and cool during those hot, "dog days" of Texas summer heat.

There is only one thing I would love to have (in addition to this product): A narrow one just like it (teeth maybe 1.0 to 1.5 inches across) to use in very narrow spots, like the underarms and on the leg areas. There is another brand that has this specification, but I would prefer going with the brand I know.

I did not receive anything for my review of this product.

PAWABOO Pet Dematting Comb - Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Comb for Dogs and Cats, Gently Removes Loose Undercoat, Mats, Tangles and Knots Review:

I was a little leary of ordering this brush, as most of the current reviews involve cats or small dogs. I worried that my full-grown Saint Bernard would be a little too much for this brush to handle, but I was desperate & sick of the never-ending dog hair tumbleweeds every spring. Surprise! This is the brush that will replace all the others in my home.

-LIGHTWEIGHT brush with a COMFORTABLE grip. Not uncomfortable or awkward to use.
-EFFECTIVE at removing hair, especially that tricky undercoat. Also worked wonders on my dog's tail.
-HAIR DOESN'T GET STUCK while brushing. I didn't have to stop & manually remove hair from the brush after each stroke, as I do with other dog brushes. If a clump of hair did happen to get stuck, it was easily sent flying out with a quick flick of the wrist.
-PAIN FREE. Although it looks like a medieval torture device, this brush removes hair without tugging or causing the animal pain.
-Could double as a weapon (I kid, I kid).

-Would be nice to see these brushes offered in a wider size for those of us with big fur babies.

Hertzko Mat Remover Designed with Sharp Small Trappers – Traps and Removes Mats, Knots, Tangles, or Dead Hair - Suitable for Dogs and Cats Review:

This was the fourth tool I tried to help my long-haired senior kitty with his mats (also tried a slicker brush, a Furminator, and the wide, double-sided Hertzko dematting comb) and has been the best by far. It removes small to medium mats fairly easily. I use short, gentle strokes and my cat (a mildly skittish former feral) does not seem bothered by it unless I accidentally pull too hard or the mat is very large. It is simple to use and clean. The only downside is the orientation of the teeth which makes it awkward to use if my cat is in certain positions. Works best if kitty sits in front of you facing forward or to your right. It is also good at removing undercoat and loose fur on my cats that have long fur and dense, medium-length fur. It was useless on my girl with short, fine, glossy fur but she loves the sensation and demands her turn after I take care of my boys.

GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake for Cats & Dogs Review:

Finally! My six years' feeling of guilt over failing to keep well-groomed my most-difficult-to-deal-with cat is over! The GoPets Dematting Comb actually does what it claims to do!

"Whisper" came to us as a five-week-old kitten abandoned by her mother. We found her under a bush on our property where she was trying to eat its thinnest twigs. She arrived at a bad time. I had four elderly cats in their final months, all requiring regular IVs to keep their kidneys functioning. We couldn't find a home for her. She had no mother; the only regular care she got was from another relative newcomer to the house -- a very-smart young cat who knew her distress and tried to nurture her, while I took care of the older cats. She grew from the tiniest kitten I'd ever seen to a very big and overweight adult who hadn't been handled enough by humans to know not to lash out with her claws at us when our attempts to groom her hurt her. I bought so many different types of cat brushes and combs for her, always hoping I'd find one that truly performed as its manufacturers claimed, but each purchase was soon set aside. Whisper would invariably draw blood from us each time we tried to make her more comfortable by trying to remove the mats from the parts of her body where her size prevented her from doing self-grooming. (Whether her size is from metabolic causes our vet couldn't find a source for or whether it's a condition that resulted from losing those final weeks of her mother's care -- or from the time we were unable to give her the attention she needed ... those are things we'll never know. Whisper remains a mystery, though still a very affectionate cat.)

When this GoPets comb arrived, I wanted to try it at once. I found Whisper stretched out on our sofa, sleeping soundly. I woke her up and began stroking her hair with the comb's widest teeth, and she immediately began to purr. Instead of jumping up and running away or enduring it for a minute or two until swatting me with opened claws, Whisper actually righted her body, stood up, and stayed in place. Her back arched in delight with its stroke of the comb through her extra-thick hair. Rather than trying to evade the comb by positioning parts of her body away from me, she remained calm and kept presenting each uncombed part of her body to me for further combing. I was stunned; this had never happened before!

I was able to change to the comb's side with the closer teeth and begin the allover-body grooming process again, removing the last traces of her matted hair. She purred the entire time and looked so content.

I am delighted to have finally found a solution to end the physical discomfort Whisper has endured all these years. I work hard now to try to give her the extra love and attention I wish I could have given her when she found herself alone in the world at such an early age. Trying to make her more comfortable with other combs and brushes when she'd jump into my chair for warmth and care had always ended on a sad note when she'd suddenly lash out at me in pain and then dash suddenly out of my reach. My feelings of guilt at having turned what should have been a loving moment into a physically painful one for her were hard to handle. Those times have now changed from unhappy times to ones in which she allows me to groom her from head to tail, while continually purring, until the job is done and she lays down by the side of my legs and falls asleep. She looks better, and her irritabilty when even touched, much less groomed, is finally a thing of the past. This is the dematter I looked for for years! I highly recommend it to all cat owners!

Small Pet Select Pet HairBuster Comb - DeShedding Tool for Rabbits, Cats, Dogs Review:

I have three cats and two bunnies. Two of my cats are long-haired and one of my bunnies has super-fine fur like a chinchilla.

This hairbuster is a LIFECHANGER. I have used every type of brush and comb imaginable over the years, for different animals with different fur. Before this, I was using the furminator heavily until someone told me that I could actually be making tiny scratches in my pet's fur because of the blades on the comb. :(

I finally tried this and the difference is incredible. It pulls all the fur out without tugging too hard! One of my cats is both long-haired and sickly so he has a very tough time grooming himself. He sheds a ton, gets mats, and his whole belly is super tight curls of fur. This goes through all of that and he actually enjoys it! He gets all excited about his brushy time and flops over to let me get his tummy now.

My other cats didn't enjoy the furminator, but like or at least tolerate the hairbuster. Same with the rabbits, who notoriously do not like being brushed.

100% recommended. I recommended this to my coworkers, friends, strangers, etc. I keep telling anyone I know with pets about this thing because it is just that awesome.GET ONE. GET FIVE.

LilPals Double-Sided Dog Comb Review:

I don't know what happened to our sweet little Maltese before we rescued her, but she trembles, cries, claws at us and even urinates if we take her to any groomer. So we don't. Instead we groom her at home and have gotten pretty good at it. For years, I used a regular-sized comb to detangle her mats; it never occurred to me that there might be a smaller one on the market (though it did occur to me that a smaller one would be nicer--I don't know why I never bothered to look for one). While shopping for something else, I came across this cute little comb and immediately ordered it. I LOVE IT! It's comfortable to hold and it's much easier to use on her face, especially around her eyes. If you groom your dog(s), no matter what their size, this comb is a great addition to your grooming tools.

Hertzko Undercoat Dematting Comb/Rake Long Blades with Safety Edges - Great for Cutting and Removing Matted, Tangled, or Knotted Hair Review:

WOW!! I have a large Golden doodle pup and was determined to learn how to groom his coat myself, because it is super curly and I frankly am not prepared to shave off his outer coat. According to a breeder the outer coat is good for winter as it keeps him warm and in the summer keeps him cool, the trick is to get down to the lower level where the matting begins. Having purchased many tools so far which were all helpful but not really doing the business, until now that is!! I love this Dematting Comb by Herzko, it is a miracle tool, really getting his coat cleaned out. And the best part is my big boy really loves being groomed! This comb does not cut him at all, it slides through the low=lying mats and immediately I can see results. I take long strokes from his neck down to his tail base and can pull out more mini tangles than I ever imagined. This is the best tool I have ever used for getting the mats out without pulling and tearing. What a very useful tool indeed. Highly recommend it and definitely worth 5 stars.

Hertzko Mat Remover Grooming Comb Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Small Animals - Great Tool for Removing Tangles, Mats, Knotted or Dead Hair Review:

The Hertzo Mat remover is _amazing_. I mean, truly amazing. I have used the Firminator on my other (short hair) cats and that's been fine. But what I really needed for my cat Callie is the Hertzo Mat Remover. It works as advertised - even better if you ask me.
Let me tell you a little about Callie - she is one of my "inherited cats" from my brother. I'm not quiet sure what breed she is, but she has long fluffy hair that gets matted very easily. Callie tolerates being groomed for a short amount of time. She has napping and eating to do, so we have to work in the grooming as we can. Sometimes Callie is finished with being groomed before we are finished grooming her. As she dashes off, the Hertzko Mat Remover takes care of that. It gently removes the mat without disturbing Callie, even when she decides she has other important Cat things to do.
And when Callie allows a grooming session, it is amazing to see how much fur the Hertzo Mat Remover removes. I can almost make another cat and a half with all the fur. Callie likes being groomed by this tool and will sit still for the dematting. Her fur is soft with _no_ mats whatsoever. I have resorted to cutting the mats out of her fur at various times because they were just too difficult to try to tease out with the Furminator. This tool makes short work of the task.
I've had this mat remover for less than a week and I have managed to work out Callie's mat in that short time period.. Her fur looks and feels better. Callie seems happy to be groomed except for the break for important Cat things. If you have cats (and I presume you do as you are read this far), you know that you can not interrupt important Cat things. I highly recommend the Hertzko Mat Remover for anyone who has to detangle fur. It is a great product. Plus Callie approves of it, what other recommendation do you need ?