Best Digital Bathroom Scales in 2020

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, Digital Weight Scale Bathroom Smart Body Composition Analyzer Wireless BMI Scale Health Monitor with Smartphone APP, 396 lbs Review:

Really good body fat scale. I have tried many before and the apps were not user friendly, it was hard to connect them and it took several trials for me to see the information in my iPhone. With renpho the information goes immediately to your phone.
I love all the information that you get from it and it’s pretty precise from what I can compare to a recent body fat analysis I had.
I did like the color and design.
The only con that I would say is that for the smaller size if you are someone big you will fit really tight. My boyfriend has shoe size 10 1/2 and his feet were tight on the scale. But anyway the scale provide perfect information and he loved the scale.
I also liked that you can set a goal. You can connect it to the Fitbit , I would encourage them to see if you can also connect it to the Apple Watch. But that’s just a recommendation because it’s great.

Letsfit Digital Body Weight Scale, Bathroom Scale with Large Backlit Display, Step-On Technology, High Precision Measurements, 400 Pounds 180kg Max, 6mm Tempered Glass Review:

 I used to own a scale with a meter that would often be inaccurate. This scale is good because its fast and reliable. I tested it with ten pound weight and it was right to the dime. My family and I are really happy with the purchase

Letsfit Digital Body Weight Scale, Bathroom Scale with Large Backlit Display, Step-On Technology, High Precision Measurements, 400 Pounds 180kg Max, 6mm Tempered Glass Review:

 I used to own a scale with a meter that would often be inaccurate. This scale is good because its fast and reliable. I tested it with ten pound weight and it was right to the dime. My family and I are really happy with the purchase

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Body Tape Measure, 8mm Tempered Glass, 400 Pounds Review:

Love the accuracy. Easy to use. Looks great and should go with any décor.

I'm trying to lose weight (who isn't) and the spring scale I was using before couldn't give me any accurate readings. This one calibrates easily before each weighing and gives me a dead on reading. No guessing. Now I know exactly where I'm at concerning my weight.

The digital read out is bright and large enough to easily read.

It came with a battery installed. All I had to do was pull the insulating strip and it was ready to use.

I highly recommend this scale.

UPDATE: Since I bought these scales I have lost about 2 lbs. per week. I am now 15 pounds lighter and much more energetic. Its fun to weigh in first thing each morning because I know I'm getting very accurate readings which I record on my calendar.

Before I had these scales I would stand on my old spring scales and watch the needle bounce around. If I leaned a little one way or another the weight would change. Not with these scales. You will get the same reading even if you do it 3 times in a row. Its encouraging when you can see the little amounts of progress and chart your weight loss accurately.

Its still a 5 star rating :) . I'm very happy with my choice to buy these scales.

Etekcity High Precision Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Ultra Wide Platform and Easy-to-Read Backlit LCD, 440 Pounds Review:

I love the simple yet sleek and elegant design of this body weight scale. It's very easy to use and it showed my weight accurately in a matter of seconds. While testing the product for accuracy, I had to step on the weighing scale several times and the result was consistent. This really came in handy because ours got broken and I was searching for a weighing scale to record me and my husband's progress because we are both on a program to lose weight. I also love that it came with a measuring tape which is also very helpful in recording our progress. I placed the weighing scale in the bathroom floor which is made of tiles and it doesn't slide off the floor because it has a grip underneath the scale. It's also easy to clean so it stays nice and shiny like it's brand new. I highly recommend this weighing scale for it's quality and accuracy! I have to disclose that I received this product for testing purpose and all opinion is 100% my own.

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Monitors Analyzer with Smartphone App 396 lbs digital weight scale - Black Review:

 I bought this scale and I bought the $60 Greater Goods scale to compare. Here’s what I found:

• PRO: With the Renpho scale, everything operates perfectly. The app is user friendly and visually appealing, easy to track your data, and no Bluetooth transfer problems.
• CONS: The only downside to the Renpho is that is doesn’t visually display any other measurement besides your weight on the scale, but that info is collected in the app immediately so you can just open your app to see. Also the display screen is smaller and not bright like the Greater Goods scale.

• PROS: The one thing I do love about the scale is that it shows you all your measurements (weight, body fat, muscle mass, etc.) right there on the scale as you’re looking at it. Also the screen is large and bright, very visually appealing. But what good is that if I can’t easily track that info later?
• CONS: I love the look and feel of it, but the app is so terrible that it makes it almost not even worth using. I thought, “well maybe I just can track my data in the Fitbit app or in the Health app”, as the info collected from your weigh-ins can be transferred to other apps via the Weight Gurus app that comes with the scale. So far, I have not had any success with that data transferring.

LESSON LEARNED: More expensive does not always mean better! I will be returning my Greater Goods scale and keeping the Renpho! :)

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale With Step-On Technology, 400 Lb, Body Tape Measure Included, Elegant Black Review:

We have been using this Etekcity digital scale for a year now in our our home are very pleased with the scale so far. We had purchased this scale to replace our previous Sunbeam manual , Spring loaded bathroom scale which was horribly inaccurate and deliberated for a considerable amount of time between this scale and the FitBit Aria smart scale . In the end because of the huge price difference and very positive reviews on this scale made us go with this one

Design, Construction & Build
- The scale is feels heavy for its size mainly due to the thick, monolithic glass sheet stepping surface of the scale
- All our fears or cracked or broken glass due to stepping on it frequently, bumping or dropping it were unfounded in the past year ( we did all of them !) , so its definitely sturdy and well built
- The two tone black-sliver finish on the scale looks ultra modern and chic
- The digital readouts are large and backlit in a pleasant not-too-strong blue which is visible both in light and complete darkness. I often check my weight on the scale during midnight bathroom visits.

Long Term Accuracy
- When we initially purchased this scale i used a 10 lb Rice bag to measure its accuracy and it was always within 0.2 lb of 10 lb with repeated tests, which is very accurate for a digital scale and well suited for measuring body weight
- Another pointer to the accuracy of this scale is that the weight that we got for our toddler son from his pediatrician using a professional balance scale matches the results we got from this scale

I tried the same accuracy test today after a whole year of use & abuse:
10 lb Basmati Rice Bag : Scale Measured = 10.4 lb
6lb Dumbbells : Scale Measured = 5.8 lb

As you can see that even after one year the scale is fairly accurate , for all I know it might be 100% accurate as well as I have no way of certifying that the 10lb rice bag or the dumbbells are infact their true stated weights.

Battery Life
- The scale is still using the two original AAA that came with the package even after a year of frequent, daily use so I'd say its great!

- About the only con about this scale is that the glass surface, being glass, needs frequent cleaning as it shows water stains. we usually wipe it with a damp cloth once every week so its not too bad. If you are going worry about keeping it spotless always then you'll going to have a hard time :)

Overall we are very pleased with our purchase and couple of our family friends have also purchased it after seeing it in our home and can highly recommend this scale if your are looking for a good looking , inexpensive and accurate digital scale.

Weight Scale, Precision Digital Body Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology, 6mm Tempered Glass Easy Read Backlit LCD Display, 400 Pounds Review:

I've finally got a scale that isn't annoying - I've had several scales from various stores and they all invariably give a different weight almost every time I step on. I could step on and off four or five times in a row and get three or four different weights - and not just by a fraction but by a pound or more.
This one is different! It weighs consistently every time. It came with little extra pads to level it, which seems like an indication that it is well made and so, likely to be more accurate. I like the look and it's a bit bigger than the chain store ones. And it did not cost any more than I've paid in those stores. Overall, I have to say this is the best scale, by far, that I've ever owned. I highly recommend it.

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Body Tape Measure and Round Corner Design, Large Blue LCD Backlight Display, High Precision Measurements, 400 Pounds Review:

Okay, I'm not a fan of scales; I avoid them as much as possible and wait till the doctor's office to find out my weight. I think it's more about how your clothes fit than the number on the scale. That said? My mid-stage dementia Mom is OCD about weighing herself - dementia can exacerbate feelings that are already there and well, she's now obsessed with weighing herself. She does it in the AM and PM and her old scale just died (I think she literally wore it out ha!) and don't worry, my Mum's not anorexic or bulemic - just a little obsessed with her weight - it's kind of sad because the dementia makes her forget how much she's eaten so she's been over eating and gaining weight - I'm working on limiting her foods as best I can because I don't want her to become really overweight.
That said? This scale is very accurate - and I love the look of it - SO sleek. Now it's NOT a narrow scale - if you can see the pictures - I wore my boots to show you how much room is still on the scale - I like that - who needs a narrow scale? That said it doesn't slide into tight spaces. I currently have it in MY bathroom because it doesn't fit in Moms which is okay because it helps her forget to weigh herself if it's not in her bathroom :-) The only drawback IF it is one is it's glass - so I never prop the scale up (I did with my Mom's old one becauase it was heavy plastic). This one does not seem like it would shatter easily but's glass so be careful with it. I love how easily you can also see the numbers on it and they're a nice bright blue.
I'm very pleased with this scale and the price of it as well - 5 stars from me!

BalanceFrom Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology and Backlight Display, 400 Pounds Review:

Product works great if you calibrate according to manual, and you use on concrete, tile, or other very hard/non flexing/non dampening surface.

I tried it on very very thin, no shag, hard carpet and my reading was 20lbs less. I tried it on regular carpet, normal shag and my reading was 40-50 pounds less. I tried it on wood floor, and my reading fluctuated several pounds due to the slight flexibility in the wood.

Tried on concrete, and tile. Back to back to back consistent results to the 10th of a pound. No issues what so ever.

Also requires you to recalibrate every time you move the scale, calibration is simple: Step on scale fully, and quickly step off before it gets your weight, let the display turn off, that's it. Ready to get back on and weigh yourself.

The 1 star reviews of this product showing pictures of the scale on carpet... no words for them they're hopeless. If you have 1 ounce of common sense, weigh less than 400lbs, and can read english, then this is a great scale. At least for me it was. If yours happens to actually be defective get an exchange for another one.