Best Cocktail Bitters in 2020

Regan's Orange Bitters No. 6, 10 Ounces Review:

This is a very well crafted product. Even though it's just an accent in most drinks you really get a huge depth of flavor from it. Despite being pretty alcoholic stuff it's even fairly palatable straight up (not that I'd serve it that way, but I tasted a few sips in a shot glass just to get a feel for it.) On the nose the straight product has a nice fresh orange scent followed by the bitter herb aroma and the alcohol, tasting it straight the orange is fresh but subdued by bitters with some notes of a cloves and fennel and wood.

In my favorite application so far, the dry martini, it really ties the drink together and brings out the herbal notes in the gin in a very pleasing way. I'll no longer mix martinis without it.

In a completely different area of the kitchen I flavored some sweetened whipped cream with a squeeze of fresh orange juice, a bit of zest and a few heavy dashes orange bitters for a nice not-too-sweet complement for rich chocolate desserts.

Peychaud's Aromatic Cocktail Bitters - 10 Ounce Bottle Review:

I got this for a very specific purpose... to make Sazeracs. Mandatory. So, since this is the original bitters for Sazeracs, how can I give it less than 5 stars? As for its general usefulness, not sure yet. Totally different flavor from Angostura, but that's not necessarily bad. I think I need to try it in some other cocktails, using it for the primary bitter. As with many bitters, it's not actually all that intensely bitter. Nice flavor. I use Angustura to cook with, people love the flavor it adds even though they don't know what it is. Maybe Peychauds will work for that, too. Have to give it a try..

Bourbon Bitters Bundle: Woodford Reserve Aromatic, Spiced Cherry, Orange, and Chocolate Cocktail Bitters - 2 oz Each (Original Version) Review:

I haven't used bitters for my mostly gin-based cocktails other than Angostura until now. I tried all 4 options from the Bourbon Bitters Bundle separately on a cocktail made out of bourbon infused gin, egg white and lemon. I added 7 drops per oz of drink every time (I like the use of droppers over "hot sauce" bottle style to have more control on the dashes).
The Orange Bitters enhanced the flavor of the sweet bourbon wood (either from the gin or from the bitter, couldn't tell exactly). A distinctive orange flavor came up after a long finish when lemon, spices and wood faded away.
The Spiced Cherry Bitters went the opposite direction by enhancing the lemon juice and making the drink surprisingly refreshing.
Just by rubbing my hands with a few drops of the Chocolate Bitters I knew that it was not going to be a good fit for my cocktail. Strong chocolate flavor was not the right addition although the aroma is very pleasant. Still enjoying it coming from my hands as I type in these words!. Because of my drink profile I'd give the Chocolate Bitter the benefit of the doubt until I find a better suitor.
Finally, I'm not quite sure what the Aromatic Bitters are good for. Although didn't make any impact on my drink, it actually made more sense when I put half a dropper in 4oz of Club Soda and took it as a digestif after dinner (and after tasting all the previous bitters!).

Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Cocktail Bitters 5oz Review:

What a fun twist for us on bitters! I hadn't ever tried or even seen chocolate bitters until a trip to Detroit this spring where they used them in an Old Fashioned that has rum and pineapple, besides the bourbon. Really adds a nice twist to some of my cocktails and seems to pair nicely with rum and bourbon based drinks. Have to do more research online to see what else I can do with it and expand my summer mixology selection. Add it to your bar and you will be happy you did.

Angostura Aromatic Bitters, 4 oz Review:

When our local Bev-Mo was out of the Angostura Bitters (and their shipment was back-ordered), I tried several other brands, but none tasted quite right. Took a couple weeks before the 💡 lightbulb finally went on and I found Angostura Bitters on Amazon. So happy!! My Dark and Stormy just isn’t the same without Angostura and my Zoya rum!

Top Hat Craft Ginger Beer Syrup - 32oz btl - Soda Stream Flavor Syrups (Makes 32 Moscow Mules) Review:

This is one of the best items I've ever purchased. I fell in love with this stuff at a local event and was thrilled to find it online at Amazon. I had a question for the seller, and we ended up on the phone talking about this product. Shane, the owner/creator of Top Hat, takes enormous pride in the quality of his product, and it's evident when you taste the product. I originally had this mixed with grapefruit-infused vodka and club soda. However, Top Hat also makes an equally unparalleled product -- Paloma Ruby Go Wild Concentrate Top Hat Paloma "Ruby Go Wild" Concentrate - 32oz Bottle Makes 32 Drinks (Draft and Frozen Cocktail Syrup)-- with which you can use plain vodka and not have to have grapefruit vodka on hand. I honestly can't say enough good things about Top Hat products and its creator.