Best Cotton Swabs in 2020

Q-tips Cotton Swabs, 750 ct Review:

I love my Q-tips. I love them for all sorts of uses, mostly cleaning and drying in personal care or hobby work. I’ve tried others and I think Q-tips have the best consistency and quality for the price.

You always hear that your should not put Q-tips into your ear. It’s good advice and if you anyway please do use great care to avoid injury. No warnings for navel cleaning!

More seriously I really do appreciate the consistency and soft cotton tips that I’ll use to absorb that water blocking my ear after a shower or clean up minor makeup mistakes or as an impromptu makeup applicator. They also work great cleaning little nooks and crannies in stuff I might be working on.

Q-tips are pretty simple and I think very well done. I love the quality and consistency of the real brand product. Obviously I feel this is a 5 star classic that has not change significantly in 40+ years. It’s hard to improve on perfect!

Q-tips Cotton Swabs, Original, 750 ct Review:

What's the difference between the wealthy and the rest of us? It's that they buy stuff in bulk and save a ton on their day to day purchases. You need, what, a Q-Tip every day for your ears? Well, I do, so this is enough to last for about 2 1/2 years, unless you use them to apply paint on small metal soldiers like that guy on House of Cards. But I use them on my ears. For about $10.00, you can have enough to last you through the time that it takes your local US Representative to run for office TWICE. If you go to the local drugstore, you'll pay like $5.00 for 100 of these, and you'll run out before the representative is home on Summer Recess. Buy in bulk; it's American and you'll pocket the savings.

Q-tips Swabs Cotton, 500 Count, Pack of 4 Review:

But one thing's for sure, I am NOWHERE NEAR running out any time soon! And I've had them forever! I just use them to clean my ears every 2 days. Probably more than one person needs, but I like that I can spend $12 and not have to worry about it for several, several months. And they're the best cotton swabs on the market! I'll definitely buy them again... in about a year...

Q-tips Swabs Travel Pack,30 Count, Pack of 1 Review:

Hard to get too excited about Q-Tips but this little package is really handy to have in your travel kit. It is sturdy and you can refill it. It works really well if you kind of peel the corner of the label up and then use that to re-seal the folding lid and to keep it from popping open. But it works well even if you don't do that and it will stay closed well enough to keep the q-tips clean. I stole my daughter's package a few years ago and I bought this one to replace it for her when I saw it was only a buck. Very generous of me, I know!

365 Everyday Value, Organic Cotton Balls, 100 Count Review:

I use these for my dogs' ears and they work well. Hold together well, soft for their ears and over all good product. This is the second bag I've bought.

JOHNSON'S Safety Swabs 185 Each Review:

Although I would never use these for myself (they don't go in far enough to get out any earwax) - these work very well as designed for my baby.

-The 'safety' tips have a very fat 'stop' end after the top (it's all soft cotton) to prevent the tip from going in too far and damaging your baby's eardrum
-cotton is soft and pliable like any regular q-tip
-no manufacturing irregularities detected so far (i.e. inconsistent sizing of the stops to preventing going in too far)

No cons that I can call out at the moment.

Cotton Swabs Organic by Sky Organics (Large pack of 500 ct.) Natural Cotton Buds, Cruelty-Free Cotton Swabs, Biodegradable, All Natural Cotton Swabs, Chlorine-Free Hypoallergenic Cotton Swabs Review:

Love that these swabs are sustainable cotton, 100% biodegradable, chlorine and fragrance free.
They are super soft. The tips are a bit smaller, the cotton seems to be more densely spun around the stick, but I did not feel a difference when using them in my ears.
I like to use swabs around my eyes when applying or smudging eyeliner, mascara etc and these swabs don't leave any fuzz! They would be perfect for other projects where fuzzies are a problem.
I did receive a gift card for my purchase, although leaving a review was not mandatory. I can definitely recommend these organic swabs, I don't mind spending a little more for organic! It would be great to see these packaged with no plastic.

Johnson's Safety Ear Swabs for Babies and Children made with Non-Chlorine Bleached Cotton for a Gentle Clean, 185 ct (Pack of 2) Review:

Ever since my daughter was a baby, I have been buying these. My daughter has a lot of ear wax, I brought it up to her Doctor and the Doctor said it was a good thing that her wax comes out. After using the q-tips they are so dirty but I know her ears are clean!

My daughter is now 3 ½ and I still buy these. I use them right after her bath. Johnson’s are the only brand I trust. I use them for myself, the adult ones.

These are a great price for a two pack. You really can’t go wrong, they are safe and a great value!

Swisspers Cotton Swabs, 100% Cotton Double-Tipped, White Plastic Sticks, 300 Count Package Review:

Nice swabs because of the plastic sticks, which is what I prefer and for whatever reason is nearly impossible to find anymore with the major brand of these. That said, the cotton tips are nice and soft as well, though they seem to not be as tightly wound as those from the leading brand and sorta get fluffy or out of shape faster. Otherwise they work as expected and I'm happy that someone still makes them with the plastic stick.