Best Cooking & Baking Pectins in 2020

Sure-Jell Premium Fruit Pectin, 1.75 Ounce Box (Pack of 8) Review:

My husband and I made our first batches of strawberry cooked jam with this pectin and it worked great! Every jar set up and tasted fantastic using their strawberry jam recipe. We also made blueberry jam that turned out just as great. We are about to make another year's worth of strawberry jam today and we are using sure jell again. Great product!
I used Sure Jell to make cherry jam. It's important to note that your measurements MUST be exactly as indicated on the enclosed instructions, or else the end product may not set properly. If followed to the letter, I have always had success with Sure Jell. Also, be sure the product is within the expiration date.
You can make the best jams ever with this, but you HAVE to follow the instructions. Don't double or triple the recipe as your jam will not set up, trust me....just take your time and make the best jams ever!! Take a chance with the ingredients though, you can switch them up, but just stick to the basic jell part and combine different fruits together, and a bit of spice to kick it up!!

Pomona's Universal Pectin, 1.1 Ounce Box (Pack of 6) Review:

2019 update: still my favorite! I have experimented with the amount of pectin to make syrups to conserves and jellies and jams. I love the fact that I can make products without sugar or with very little sugar. I have used pure stevia with great success. I have not used a stevia mix like those commonly availavle but I think it should work fine. It had been so long I don't even remember the old days of sugar sugar sugar and that does not bother me one bit.

2016 update: I put up about 60 jars of jam qand jelly last year and all sealed and made it through the winter well. I was set to teach my nephew to make jam and had Amazon send Pomona's Pectin to him. The dog ate it (to no ill effect thankfully) so we scrambled to find some elsewhere. No luck in 5 grocery stores and one chain natural foods store. Finally, I said just get the old standby and we used that. Confirmed my earlier belief. I was shocked at the amount of sugar it took to get a gel. There is no other pectin for me but Pomona's.

2015 update. After eating all of the jam I made in 2014--all with Pomona's--we are back to jamming season. The past year stood the test of time and we are happily using it again this year. Four batches in and four batches great. I substituted, per a professional jam maker's conversion, 2 TBS for each 1 3 oz liquid pectin on one recipe. It makes a nice steak :-). I will use half that amount next time round. This jelly set hard as a delicious rock. I am still amazed that I can use so little sugar and have a good product. Last year I used 1 sugar to 4 fruit and we decided it was a little less sweet than we liked. I upped the sugar : fruit ratio to 1 1/2 sugar to 4 fruit and increased the acid slightly. We are very pleased with the results.

Interesting twist on pectin. This pectin uses calcium to set rather than sugar. You can use very little sugar and still get a very good jell. I won't go back to other pectins. I did have trouble with the first couple of batches and contacted the company. They were immediately responsive calling me back in just a short time after I left a message. They helped me track down my error. I was not mixing the pectin well enough with the small amount of sugar I was using so my texture was grainy. I made over 50 jars of jam in 10 batches and after the first two batches, which are certainly usable, my jams set with absolute reliability.

Sure Jell Certo Fruit Pectin (1.75 oz Boxes, Pack of 4) Review:

I've been using Certo (fruit pectin) to make 3 or 4 difference kinds of jam every summer for as long as I can remember. My mother in the UK used Certo and I learned of its reliable properties from her. Follow the instructions for the kind of fruit you are using and you will always have an excellent batch of jam. Everyone you give it to will love it.

Hoosier Hill Fruit Pectin, 2 lb bag Review:

 I got tired of paying the super high local grocery store price for a small box of pectin and came to Amazon to save the day for me again. The retail value on this 2lb bag of pectin is worth about 3 to 4 tiny boxes of grocery store pectin and you know what? THIS pectin works better and for me, I did not have to use as much. Look at my video and you will see the firm set of my wild plum jam. I picked these plums from our property. They are wild plums, the size of cherries. I made a small batch of jam and this pectin set it excellently.

I have purchased Hoosier Hill products before. One was a dehydrated whole milk, which was excellent. Therefore, I was familiar with the brand I trusted it. Now that I have a second product that was excellent, I would not hesitate to purchase their products again. I very much recommend this pectin and already have to my local friends.

Kraft Sure Jell Light Premium Fruit Pectin 1.75oz (4 Pack) Review:

I've used the no/low sugar variety for years, following the recipes on the low sugar side of the instructions. My jam has always set wonderfully and tasted great.

Sure Jell Certo Premium Liquid Fruit Pectin (6 oz Boxes, Pack of 4) Review:

I am using this for pain relief purposes, I take about an ounce of Certo liquid pectin with approximately 1 cup of real 100% grape juice, mix well and drink, I have pain relief for 6-8 hours. I suffer from plantar faciitis, the first dozen or so steps of the day are excruciating, but once I drink this, I am good to go for the rest of the day, it works as well as (and often even better than) over the counter ibuprofen for me, and I don't have to worry about the side effects. Everyone I have given this to has commented on how well it worked for them. I could tell the first time I tried it that it worked, no guessing or wondering, it flat out worked. The only side effect I have from taking this is it has made me more "regular" in the bowel department, I can't complain about that :)
I am not giving medical advice, I am only stating what has worked for me.