Best Cord Reels in 2020

Fuse Reel The Side Winder Magsafe Original MacBook Charger Organizer and Travel Accessory Compatible with MacBook Pro and Air Adapters Review:

It comes with the instructions inside, between halves of the assembly. You have to open it initially, there is a sticker that says to pull apart firmly at the clasping end (see photo 2). There is a tab with no instructions to push in, or pull up or anything (see photo 1). Well you have to push in AND pry apart very firmly - there are magnets inside the assembly to help hold it shut. But you don't know that at this point, so you are pressing on the tab and prying apart so firmly you are convinced you will break the assembly. Once apart you can read the instructions and you might have to remove some plastic spacers (see photo 4) and for the 45 W charge you have to replace them with spacers provided (60 W spacers are inserted as you get it, remove them for 85 W, change out for 45 W). Photo 5 shows the instructions for reinsertion. Each spacer is unique and you have to match the number on the spacer with a number on the inside of the turning portion. These numbers on the inside were VERY hard to find and read. They are recessed into a pocket near the magnet, molded numbers that are the same color as the plastic. I had to use the magnifying option on iPhone and turn on the light to find them. When I was just under a strong lamp and could not see these. When you remove the 65W spacers you could take care to mark where they came from, but nothing in the instructions tell you to do this - so I just popped them all out. I assumed the marking in the turning wheel would be easier to see. Once spacers are in you insert the power brick and then line up the halves of the clamshell and close the lid, pressing down firmly to engage the tab. Then you can wind up by turning the central handle, and both ends, the AC-brick thick cord and the brick-magsafe thin cord wind up on the outer perimeter. To unwind you have to pull on both cords at the same time and this takes some practice and you should take care on pulling on the magsafe cord. I wish it would unwind with just pulling the AC-brick thicker cord. This was way too much hassle to assemble. The instructions should be on the outside of the device with good instructions on how to open the clamshell. I do expect this to be quite useful on my travels.

Darice Accessory Cord with One Bulb Light – 6’ Brown Cord with On/Off Switch Plugs Into Electrical Outlet – Perfect for Lighting Holiday Decorations and Craft Projects (1 Cord) Review:

These little lights are just right for the little porcelain houses I have in my window. The holes provided in the back and bottom of the house is small and the bulb fits through just fine but the metal piece that holds it in place is a bit big. No matter, a little crimping with the pliers solved that issue. The only thing they could do to improve them is to make the plug end "chainable" or stackable the way christmas lights can be chained or stacked together. I have 6 little houses on my window sill and if I could stack these (thereby using fewer outlets), I wouldn't need so many extension cords, A power strip would be my only alternative and that's a lot of real estate for 6 low-wattage night-light bulbs.

Designers Edge E230 Extension Cord Storage Reel, Multi-Outlet Adapter, Black/Yellow Review:

Using for 50 foot soft plastic small diameter tubing for my Mother's oxygen machine. Hand wrapping it was getting twisted & crushed & was difficult to do, especially with family member who isn't very dexterus. I ordered two styles, this expensive (to me) one & a much cheaper orange plastic one with the 'center spin handle' as an integral part inside the spool with no framework or base. That was awkward to hold, & hard to coordinate. This was pricey $22.94 (for my use as a spool) but well worth it Sorry I can't attest to the electrical plug aspect, but for the rest it's fantastic.
It's very well made, sturdy, looks sharp, works like a charm, the cord doesn't twist or collapse anymore & has worked well for my repurposed application. When we eventually no longer need it for the oxygen condenser, we can use it for our outdoor heavy duty extension cords as it was intended. I'll try to add in photos later if I can. If my review has been of any use to you, I'd appreciate it if you could give me a "helpful" click, thanks.

SWARK Cord Winder Compatible with Original 45W / 60W / 61W Apple MacBook Charger (MagSafe & Type-C),Charger Winder - White Review:

I teach a bunch of classes and can't be sure how close the power source will be so leave the long power cord attached to my MacBook Air charger.

The low voltage cable wraps around the ears of the charger transformer. (Sometimes it stays in place and sometimes it unwinds even though I've put the end inside the wrap.) But, the problem is the line voltage cable. I've used a captive velcro strap and it works, but the bundle is pretty large.

The SWARK reel is a simple and clever solution that makes traveling easier. The transformer (power supply) fits in the center of the reel and the cables wrap around the reel. All you need to do is to open the reel, drop in the power supply, close the reel and wind it up.(See photos). Packaging is quality and the reel also includes a cloth carrying case.

I'm attaching several photos, the first two show packaging and carrying case, the third shows 'before' (How I've been operating.) and the others show the SWARK reel solution.

Note that not all Mac power supplies will fit in the reel. Be sure to read the advertisement to be sure it's compatible with your Mac.

Woods 82870 Snap-Together Cord Reel, Holds up to 150-Foot 16/3 AWG, Black Review:

Pros: Easy to assemble (the two sides just snap & lock together), very light weight, handles 100 ft. of 14 gauge extension cord very well, stands securely upright with cord on reel (thanks to the flat extensions on two sides of the reel), outside handle is placed well for reeling in your cord

Cons: Initially the inside handle was a little tough to hang onto without scrapping my wrist but I learned to crane my wrist a little bit when holding the reel so as not to scrape my wrist

Overall it's a super simple device that works well

Woods E-102 Heavy Duty Cord Storage Wheel, 125-Foot Review:

I have many of these both from Woods and other brands (Bayco, etc.) both with and without the stand. I've had the Baycos for years and they still hold up great, but I like the knob on the Woods for easier windup. It moves well by itself, but I also spray everything with silicone lubricant when I can (little suggestion.)

BEST OF ALL, I wanted to show here that they work very well for 10 AWG (both 3- and 4-conductor) extension cords and generator cables as well. The photos show 3 reels (without stands.) The right side is 25' of yellow FLAT 10/4 AWG 30 AMP generator cable - fits perfect. Center photo is a 50' red 10/3 triple-tap extension cord. Also fits PERFECT. To the left is 50' feet of standard (I.e. ROUND) 10/4 AWG 30 AMP generator extension cord. Doesn't fit entirely into the reel, but it's close enough that the reel makes it that much easier to coil the cord and just wrap it with some Velcro straps. So even for the 50' 10/4 cable, it's still worth it to me. Also, they reels feel durable enough to withstand the heavier cranking needed to reel up the cables.

Great product. Very happy with them. Plan to buy a few more for my backup generator and Christmas lights as soon as I get the chance!

Bayco KW-110 Cord Storage Reel with Center Spin Handle, 100-Feet Review:

I had the kind of reel that's a frame to wrap a cord around. Each wrap takes about 2 feet of cord and puts one twist in it, so it's about 50 twists in a 100' cord. Everything gets a bit tangled.

When the KW-110 arrived, molding bumps kept it from turning a complete revolution smoothly. I removed them with a sharp knife. It works great, winding and unwinding with no twisting. It won't work so smoothly if the sliding surfaces get dirty, but the open design should make it easy to keep clean.

Update: My 100' cord filled the reel completely. I was afraid that if I didn't wind it carefully ( too much criss-crossing ), it might not fit. I bought a KW-130 for my 100' cord and use the KW-110 for my 50' cord. I don't have to wind carefully because both reels have room to spare.

Bayco K-100 Cord Storage Reel w/Stand, PACK, Orange Review:

(At least the ones who don't say, "Piece of junk! about EVERYTHING! I'm starting to think it's the same 6 people who can't figure out how to use antying they buy, or read directions, or consult reviewers' suggestions!) I could not figure out how to wind up the outdoor extension cord I bought this for, & it doesn't come with directions, so I did the "middle of the cord method" as many suggested, & after the initial frustration of getting to the middle of a 100' cord (made of 2 50' cords; I had thought it would only hold one of them, then I had so much space left, I unspooled, connected them, & made that connection the middle, which was LOTS simpler) I hooked it under the little hook, cranked it up - while keeping it fairly even on the spool - and voila! So much neater than the massive, messy trip hazard we have had for months because we leave this outside for almost daily uses. I'll revise this if it ends up failing in some way, but for now, I love it! (And the price was so right for such a nice organizing tool!)