Best Compressed Air Dusters in 2020

XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro Multi-Use Electric Computer Duster Dryer Air Pump Blower - Black Review:

I just purchased this because I thought my Datavac vacuum died but in fact there was just a loose bolt inside but I'll end up keeping this one anyways. Compared to the Datavac ED500, the Xpower is slightly lighter (2lb as opposed to 2.4 lbs) but constructed out of plastic instead of metal. I actually own two Datavacs and I can confirm what everyone is saying about its design flaw being that air leaks out between the seams where the two metal housings are connected. The Datavac also has an awkward location for the power button compared to the Xpower's which is where you think it would be. The Xpower however doesn't have a notch in the cable to hold the cable in place when it's wrapped up like the Datavac. The Datavac also has indented grips on its handle and the Xpower does not, although I still felt the Xpower was more comfortable to hold because the handle is actually bigger in size. For power, the Xpower has a slight edge over the Datavac given that the motor is slightly more powerful and it doesn't have the leak problem like the Datavac. The Xpower is also surprisingly more quiet than the Datavac and I think this is because the unit is sealed up properly, helping with the noise.

So to sum it up.

Pros: Quieter than the Datavac, more powerful, lighter, easier to hold, better attachments, cheaper
Cons: Cord feels less durable(also not as long), Made in China (maybe you'll care maybe you won't)

Pros: Feels well built, Made in U.S.A, durable cord, overall durability (have owned one unit almost 2 years) still very powerful.
Cons: Heat build up from prolonged use, leak issues, HEAVY

If you care more about where it's made, then the DataVac will do just fine, I still plan on keeping all three anyways. The XPower is way better for the money so long as stands the test of time.

Office Depot Cleaning Duster, 10 Oz, Pack of 3, OD101523 Review:

You would think that canned air would get cheaper over the last decade but it seems to have gotten more expensive for air. I bought this one because it seemed relatively reasonable for ten bucks.

This works just like any canned air, put the tiny straw in, pop the tab at the top off to unlock it for use, and start blasting away all that dust in your computer. The only issue I had is the straw kept flying off. It's a minor thing but otherwise it's fine.

If you find this pack for under a tenner, then quickly grab it. A bottle of canned air can extend the life of dusty electronics. Recommended.

And remember: short, strong bursts. Don't do a long half-effort spray. Press that button all the way down for short blasts of full power.

Rosewill Compressed Gas Duster, 10 oz Canned Air Multipurpose Computer Keyboard Cleaner Spray (2-Pack), Ozone Safe - RCGD-18002 Review:

I bought the 3-pack in January 2019. It's now August 2019--and I'm still on can number one! I bought this brand to replace the compressed air cans I had been purchasing from my local BoxMart. What a change this has been! Good compression and good length of use and I don't find any residue after using it. I primarily use the air for my computers, but also for various dusting routines around the house, my auto, weapons cleaning, and etc. Very pleased with this purchase and it deserves my "Buy With Confidence" recommendation.

Dust-Off Compressed Gas Duster, Pack of 8 Review:

Good: Does the job; big cans last longer before chilling out.

Bad: Gas peters out quickly as the can gets cold. Gas is EXTREMELY flammable; DO NOT use this product in the vicinity of an open flame. I'm serious; this thing could be used for zombie defense. Gas is also toxic and intoxicating; use in a confined space will result in a very unpleasant buzz for the user; repeated exposure will have the user shopping for a new liver. I'm not deducting stars for any of this because all dusters in the post-Freon era have these hazards. Just be careful.

Bottom line: They don't work nearly as well as the old Freon dusters, but that isn't Dust-Off's fault. They do work well enough to be useful; just pick up a case so you can rotate cans as they freeze. Five stars.

Falcon Compressed Gas (152a) Disposable Cleaning Duster 4 Count, 10 oz. Can (DPSXL4T) Review:

> Full size can. Good price. Works well
> The extension "straw" has a smaller interior diameter than some other similar products.
CAUTION -- I destroyed my computer by using a similar product. If you spray a stream of liquid onto computer chips the sudden change in temperature will crack them internally (and destroy them) -- even if the chips are not warm.
>> Fully backup your computer before cleaning the circuit boards with canned compressed gas.
>> With full cans, test first that the can is spraying only gas and no liquid.
>> Always hold the can fully vertical -- do NOT tilt the can. The temptation to tilt the can to get into the nooks and crannies can be hard to overcome. Instead use the extension "straw" and bend the straw with one hand while you operate the pressure valve with the other.
>> Only spray 1-3 seconds at a time.
>> NEVER shake the can while spraying.
> When the pressure gets low, set the can aside, and continue your work with a second can. In 10 minutes or so when the first can has warmed up the pressure in the first can will be "regenerated". The pressure will regenerate as long as some liquid remains in the can.

Office Depot Cleaning Duster, 10 Oz, OD10152 Review:

Just make sure you have the tube that accompanies these things. It should be taped to the can. w/o the tube, you won't have access to places difficult to reach. Another potential problem: the can will freeze quickly, limiting the area you can cover. You will have to wait until the can gets to room temperature before resuming. This will take some time, so you may want to buy a couple cans and alternate usage. At least that worked for me.

Dust-Off Falcon Professional Electronics Compressed Air Duster, 12 oz, 3 Pack Review:

I purchased a single 12 oz. can of Dust Off compressed air duster. It arrived very quickly. While the suggested shipping time with regular shipping was potentially a couple of weeks, it arrived within a week. I was very pleased. Having purchased this same product from a different seller and having received the product damaged in shipping, I was happy to see this item arrive in good condition. My previous order from a different seller was received with the spray nozzle(s) having cracked and broken off making the item completely worthless. With this order, the seller had taken the time to tape some bubble wrap around the spray nozzle thus cushioning the plastic spray nozzle preventing it from being damaged in shipping. The item was received with the usual small straw/tube for getting into tight spots in computer cases, etc. I found a good price on a single can with free shipping. I could have gotten a little better deal on an order of multiple cans but I don't use it very often so I only buy a can or two at a time as needed. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is the price. While not horrible, I think the price for a single can could be a bit cheaper.

A few things most people already know... Keep it away from small children only letting someone use it who is old enough to use it responsibly. You need to make sure you keep the can upright while spraying. If you don't, you'll get liquid instead of air. The liquid, if it should come out, is freezing cold so be careful not to spay at someone especially at their face and eyes. Spray using only shot controlled bursts. Extended spraying will cause the can to become extremely cold and stop spraying all together. If that happens, simply set the can down for a while and let it warm back up and it will resume spraying again.

Falcon Dust-Off Electronics Compressed Gas Duster 10 oz (4 Pack) [New Improved Version] Review:

I live at the base of desert mountains and have a very expensive PC and other electronics. It is amazing how damage dust can do to connection ports and such. I thought the flavor category was a joke but truthfully it does leave a residue on the keyboard which actually is very bitter so I have to wash my hands constantly before eating any finger foods! If you folks could do something about that...It would be great! If not, I will still buy from you again! I also use it to cool down my CPU and it works exceedingly well for that! Thanks!

Falcon Dust, Off Compressed Gas (152a) Disposable Cleaning Duster, 1, Count, 3.5 oz Can (DPSJB) Review:

It’s a can of air. You know, like air but it’s in a can. You press a thing and the air comes out of the can. I don’t know what else to say here.

MAX Professional 1229 Blow Off Mini General Purpose Air Duster Cleaner, MB-111-229 (3.5 oz) Review:

It’s a can of air. You know, like air but it’s in a can. You press a thing and the air comes out of the can. I don’t know what else to say here.