Best Compressors & Gates Effects Processors in 2020

dbx 266xs - Compressor/Gate with (4) XLR- XLR Cable Review:

I connect my Shure SM7b, to the cloudlifter cl-4 to this and this lets me keep my gains on the interface all the way down and the cloudlifter allows me to keep the gain below half on this dbx. This does an amazing job rejecting the sound around me. Everything from the vents to my 1 & 2 year old runing around upstairs in a 100+ year old house. I can record and let the kids play.


This thing is fantastic! I have used real la2as for years when i was a house engineer at a local studio and i also own a warm wa2a and this unit is just as good at a fraction of the price. Build quality is great, sound is great and it is quiet even high output settings. i can not say enough good things about this. You get that nice gooey tube creamyness we all love. If this unit was released 10 years ago the pro audio community would have went crazy. If you want an la2a but dont want to shell out the cash this is your unit. There is no reason to spend the $$ on a la2a or any other high end clone now. Warm, Stam, and Audioscape had all better look out! This is a game changer all for the price of one botique guitar pedal, its just crazy and a no brainer.

LR Baggs Align Session Acoustic Saturation Compressor EQ Pedal Review:

The saturation & eq/compression effects are subtle - don't expect a huge sound difference. I think this is the intention. If you already have good EQ ability you may not find this pedal really useful. Natural inclination is to turn the effects up but, for me, that doesn't improve the effects - I'm setting both effects at 12:00 or less. I found the saturation more useful than the eq/compression knob, but I'm using it in line with a Radial PZ-pre which has good EQ adjustments. The pedal seems to add presence & an up-front dimension that improves the sound of my guitar equiped with a K&K passive SBT, but also adds depth when used with my guitar equipped with a Baggs Element UST. For me, It improves the sound of both Pick-ups making the amplified acoustic sound less harsh on the listener's ears.

dbx 266xs Compressor/Gate (266xs) Review:

Compressors are a very subjective matter of discussion...Some people think that if you don't drop at least a grand you can't get a good sound. Of course the dbx 160 or 162 sound great but Hey! I can't afford them! What I can tell you is that Dbx scored with this piece of gear. I think it sounds a lot better than the Alesis 3630 or the Behringer mdx 2600...more natural maybe because of the dbx's overeasy function which is great for the beginner or if you are not very patient while tweaking threshold and ratio. Also the Auto function works out a very natural approach to attack and release. I use it for recording and I'm very happy with it. The gate/expander is great too. Dual Stereo allows you to compress your whole stereo bus for that final oomph to your mix. Overall very happy with this unit.

FMR RNC 1773 Compressor Unit Review:

Really nice indeed. If you want a compressor that smooths things out as transparently as possible in this $ range, look no further.
The "really nice" mode is great for vocals. I like to use this while tracking vocals as I don't have to hold back when belting a note, but the compression is smooth enough that I can still sing through it naturally.

If you are using -10 (consumer/prosumer signals) you really have to take the threshold WAY down for it to become effective, at which point you don't have very much range in the knob to dial in an exact setting. And, I suspect that gain reduction is taking place before it becomes evident on the meter, according to my ear.

Minor quibbles... the point of this unit is the smoothness of the "Super Nice" mode and it delivers.

Behringer Composer Pro-XL MDX2600 Reference-Class 2-Channel Expander/Gate/Compressor/Peak Limiter Review:

THIS IS NOT 5 STAR for a National Act performance or for a serious studio recording...
This is budget grade!

That said, I am absolutely amazed at the quality and build of this piece, for what I paid.

It has more settings than similar equipment at double the price.
AND... It actually improved my sound. I use it to compress mics at Karaoke to protect my Speakers (Powered EONS)

Karaoke singers can "cuff" a mic and blow speakers in less than a split second. Fortunately, this thing can shut them up faster.
I only compress mics, not for sound, but to keep Karaoke singers from blowing my speakers.
I have the limiter set at 0db, I compress 3/1 and it still sounds great.

The dynamic effects, seem to add fullness to my mic mix.

I would NOT recommend this for Big-Time Touring Live Band or Studio equipment, but it is exceptional for my utility (Karaoke).
It does get hot, so give it some breathing room.

Donner New Version Rechargeable Wireless System DWS-3 Digital Guitar Bass Audio Transmitter and Receiver Review:

This is a review of the four popular guitar wireless systems below. I have purchased and returned Xvive U2, Donner DWS-3, and NUX B-2. I have kept the Boss WL-20. Let me save you the trouble that I have gone through.I needed something good enough for live use without the hassle of a belt pack, or the need for additional pedalboard space. My pedalboard is full, and I already have a belt pack for the IEM system we use. I needed good range, no dropouts, ease of use, good battery life, and compatibility with my guitar (Epiphone Traditional Pro II) which has a +15db boost circuit that I engage for solos.

Xvive U2:
Pros: Fantastic range; Dual USB charging; No dropouts
Cons: Adds slight distortion, High pitched squeal when guitar boost circuit activated; Battery life about 3 hours; On/Off buttons and channel buttons confusing; Channel switching awkward and time consuming; feels a little cheaply made; Slight Latency.
Recommended for: No hesitation using it live with guitars with no additional electronics. Would need to recharge during breaks.

Donner DWS-3:
Pros: Fantastic value; Excellent sound quality, No issues with guitar electronics, Includes carry bag; Battery life 5 hours; Easy to operate and turn on/off; Easy to change channels; Zero latency; Built in boost circuit
Cons: Only one USB connector; Poor range; Some dropouts; Muffled sound when antenue touches something; Has external antenna
Recommended for: Amazing sound quality at an amazing price. Would recommend for home use and guitars with active electronics.

NUX B-2:
Pros: Beautiful box and presentation (Apple like); Great price; Great design and quality; Nearly identical to Xvive, but better design; Easy to operate and switch channels - no guessing; No interference; No perceived latency
Cons: Only one USB charging connector; High pitched squeal when guitar boost circuit activated.
Recommended for: This would have been the one to keep if not for the issue with guitar electronics.

Boss WL-20:
Pros: Everything; Superior design - fit and finish; No on/off or channel selecting - all automatic. Just plug it in and unplug it (no guessing); Charging system (both charge at once with one USB connection); Excellent sound quality; Low latency; No issues at all with guitar electronics on boost circuit
Cons: Priced higher than others; Range not as good as Xvive, but same as others; Ugly box and presentation; slightly muffled sound when touching the transmitter; Manual.
Recommended for: Everything. This is the one I have kept.

Warm Audio WA-2A Tube Opto Compressor, Silver Review:


I am a R/E and was a house engineer at tempermill studios in ferndale michigan as well as owning and operating my own home studio. The studio i worked at had 2 original LA-2A's that i used in each session so i know what a real one should sound like, i purchased this unit for my home studio and i tracked with it for the first time last night and this unit sounds just fantastic.It retains all the warm and rich creamyness with that nice silky smooth high end that the originals have and you can slam a signal and remain very transparent. the build quality is top shelf. In a blind test i doubt i could pick out the original next to this. This is a fantastic unit made with top shelf parts at a insane price point. To build one of these DIY style would cost at least this much. this is the deal of the century right here folks and it is not a "prosumer" piece, this is the real deal and one of the big boys. Do not hesitite on this, you will not be dissapointed with this.

Samson S-3-way Stereo/Mono Crossover Review:

The Sampson crossover gave my sound the added punch I was missing and ultimately is just what the doctor ordered.