Best Condiment Squeeze Bottles in 2020

6-pack 16 oz Premium Condiment Squeeze Bottles for Sauces, Paint,Oil, Condiments,Salad Dressings, Arts and Crafts - BPA Free- Food Grade-Includes Funnel, Erasable Marker and Reusable Labels Review:

i have a ton of hair and use these for hair dye. i usually buy 2-3 boxes of dye at the drugstore, so i use these bottles to mix the developer and color in one container - helps so much with consistent mixing and even application. i also used these for a DIY project - i made a "drip" wall and was really pleased with the bottles - they closed tightly so no spills. see the photo attached for the project. i imagine these are also great for things like ketchup? :P

Plastic Squeeze Condiment Bottles with Red Tip Cap 16-ounce Set of 6 Wide Mouth by Pinnacle Mercantile Review:

I purchased these for my shop to hold Acetone, Mineral Spirits, Paint Thinner, etc. They work great. I had some reservations that they would eventually break down from the chemicals but about three weeks in and no signs the chemicals have any effect on them. I will update this review if this changes. The caps do not seal completely. If you place the cap on and squeeze the bottle you can hear air escaping. For this reason, I made a sharpie mark at the level the liquid was when I first filled them. Two weeks later and I could not tell any liquid had evaporated from any of the containers. So the not sealing completely issue, has been a non issue.

I use the acetone often when preparing steel and aluminum for welding. It does a great job of cutting through oil and mill scale and evaporates quickly. The small tip is great to keep from wasting a lot of product, which is what I did when I was sloshing it on a rag from the metal container it comes in. I am very happy with this purchase.

8-pack Plastic Squeeze Condiment Bottles - 4 Ounce with Red Tip Cap - Perfect for Ketchup, BBQ, Sauces, Syrup, Condiments, Dressings, Arts and Crafts - BPA-Free Review:

These are EXCELLENT bottles!! Great size, holds plenty of liquid. NO leaking between cap and bottle when squeezing, there are several threads to screw on the top. NOT AN ISSUE this is just to inform - Tip opening is very small. However if you look closely you'll see two lines on the tip, cut the one closest to the top and it opens the tip considerably. Be careful NOT to cut too much or the cap will not "click" on any longer, but there are remedies for that - invert the cap and stick it into the tip opening or get some thread protectors from your local Hardware store. Only thing I wish is that the bottles had a wider mouth, but I knew they were narrow upon ordering and it was nothing a funnel didn't cure. I bought these for use with my Flat top griddle, I currently have them filled with Grape seed oil, Water, Soy sauce, Teriyaki sauce, Vinegar and Hot sauce. I definitely will be ordering more to put ALL my sauces, condiments and dressings in!

8-Pack of 4 Oz Plastic Small Squeeze Bottles and Caps - BPA-Free, Latex-Free, Food-Grade - Great for Icing, Cookie Decorating, Sauces, Condiments, Arts and Crafts and More! Review:

I filled a few of these with water to test them. I put my finger over the tip of the spout, squeezed them pretty hard, and they didn't leak! I've purchased similar bottles in the past and they've always leaked when I did this. I also did the leak test using just the little red caps, which snap on nice and tight with a solid click sound. I squeezed them pretty hard but could only produce a tiny dribble, but it took some force to produce the tiny dribble. I like the feel of these things, too. The plastic doesn't feel cheap and the bottle feels durable and has some give. To increase stream volume, just enlarge the hole in the tip. As is, you can turn it upside down and dispense the contents in single, small drops at a time, but only while squeezing (at least with a liquid having the density of water). I'm happy with this purchase and would buy them from this seller again. They're definitely worth the price. So far I'm using them for: denatured alcohol, distilled water, leather dye (both oil and alcohol), contact cement, leather conditioner, liquid soap, and machine oil - all accurately labeled of course. I usually don't laud over products but there's so much crap out there that it's nice to see something do what it's supposed to do and not be a turd of a product.

2-Ounce Plastic Squeeze Bottles (6-Pack); HDPE Squeeze Bottles for Crafts, Food, Art, Glue, Multi-Purpose Review:

I used these bottles for doing a sand art activity at our oldest ninth birthday party. The set up so much easier with these, just take off the red top, cut off the tip of the bottle, fill with sand, then put red top back on. The sand did not leak with the red top on, so I was able to fill the sand the night before the party and put it in a box to take to the party's location. Made it very easy for kids to put sand into the small plastic containers I had bought as well.

For sand I bought Xtreme sand box :

For the plastic containers with corks I used these also from amazon:

OXO Good Grips Chef's Squeeze Bottle, Small Review:

These are excellent! I use them for cooking oil and they do not leak at all. I love the flexibility of the squeeze bottle (I prefer them easy to squeeze, not too firm), and the easiness of cleaning the top. I don't really get why the top has to come apart, but I'm happy that this bottle works so well and doesn't leak, like all other bottles I have tried with cooking oil.

The only downside is that if the bottle is very full, and I capsize the bottle too hastily, that oil will stream out quickly and make a mess on my stove before hitting the pan. Not sure if that makes sense, but I have to be careful and slowly pace myself when using this when it's full.

Hope my review is helpful :) Happy cooking!!

Condiment Squeeze Bottles, 8 Ounce BPA Free 2 Pack with Red Cap, Great for Syrup, Ketchup, Sauces, Dressing, Oil, Arts and Crafts, Leak Proof - Perfect for Kitchen & Restaurant Hold Review:

Buy large refiller bottles of stuff and fill these for use. I'm using them for hand soap, shampoo, dish detergent, olive oil, vinegar, anything that's liquid that you use in small applications. The bottles are squeezy and comfortable to hold, not stiff like you would've thought. You don't really need to clean these babies. 1.because you use it over and over. 2. because if it gets that bad throw it away. They're inexpensive.

Bekith 12 pack 8 Oz Plastic Squeeze Squirt Condiment Bottles with Twist On Cap Lids and Discrete Measurements - For Sauce, Ketchup, BBQ, Dressing, Paint, Workshop, Pancake Art Dispenser, and More Review:

Bought these to use at my sandwich shop. They’re the perfect size to grab and squirt the condiments onto the buns. Then just toss them into some hot soapy water to clean. Easy to clean too as the bottle opening is a good size. When I closed my shop I left them for the new owner.😞 so I bought some more! I not only use then in my rv, I use them in my hobby room. They hold a good bit of paint if you enjoy paint pouring and such. And again, when empty, toss them into a bucket of hot soapy water. Banda bing, clean for the next time.

New Star Foodservice 26269 Squeeze Bottles, Plastic, Wide Mouth, 32 oz, Clear, Pack of 6 Review:

I bought these Squeeze Bottles for a very special job and man do they work great. My wifes' Laundry Machine stand almost as tall as she is. The detergent and softener add areas are at eye level. She has great difficulty holding full bottles of detergent and softener up at eye level to fill the dispensers. and she has three different detergents and two different softeners. These bottles make perfect containers for each of those liquids, store perfect in the laundry cabinet, and hold enough liquid for numerous loads of laundry. They are light weight enough when full that she can grab a bottle, squeeze the perfect amount into the dispenser and pop it back into the cabinet. I got a Gold Star when I came up with this.

Wilton Mini Squeeze Bottles, 2-Piece Review:

These are GREAT for flood icing. Easy to fill, use, and clean. A definite must-have for your cookie making.

Update: A lot of people seem to have problems with leaks and the tops popping off. First of all, my bottles are branded Wilton and came with the paper retail tag on the top. I have seen bottles at the store that look almost exactly the same - but aren't Wilton. I'm not suggesting a 3rd-party seller is selling counterfeit or off-brand bottles here, but I would check to make sure you're getting real Wilton bottles.

I only use these to flood fill icing and haven't had a failure yet, but I always squeeze from the center and as my icing is for flood filling, it doesn't take great force to get what I need. The bottles are made from very soft plastic, so if you squeeze close to the top, it can pull at the top of the bottle - that could easily cause the top to come off. I wouldn't use them for warm products or hard decorators icing, though.

I haven't had any leaks at the threads, but during a project, I do often check the top to make sure it's tightly secured. I have had to re-tighten them a time or two - perhaps I'm unknowingly unscrewing it a bit when I wipe the tips? Not sure. On my set, the red tips snap on securely so I haven't had problems with leaks there. I have intentionally laid a bottle on its side for an hour, and it didn't leak for me.

Although my experience is limited to flood filling with icing, I do know I would not even consider using these with warm/hot stuff. The plastic is already soft and pliable, so I'm not surprised they melt. If I was selling these, I would market them for cool/cold use.

As for staining, I used red-red gel coloring for Christmas and Valentine's cookies, and it didn't stain the bottles. Perhaps different brands of coloring adhere to the plastic, but it hasn't happened with the gel I use. I do use a bottle brush to clean them, and have a bottle brush specifically set aside for these bottles only so I don't get anything oily in them. See photo - bottle used for red-red flood filling. All I did was wash the top with warm water and it came perfectly clean. (Note the Wilton brand on the left/center of bottle.)

So...Wilton, if you're listening, my non-engineering mind says if you made the top and threading part of the bottle more study (thicker plastic perhaps?), test and recommend a maximum temperature for candy use, many of the problems described here could be resolved.