Best Computer Vacuum Cleaners in 2020

Compucleaner 2.0 -Durable ABS Plastic Electric High Pressure Air Duster - Computer Cleaner Blower - Keyboard Cleaner - Electronic Devices and Laptop Cleaner - Replaces Compressed Air Cans-White Review:

I got this to replace the ridiculous amount of air canisters I keep buying. We have huskies so there's always fur on surfaces that sometimes I just need to blow off quickly rather than doing a full house cleaning. This works great as a replacement to the canned air but 2 things do annoy me. I'd like this to have the option to be battery operated. Would make it easier than finding outlets and hoping the cord will reach. The other thing is the switch doesn't turn on or off. You have to actually hold it in the on position in low or high and when you let go the power goes off. Who wants to always have to hold the button down. That was not a smart user friendly design but otherwise, I've decided to return it because over the course of a week, I have found myself preferring to go for the canned air rather than constantly digging this out, plugging it in etc.

Keyboard Cleaner Universal Cleaning Gel 160g for PC Tablet Laptop Keyboards, Car Vents, Cameras, Printers, Calculators Provided by ColorCoral Review:

This product is a good way to clean my keyboards, both laptop's and external. You just let it roll over the keycaps, then everything is cleaned. Very convenient. After using, just arbitrarily put it into the box, no matter how you fold it or even cut it, and it will reset the shape of itself back, which is good news for OCD people like me.

SYOSIN Keyboard Cleaner Universal Dust Cleaning Gel Dirt Bacteria Cleaner for Laptops, Car Vents, Printers, Calculators (Blue) Review:

Cannot express how skeptical I was at the thought of putting, for all intents and purposes, SLIME!, on my keyboard to clean it. The results do not lie. I wasn’t smart enough to take a before picture but it was disgusting - I was probably the 10th person to use this keyboard- but this stuff truly does clean it. It has a light scent (oddly, somewhere between lemon and fresh lol) and I press it into the board and pull it up and next wad it up and do it again. I don’t know where the “crud” goes once it’s folded into the carton again, because I don’t see anything in it when it’s stretches out! Like it disappeared. Regardless, you can see in the pictures (I had a video that won’t upload, but it’s obviously pretty self-explanatory) it WORKS! It’s got a sanitizer type product in it, and leaves no residue or stickiness behind. I can’t say it will get every teeny speck or dried coffee drips, etc. but the photos don’t lie and you will use way less compressed air. I’m sure if you had this and a new keyboard, you could keep it all kinds of clean!

Keyboard Cleaner Universal Cleaning Gel for PC Tablet Laptop Keyboards, Car Vents, Home Appliance, Printers, Calculators from ColorCoral (5 Pack) Review:

 I've seen this product floating around for a while and decided to give it a try. I was getting nervous about spraying chemicals around my laptop to clean it, and thought this might be a good alternative. So far I like it. It doesn't have a chemical smell and doesn't leave a sticky residue on your hands or your keyboard after use. I also like that they are reusable so one of the five packets goes a long way and give many uses per. I'd recommend.

Keyboard Cleaner Universal Cleaning Slime for PC Tablet Laptop Keyboards, Car Vents, Home Appliance, Printers, Calculators from ColorCoral (5 Pack) Review:

This stuff is beautiful and works great to pick up dust and crumbs and whatever. I like the multipack over the big pack because it's, like, single-serving. Once this thing gets a bunch of crumbs and dog hair in it, I can pitch it and get a new one.

Seriously, though, you don't need this to clean your keyboard. If you really just want to keep your keyboard clean get a nice duster.

But if you're even a little bit curious why kids play with slime. And make slime. And watch videos about kids making and playing with slime. Then buy this now. Right now. Add it to your cart. Check out and pick whichever shipping option will get this crap in your embarrassingly curious hands fastest. And as soon as you get it, play with it.

If you need to keep your slime habit a secret then pretend it's just for cleaning your keyboard.

But if you can be more open about it, if you can share your joy with your kids, then you're paving the way to bonding moments on a scale you've never imagined.

Meihejia Keyboard Cleaner Cleaning Gel for Car, Phone, Computer, Laptops Review:

This product is AWESOME! I was skeptical about it after reading some reviews about it being too liquid and not working, but when I opened the container it was the right ‘tacky’ consistency and it cleans SO WELL! I had my son run into the house to grab my wife I was so excited. I really gets the dust and dirt out of the crevices in your car. My dash and console look brand spanking new. It only took 15 minutes to do the entire interior - including the seams of the seats where dust collects. One tub has so far done my car and my wife’s car. It will probably be good for another cleaning, too. Great product!

Car Cleaner Gel Detailing Putty -Auto Interior Detailer Cleaning Glue 160g, for PC Tablet Laptop Keyboards, Cameras, Printers,Car Vents Review:

This is the first time I bought and used product and I absolutely loved it. A friend on mine introduced me to this product and honestly at first, I was skeptical about it. I mean why would I need a keyboard cleaner? For years, I’ve been using alcohol pads to clean my keyboard. It does the job and are relatively cheap. However since my friend stand by this product, I’ve decided to give it a try anyway. And boy am I glad I did, this is now one of my favorite cleaning product. Of course you can use this as a keyboard cleaner but that’s not where it shines. I guess the best way to describe this product is that it’s a magic eraser that’s way more durable and doesn’t break apart. Magic eraser used to be one of my go to cleaning product. Easy to use, does the job, and have multiple applications. However the main problem with magic eraser is how easily it breaks apart. Even the ones that claim to be extra durable still breaks easily. Since I liked how easy it is to use a magic eraser, I was willing to put up with that. On the other hand, I’ve always wished that they come up with a magic eraser that doesn’t break. Now I finally found one and I won’t be going back. So far I have used this to clean my keyboard, whole pc in/out, wall/floor grout, sneakers, kitchen stove, microwave, and car interior. I especially loved it for cleaning car interiors. Thank you for a great product and I’ll be placing another order.

Bedee Keyboard Cleaner (5pcs)+ Storage Box Cyber Cleaning Gel Electronics Clean Putty Slime Home Office Remove Dust, Hair, Crumbs,Dirt from Computer Laptop Keypad, Calculator, Air Vent, Fan, Upgraded Review:

Great stuff for detail dusting and cleaning!

Purchased this to clean my keyboard as described. Cleaning the keyboard using this substance was not very effective because one still must disassemble the keyboard case and remove the keycaps to clean. After disassembly, soap and water for the keycaps and a strong vacuum cleaner with a soft paint brush does a good job on the keyboard.

This stuff is like a strange life form. It starts out as a moist feeling sticky blob that is easily shaped. Leave it on a table and it will spread out and drip down into any depressions or holes nearby. It does leave whatever it touches with a sort of wetness that dries quickly and pretty clean. If it gets on glass, the glass should be cleaned a bit better, but that isn't difficult.

Formed into a ball, this slime becomes a hungry monster that engulfs dust and dirt particles and even some small chips.

I had some lenses and electronic items that have complex grips, contours and varied combinations of plastic, metal, glass and rubber. A vacuum cleaner and brush just didn't do the trick. This slime made quick and excellent work of picking up so much dust just by blotting the surface. Every bit of matte or semi-matte plastic around the desk from the phone to remote controls all cleaned up effortlessly. It can be rolled along edges, dabbed or blotted on surfaces.

Over time, it does tend to evaporate and shrink but by then it changes color from its native day-glow lime green jelly to color to a dirty form that looks like it came from somebody's nose. Even when dirty, it will still encapsulate debris remarkably well. One glob of it goes a long way.

It is very handy to keep a resealable plastic tub from the kitchen to set the slime in when it needs to rest while working on some delicate piece such as camera equipment. If one leaves it near a table edge or complex equipment with openings into delicate innards, it will flow inside where it can, or drip off the edge of the table to gobble up any dirt on the carpet or floor. Putting in a tub works fine. At room temperature, it will spread out wide and flat. Pick it up and roll it or shape it and clean again. I learned about this the hard way when it flowed into the mechanism of a lens cap sitting next to it on the table and then continued on to drip onto the carpet. It was easy to clean the cap in water, on the carpet it came right up along with news to me about how much I need to vacuum.

DOH! The packets of this stuff are shipped in a resealable plastic tub similar to those designed for food storage. Good idea to use that container to set the hungry monster in while putting on lens caps, formatting cards and sorting through gear while cleaning.

This stuff really helped me clean up gear that was left on a shelf as well as stuff that was in storage between moves. It also cleaned up my phone nicely. As a keyboard cleaner, it would be okay for light external dusting to pick up what the vacuum missed.

Vacuum and brush, then this, and if needed, microfiber cloth - all clean like new.

Very pleased with it for general use. Manufacturer needs to give it a simple name perhaps Bedee Blob or something that means "Dust Eater", or "Amoebic Duster" or Dustophage who knows.

MECO Keyboard Cleaner, Rechargeable Mini Vacuum Wet Dry Cordless Desk Vacuum Cleaner, Best Cleaner for Cleaning Dust,Hairs,Crumbs,Scraps for Laptop,Piano,Computer,Car and Pet House Review:

I bought this little jewel to get crumbs, dirt and such out of my couch. With a 12 year old, a 48 year old and 2 dogs I get alot of stuff in and on my couch. I hate dragging out my Rainbow vacuum to clean it. With the brush attachment I can get off most of the dog hair. But it works absolutely great on sand, crumbs and other various dense pieces of trash. Definitely worth what I payed for it!