Best Cycling GPS Units in 2020

SKYWING [Quick Release] Bike Phone Mount, 360° Adjustable Bicycle Phone Holder, Detachable Motorcycle Handlebar Mount. Black Review:

 The quality of the bike mount feels nice and sturdy. Easy installation, I unscrewed and took out one of the side screws so I can install in the middle of my handlebar stem. The phone holder itself (separate from the bike mount) also feels sturdy and keeps my phone secure. The silicone on the phone holder is very secure, keeps my iphone X very tight and hugs onto it. The phone holder is universal, no need to replace it every time you buy a new phone!!! Just make sure you check the compatible list haha. The quick-release function was the main reason I bought this product. Love the quick-release function, slides in and out very quickly, it took me acouple of trys to get use to. For the quick-release theres a button on the left and right side, you can press either button and slide the phone to the left or right. Bam!!! Just like that your phone is free from the bike mount, you can easily slide back the phone to the bike mount (make sure you hear the click when you slide back the phone either right or left side).

-The face id feature is disabled cause of the silicone somewhat covering the front camera. (I can see why its a safety feature as described in the descriptions)
-Can be hard to swipe up for the lock-screen cause of the silicone on the bottom. Need to swipe up to unlock phone at the right spot or you'll get to the notification section instead of passcode to unlock the phone. - Miner issue for the iphone X and above without the home button. But once you find the right swiping spot, you're good to go!

Garmin Bike Speed 2 Sensor Review:

I was using just the Garmin Edge 820 to track my mileage and noticed I was consistently getting lower miles than I should have been. I’ve only used the speed sensor for a few mountain bike rides and noticed a dramatic improvement on the overall mileage. I can’t speak about the battery life since I’ve just used it a few times.

Thinvik Garmin Egde Out Front Bike Computer Mount for Garmin Edge 820 810 800 520 510 500 200 25 Touring and Touring Plus Compatible with 31.8mm 25.4mm Handlebar Review:

I needed two specific things in an out-front mount for a new, high-end eBike. First, it had to be thin enough to work around all of the fixed cabling on the bikes handlebars. Second, it had to securely hold my Garmin Edge in all sorts of touring conditions. This Thinvik mount did both things well. I had no trouble attaching the mount to the fat bars on the new bike, and routing around the cabling was no problem, thanks to the Thinvik mount's slim profile. Then last week I was able to test the integrity of the mount. I took the bike on a five-day tour of rural Indiana and Kentucky that included backroads that were so bumpy that I lost one water bottle. My Garmin Edge remained solidly locked in. The other thing that I like about the Thinvik mount is that it costs a fraction of the Garmin version of the same mount.

TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder, Universal Cradle Clamp for iOS Android Smartphone, Boating GPS, Other Devices, with One-button Released, 360 Degrees Rotatable Review:

At first glance I loved it. But then I went to assemble the unit to use and it wouldn't assemble. You're suppose to put the silicone web between the holder and the mount and then slide the holder onto the mount. But the silicone web doesn't allow the mount to slide onto the mount because of the thickness. The silicone web is what holds your phone securely on while you're riding. I then tried to see if the mount would slide on without the web and it slide right on. The problem now is that the holder will not slide off of the mount. I cannot use the phone holder at all because I will not use it without the web and you can't get the web on because it's too thick to fit between the holder and the mount. And now I can't get the holder to disengage from the mount. So just wasted pieces of plastic to me. Can't use it.

Follow up to my last review.
I have to take back my low rating. The shipper contacted me after I left my first review. They helped me resolve my issue and even sent me a photo to help. I was able to put the silicone webbing onto the mount. It actually was able to stretch over the clamp and is now positioned between the mount and holder. Now, its outside and not in between the actual mount and holder where it actually connects. You have to stretch one of the webbing holes in the middle and pull it over the mount to sit between the mount and holder. And it still works this way! Thank you for helping me.

Garmin Edge 830, Performance GPS Cycling/Bike Computer with Mapping, Dynamic Performance Monitoring and Popularity Routing Review:

I just got the Garmin 830 sensor bundle touch screen cycling computer. The size is perfect. Touch screen works well. The display is easily visible during the ride and very responsive. There is an option where you can plot your course by using the Garmin App on your phone and then you can push the course to the Garmin. For my first ride, it gave me a lot of “off course” alerts as when the route was created, it sometimes had me on the highway vs. the bike path. The GPS by default was set for Smart mode, probably designed to save battery life. But If you look at the pictures of my ride, it cuts corners. I changed the setting to every second and I will see how it goes. I used the speed sensor and the cadence sensors which I like a lot. I could not find a way to tell the speed sensor which straps to the wheel axel the size of my tires. On your ride you can swipe the screen to see different pages of data. One of the screens has a nice picture view of the on coming elevation changes so you know in advance if a hill is coming, if your close to finishing a climb or it you will be going down a hill. Another change I had to make was to add the heart rate data field to the Garmin. By default, Garmin does not include heart rate on any of the screens even though a HR strap is included in the box. It was easy to add during my ride and now it’s there moving forward. The 830 also assumed my ride was a Mountain ride. There is a setting under Activity Profiles that lets you change your Default Ride Type. Over all I am pleased with this new model and I highly recommend it. The price hurts a little.

Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer Review:

Amazing bundle, it comes with a cadence sensor for your cranks, a speed sensor for your wheel hub, the head unit, and a chest heart rate sensor. They connect amazing, and the integration with Strava is amazing. They also work great with Zwift for you indoor cyclists, and don't require an ANT+ adapter as they are Bluetooth compatible. Amazing customizability, accurate. I would not recommend this for entry cyclists as it is a large investment, but if you are committed to cycling, totally worth the money.

Garmin USB ANT Stick for Garmin Fitness Devices Review:

This does the job, with a catch. I run OSX, and for the life of me I could not get the native Garmin ANT+ Agent to detect my HRM and cadence sensor. Fortunately, I bought this specifically to use with the TrainerRoad cycling software, and TR picked up both of my devices almost immediately. The range seems somewhat lousy - my trainer is about 5 feet away from a Mac Mini, and even with a direct line of sight between my devices and the USB stick, TR reports the signal quality as "Poor". I also have an Edge 500, and as a test, I walked about 20 feet away from the Edge and the Mac. The Edge kept tracking my heart rate, while the USB stick lost comms with the HRM.

All in all it does what it should, though the range could be better and the software implementation could be a bit more helpful. The ANT+ agent should pair with devices easily, and could be a source of frustration for anyone not using it with third party software specifically designed to make use of it. Other than that, it works just fine.

Garmin Bike Cadence 2 Sensor Review:

I've only used the cadence sensor for a couple months, but so far it is meeting my highest expectations. It was easy to install and was quickly detected by my Edge 810 bike computer. The sensor allowed me to identify the best cadence for me and has eliminated my use of high cadences on hills.

Bovon Bike Phone Mount, Universal Adjustable Silicone Bicycle Phone Holder for Cycling GPS/Map/Time/Music, Fit for iPhone 11 Pro Max/XS/XR/8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10/Note 10(Updated Version) Review:

This is a great phone holder. I have a Pixel 3 (regular, not the XL) and it fits nice and snug. I've been using it a few days on my commute which is smooth but took it on a much bumpier route recently, and my phone never fell off. It's really secure and with a pixel, the mount doesn't block the fingerprint sensor on the back.

It's super easy to attach to the bike and being all soft rubbery plastic, it's much lighter than many of the larger phone mounts out there. It grabs the bar tightly too. The adjustable strap means you don't have to worry about spacers. Any size bar will work. It does lay flat on the handlebars so you'll need to be sure you space for the width of your phone, but unless your handlebars are filled with gadgets, that shouldn't be a problem.

Garmin Edge 530, Performance GPS Cycling/Bike Computer with Mapping, Dynamic Performance Monitoring and Popularity Routing Review:

The Edge 530 is a very good GPS enabled bike computer. It does everything I expected of it, and did it better than any predecessor.

Reading other reviews, there appear to be buyers who do not understand what they are buying.

This computer is:

1) A consumer electronic device. That means it is not perfect and will require updates.
2) A fancy bike computer. No 2 ways about that! It isn't the top of the line Garmin, but it is much more than a speedometer.

I don't have any bad details to report, so I will move on to the good:

1) Very good battery life. My Edge 520 was good for 7-8 hours (GPS, power meter, HR, cadence, etc). The 530 ran on STP (Seattle to Portland) for 12+ hours and had 38% battery remaining at the end.
2) Good connectivity. No issues connecting to HR, power meter, phone, speed sensor, etc.
3) Maps out of the box. On the Edge 520 I needed to upload maps of an area, not any more. It is all built in.
4) No touch screen. For me that is a good point. The interface is very similar to the 520...good for me!
5) GLONASS - added accuracy
6) Strava segment improvements. Not for everyone, but it handles favorited segments very well (compares you to KOM, PB, recent best, last time, friends best)

The possibility of programming your own screens is not new, but it is a very nice feature. This takes the possibilities to a new level. This is part of the Connect IQ and allows you to download custom data fields/screens and make your device really work for you.