Best Cupcake Carriers in 2020

Katgely Individual Cupcake Container - Single Compartment Cupcake Carrier Holder Box - Stackable - Deep Dome - Clear Plastic - BPA-Free- (50) Review:

Just used these for the first time for my cupcakes at my vendor table for an event. The customers could easily see the cupcakes & they fit easily even with the swirl & flavor shooter I used. I included the picture of cupcake outside of the package so you can see what kind of cupcake I was trying to fit. They worked no problem! There is a perfect spot on top that I could easily have put a round sticker w my logo so I will plan to do that next time. I measured w my ruler & it will take a 2” round sticker perfectly. I had also bought some brown kraft cupcake boxes at same time from another vendor bc I was worried if my cupcakes which can b kinda tall b able to fit in these containers. The boxes r cute but I wish I had stuck to these bc the clear see-through container shows off the cupcake much better. Customers don’t need to squint they the clear window of the kraft boxes. Am definitely going to get more of these!

(24 Pack x 5 Sets) STACKnGO Carrier Holds 24 Standard Cupcakes - Strongest Cupcake Boxes, Tall Dome Detachable Lid, Clear Plastic Disposable Containers, Storage Tray, Travel Holder, Regular Muffins Review:

These were EXACTLY what I was looking for when I wanted to transport 144 cupcakes from my house, where I baked them, to my friends house for her wedding. They were VERY study, especially for the price! And these are not just one time usage items, now I have a way to transport all my cupcakes in the future, for any occasion. I wanted to ice my cupcakes at the destination so as you can see, there is a LOT of space above the cupcakes if you wanted to ice them and then put them in the trays. I just think it would have been hard to get the iced cupcakes out of the trays without ruining the icing since the cupcakes sit pretty perfectly in each spot. I stacked all 6 carriers on top of each other and seat belted them into the back seat of my car and did not have any issues. I love love love these, and I'm so happy I stumbled across them!! Super great item!

Chefible 12 Plastic Disposable Cupcake Container, Takeout Container, Cupcake Carrier - Set of 4 Review:

Thank you, Chefible! I was moved to tears as the last 3wks has been busy for me and my baby (small business). In midst of preparing for events I received a last min order fr cupcakes and had these delivered. They were on time but sadly 2 of the 4 were cracked. I only needed 2 immediately so I didn't put much thought into it. I notified amazon and they said they'd refund me. Well! a package came-I wasn't expecting anything and to my surprise Chfible replaced the entire order! Chefible reached out personally to apologize.

The containers are sealed nicely- I even dropped unfrosted cupcakes and the lid didn't pop open. My customer had a bumpy ride with a car full of things that could've damaged the cupcakes but she even mentioned how good the containers were. I am happy with my purchase and even more satisfied with the customer service!

Clear Cupcake Boxes Cupcake Containers Plastic Disposable cupcake boxes carrier containers 4" High for high topping - Holds 6 Cupcakes Each- 12/Pack Review:

I bought these containers since I occasionally bake cupcakes for some coworkers at work given special occasions. I plan to use these so I don't have to use regular containers and ask that they bring them back! It works beautifully for that purpose, but I wouldn't suggest trying to put anything on top of these, the plastic feels rather flimsy. It's a great thing to get if you want a use once then throw away type deal, love it!

40 Cupcake Containers Plastic Disposable | High Dome Cupcake Boxes 6 Compartment Cupcake Holders Disposable Cupcake Carrier | Half Dozen Cupcake Trays | Durable Cup Cake Muffin Packaging Transporter Review:

I decided to bake cupcakes for my upcoming wedding and needed a way to be able to store these and transport them easily. These are the perfect size compartments to hold each cupcake. The high dome allowes you to be able to add a generous decorative frosting. They are sturdy enough to move easily enough.

5 Plastic Cupcake Carrier Box 12 Slot Holder Container Disposable Tray Transport Review:

What a great product! Was searching for cupcake carriers and found these disposable trays. They were perfect! Very professional looking and can reuse. They are a little flimsy but worked perfectly. I washed a few and am going to store and reuse. A great buy if you are looking for a simple way to transport cupcakes. Tall lid so you can frost liberally.

Katgely 4 Cupcake Container Ideal to Carry Cupcakes (Pack of 50) Review:

Got the 12 pack of the 12 cavity containers. These work really well. A little bit flimsy, but for the price point, better than I expected. Did not have the same issue as some where some of the cavities were disformed. Mine came in pristine condition. I haven't tried stacking them, but would imagine the would be OK as long as it's only stacks of two. Will likely order again once I run out of these. Shipped out quickly and arrive well within estimated time frame.

Bakery Cupcake Boxes and Cake Carrier: 4 Treat Holder Storage Boxes - Disposable Bakery Box with Clear Window, 4 Removable Inserts/Holders for a Dozen Cupcakes, 48 Cup Cake Baking Cups and Ribbon Review:

As a semi retired professional pastry chef, I have to order my own boxes now. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was with your boxes and the inserts. The ribbon you included wasn’t necessary... But it was an excellent touch! Your boxes were sturdy with an easy pop-up assembly which was much appreciated. Your Cellophane Windows were securely glued completely around their perimeter. I cannot tell you how many times they’re not . Everything about your boxes was well thought out and manufactured beautifully .
All my future purchases will be with your company, SMIRLY. Yours Truly, Linda D.

Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers Glass 2 Compartment 5 Pack - Glass Food Storage Containers - Glass Storage Containers with Lids - Divided Glass Lunch Containers Glass Food Containers 29 Ounce Review:

I’ll cut straight to the point. These containers are very well made regarding the glass, the lid and locking mechanism. I’ve gone through a ton of meal prep containers and these might be the best I’ve ever had.

I got these because on certain days I forget to prep the day before and end up having to make food for the day early in the a.m. These containers have a glass divider which allows me to separate the recently cooked hot food and the cold food I already had made in the fridge. Might be just me but I don’t want freshly steamed broccoli resting on top of cold chicken breast for hours until lunch hits.

Lastly, the all glass construction was what I wanted in a meal prep container. Depending on my day I don’t always have a plate to heat up my food on (I don’t reheat in plastic containers) so this container is perfect for me.

I’m going to put some wear on these and update the review ina few months. Hope this helps someone out!

Sweet Creations Cupcake Bake Take Serve Cupcake Pan Carrier with 3-Tier Display Review:

This is exactly what I was looking for---a travel cake carrier that also looks beautiful! I've always placed my cakes straight on to cake pedestals and served at home. But lately I've been needing to take my cakes to parties. I didn't want to sacrifice a pretty presentation. This cake carrier allows you to take your cake somewhere and still have it look nice. I always make a three tier cake and did have to trim the layers so it wasn't too tall for the carrier. I took out the attached cake cutter to make more room for the cake, however that's a cool touch to the design. And, I always carried it from the bottom just in case. It worked perfectly and meets all my needs for transporting cakes. I was able to place it in the trunk of my car (with other items around it so it wouldn't slide around) and not worry about it. So happy to have discovered this cake carrier!