Best Cloth Diaper Sprayers in 2020

Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer for Toilet, Cloth Diaper Sprayer, Toilet Sprayer (Brushed Nickel) Review:

Over the years I have installed three brands of well-reviewed bidet sprayers in various houses we have owned and no matter what I did every one of them leaked. So I gave up for awhile on having a bidet sprayer. I did successfully install a bidet attachment that sprays from beneath the toilet seat, but this was not only less satisfying (especially for a woman,) but turned out to be very difficult to clean. And I never did feel that a spray coming from behind was the most sanitary way of washing a woman's private parts, anyway. So I left a bidet sprayer on my private wish list for a few more years, hoping to get the courage to someday try again. A recent review of my list coupled with a thoroughly reading of reviews finally led me to the PurrfectZone sprayer. A silly name for a sprayer, but it had really good reviews that sounded legitimate. Long story short, I ordered one and installed it in less than 10 minutes. And, guess what? NO LEAKS!!! FINALLY! Having used this refreshing sprayer for over a week now, I plan to attach the holder bracket to the wall of my WC for easier access than the toilet tank option has been. The toilet tank holder has been fine and would be a great option for renters and others who do not want a wall installation, though, so its inclusion in the PurrfectZone kit is appreciated. I appreciate even more the very high quality of every component of this sprayer set. A great deal of thought and consideration has obviously been put into its creation and that really sets this company apart from the others.Thanks for having such high standards, PurrfectZone, even though you did choose a silly name. 🙂

Update: Because we liked the first PurrfectZone sprayer we bought, we bought second one for our guest bathroom. Before I could get around to installing that one, however, PurrfectZone sent me, totally unsolicited, another hose for the new one along with a note explaining they had received reports of some customers having problems with the hose of the unit I'd just received and so they were replacing it with a better one that could handle higher water pressure. Because I hadn't yet done the install I certainly hadn't complained about anything; PurrfectZone just did this replacement on their own to make sure I had the best product and experience they could provide. I've never before had a company do this with anything I've purchased. I'm truly impressed with PurrfectZone and now would give them even more stars if I could!

Patent Pending Aquaus 360° Premium Cloth Diaper Sprayer w/ thumb pressure controls on the sprayer- EZ pressure control makes rinsing cloth diapers quick & easy, Review:

I don't know what I'd do without this! It's been my life saver. I hated every single spray pan I've seen besides this one. Number one reason being how deep it is and how perfectly snug it fits in the toilet so I don't have to hold it in place! Everything goes right down into the toilet without splashing, no matter how crazy I'm spraying at those dirty diapers!

The bidet sprayer is perfect as well. I love that I can adjust how strong it sprays and that sucker will power wash poop right off those diapers! Ive had it for 5 months now and it still works as good as it did on day one and it still has yet to leak. It was incredibly easy to install and I love how good it actually looks hanging on the tank! Most people don't even realize it's there! We also have saved a ton of toilet paper with this thing as we use the softer spray setting to clean ourselves up after using the toilet.

I just don't like how big the spray pan is because it's hard to hide unless I put it in the bathtub behind the shower curtain. The clips can disorient after a lot of usage but you can pop them back into place.

Overall, it's worth every penny. Best and most useful purchase I've made all year by far!

Stainless Steel Cloth Diaper Sprayer Kit By Easy Giggles - Handheld Shattaf Bidet Spray For Toilet With Brushed Nickel Finish And Complete Accessories - Cleans Baby Cloth Diapers Easily With Water Review:

I am very happy with the quality of the piece-parts of this kit. All pieces are metallic, including the sprayer, which has a brushed-nickel finish. (No plastic parts like some of the other brands.) The kit comes professionally packaged with everything you need to install it quickly. All you need is a screw-driver and a crescent wrench.

The installation went smoothly---no leaks, no issues. By turning the lever on the T-valve, you can adjust the rate/pressure of the flow to the sprayer to your liking. The push-lever on the sprayer itself gives you another level of control during use. Time will tell how this unit will fair in the future. I'll update my review if I encounter durability issues.

Now, I want to mention two drawbacks that stem from the basic design of the kit, and not unique to this particular supplier/band:
First, with the metal hanger (that the sprayer hangs on) placed on the edge of my toilet tank, the tank's lid didn't close quite right. This piece needs a more versatile design.
Second, which is much more important, is that the instructions strongly advise that you shut the T-valve off after EACH USE to relieve pressure on the sprayer while it is not in use. The concern is that the sprayer will fail at some point, flooding your bathroom and causing costly damage! However, the position of the T-valve right under the toilet tank would make it a royal pain to have to reach it after each use to turn its lever off! Ideally, you want to set the lever on the T-valve to your desired flow rate once and then forget about it. And you can. But if you do, be prepared to live with the consequences of possible failure of the sprayer and flooding of your bathroom!

SmarterFresh Ease Cloth Diaper Sprayer – Superior Splatter-Proof Stainless Steel Diaper Sprayer Cleans The Messiest Cloth Diapers – Complete Diaper Washer Hand Held Bidet Sprayer for Toilet Review:

I used to just toss my soiled prefolds into the washing machine when I had my full-size washing machine. After moving and consequently moving a portable Haier washing machine as well, I realized that wasn't such a good idea anymore. My prefolds were coming out of the wash with bits of popcorn and other remnants on them after going through two heavy wash cycles. I realized if I wanted my spotlessly clean prefolds back, I had to get solids off prior to washing.

I started to "dunk and swish". When my spouse saw me perform that chore one day, he was surprised and suggested I buy one of these diaper sprayers. I didn't have any high hopes for these but decided to give them a try since he insisted. I can now say that this diaper sprayer makes getting solids off of diapers SO much easier. It is not only less work-intensive, it is also more hygienic. I absolutely still wash my hands after dealing with a soiled diaper each time (and would recommend others do so as well) since you never know if that tiny spray of water bounced off with feces bacteria. But no more having to almost touch the soiled parts when dunking or swishing.

In our home, this has gotten all manner and consistencies of soiled matter off the diapers with ease. If a simple wetting doesn't make them come off, then a squeeze with the added water pressure does the trick each and every time.

I have also found this to be quite a versatile tool. My family has started using this as a bidet and comment on how much cleaner they feel after using the bathroom. I use this every week when I clean the toilet. I'm sure others can find more uses for this as well.

The only reason I docked a star is due to the leakage issue. If the valve is not turned off every time it does leak. If the valve is turned off but the extra water is not sprayed off, it also leaks. Having said that, I am able to live with closing the valve and spraying the leftover liquid off every time I use it. Not having to deal with this issue though, would have garnered a perfect 5 stars from me :)

Spray Pal Cloth Diaper Sprayer and Splatter Shield Bundle - Includes Best Patented Shield and Premium Adjustable Diapers Sprayer - Pre-Rinse Messy Laundry and Prevent Mess Review:

This combo is amazing and the customer service at Spray Pal is outstanding! I am sometimes hesitant to order from Amazon due to knockoffs and things of that sort so when I received my spray pal and sprayer, I contacted their customer support and they were more than happy to visually verify that I had indeed received a genuine set and were quite friendly and even gave me a few tips on using the system. The sprayer is top quality and the spray pal is a must have! Both my sister and myself use this sprayer and spray pal combo and love it! Definitely read the directions and follow the proper care and usage instructions. Make sure to turn the pressure to the hose off after each use and shake the remaining water out of the hose to prolong the life of the hose and prevent any water droplets from coming out the next time you turn the hose on. (Which could happen from the pressure of the hose being turned on if there is excess water left over from last time). That being said, there is absolutely no leaking or any issues with this unit. Also, I like that it's really easy to flip the switch on when you want to use it and off again when your done. The whole unit is really easy to install and wipe clean/disinfect. This has been a complete game changer for us and now I couldn't imagine going back to cleaning diapers without it. I would buy this again in a heartbeat.

BabyMojos Two Spray Mode Cloth Diaper Sprayer Kit Plus a Bonus Wet Bag and a DIY Sprayer Splatter Shield Guide Review:

UPDATED 4/29/2017

Wow. I had a pretty horrible experience the first time around. Basically a washer was missing and I couldn't get the sprayer to stop leaking for love or money and I tried using one of the two small included washers and the water pressure shot it up into my float and I had to fix my toilet. I left a fairly scathing review here and bought a different brand sprayer. When I returned the original sprayer, I left the diaper bag out, my wife had been using it and the inside was dirty with, well, my son's poop, and I half expected to get a denied return because I didn't include it.

Then something happened that I never thought would. I was sent another sprayer with a personal letter of apology. The manufacturer read the review and worked to make it right. I won't go into specifics, but I would have never expected a manufacturer to go as far as he did. He even included another diaper bag, mentioning I could keep both! This is clearly a man/company who cares about their products and customers. The new sprayer works great. It installed in minutes and no leaks. And yes, it already had a nice large washer inside the T valve.

I had already bought another Diaper Sprayer from here on Amazon, Sm@rterFresh and I now have each installed on different toilets, and have used both today. I will update the below in a month or so with a more in-depth comparison.

Installation notes
Make sure there is a washer in the top of the T valve.
Unscrew the blue caps.
Use included Plumbers tape on all threads. 1 layer is good enough. Google how to use plumber's tape if you are unsure.
Position T valve with the lever away from the toilet. The hose is long enough to reach and the lever is easier to get to this way.
Screw the side hose into the T valve before putting the T valve on the tank, it is much easier to not work in the tight space behind the toilet.
After screwing 1 turn on the top of the T-valve stop and wiggle it a bit to make sure it is level, with the hose on the side, it will be very easy to cross thread.
After screwing the T valve up half way, stop and verify that it is still level and not cross threaded.

After you use the sprayer each time. Turn off the water to the sprayer with the lever. Then give the sprayer one last squeeze into the toilet to clear the line of water. The long hose will lay easier when empty.

The good
The sprayer looks nice and I like the push button more than the other paddle style common on diaper sprayers.
The sprayer includes a mesh water screen to prevent debris from clogging the sprayer head.
The nozzle adjusts for 2 different spray modes based on pressure and type of stream you need.
One of the spray modes is gentle enough for skin. (Other sprayer is painful on direct skin)
The hose feels like good quality. It is a woven fiber hose with the metal hose as a sheath over top.
The hose is really long. Just tuck the excess behind the toilet when not in use.
The diaper bag that comes with it is pretty nice, and it's a wet/dry bag so it has the extra zippered compartment.
Installation is pretty easy and straight forward.
This sprayer is cheaper in cost (not quality) than most others and the included Wet/Dry bag is worth another $8-15.

The Neutral
The lever on the T valve, at one end turns everything off and at the other turns just the tank on. Meaning you can't have just the sprayer on, this is by design and not a big deal, but it takes a moment to find the sweet spot for maximized pressure.

The Bad.
You also do have to turn the sprayer off after each use. This is standard on every sprayer though, as it's a liability issue.

Bidet Sprayer for Toilet, HIPPIH Hand Held Cloth Diaper Sprayer Kit, Toilet Bidet Sprayer with Premium Stainless Steel for Pet Bathing, Bathroom Cleaning, Personal Hygiene, Diaper Washer Review:

I like this diaper sprayer a lot. It was easy to set up. And I love that you turn off the sprayer when you aren't using it - One reviewer found this tedious to turn it back on each time (there's a switch down near the pipes and it either is switched to the diaper sprayer or the toilet flush but not both at the same time), but I find this to be an awesome feature so that my 2 and 3 year olds don't spray water all over the bathroom. So I'm very pleased with this purchase. As a side note, there is a learning curve involved with learning how close/far and gentle/hard to spray your diapers without accidentally spraying poo outside the toilet, but you would have this adjustment with any diaper sprayer out there, so I just recommend that you start out using this gently (without pushing the lever down much) until you get used to it.

Bumworks Cloth Diaper Toilet Sprayer Kit - Brass Chrome Hand Held Bidet w/Metal Hose, T-Valve (7/8 inch), and Mounting Clip Attachment Adapter (3-Way Valve) Review:

After researching different sprayers, we ultimately decided on this one because it was made entirely of metal instead of plastic. This is child #1 for us so we needed something that would last for several years of use. We have been using it for about a month or two and here are some thoughts:

-Installation was easy. It took about 15 minutes total. Just an FYI If the flex line connecting the valve to the toilet tank has any slack in it it will be too long once the valve from the sprayer is in place. So, for best results it helps to have a shorter flex line.

-I love how the holder attaches to the toilet lid and isn't something that we had to drill into the wall.

-Easy to turn on and off. The twist knob to turn it on also controls the pressure- and this thing has PLENTY of pressure. The limiting factor is that you don't want much "splashback" of dirty water, but even the most stubborn messes are no match for the pressure.

-Speaking of turning it on and off, my little guy has not (yet?) figured out how to operate it, and it is fairly out of the way so I'm hoping he won't ever figure it out. He has taken the sprayer off the handle several times but has not caused any flooding incidents. Though, he is only 14 months old so we will see how long this lasts.

Overall, we really like this as a diaper sprayer for our cloth diapers. Granted, I have not ever tried another model, but since I don't really have any complaints about this one I can confidently recommend it.

HeepWah Stainless Steel Diaper Sprayer and Bidet Sprayer for Toilet - Handheld Bidet with Adjustable Spray Perfect for Cloth Diapers and as Personal Shattaf - Modern Bidet for Toilet Sprayer Set Review:

HeepWah is amazing. The family that owns and runs the company is so sweet and helped us so much during our journey to get the sprayer working. The first T-valve we received had a rare manufacturing defect and leaked immediately. We reached out via customer support with a video of the issue and Daniel personally tested another valve before mailing it to us. I'm not sure what went wrong with the second one, but we had leaking there too. Not only did Daniel test and send us another T-valve and give us some troubleshooting tips, he was willing to do so during an important and hectic time for the family- welcoming their newest member! On top of that, he clearly listened to what I said in my emails: when he emailed me on the day Jess was in labor (!), I told him he better not give this any more attention for at least a week. Just over a week later he had the new valve in the mail.
Now that we've figured out the T-valve we use our sprayer every day for our cloth diapering needs. It very simple to use, has great, responsive water pressure, and even looks good in our bathroom.
If we ever need another diaper sprayer, we'll be getting another HeepWah.

Bumkins Cloth Diaper Sprayer for Toilet, Diaper Wash, Bidet Sprayer, Handheld – Chrome Finish Review:

We got this diaper sprayer 7 months ago, preemptively before our son was born because I knew I wanted to do cloth diapering. It wasn't until about 2-3 months ago when he was several months old that we felt solid enough as first time parents to handle cloth diapering on top of a new child.

The installation was easy and relatively quick. It was a really nice fit, saw no leaks, and the only issue we had for a while was my friend thought it was a manual bidet. : What we really liked was how easy it was to use - to turn off the valve, retrieve and replace the handle on it's holder, etc.

About 2 weeks ago we noticed it started leaking. And I don't mean just like a few drops, I'm talking about a decent size pool of water beneath the toilet that actually leaked through the floor and into the ceiling on the floor below. So I checked it out to see where the leak was coming from, and it appeared to be coming both out of the metal cord itself as well as the handle. I immediately contacted Bumkins customer service and was contacted back within 3 days (2 of those days were the weekend - I have bad timing). The customer service agent sent a replacement system in 2 business days, and I just got it today. Really great, responsive customer service team on hand.

I only give it 4 stars because of the leak itself. For it to have only been used for about 2-3 months, I wouldn't have expected it to start leaking like that so quickly. But whatever the case was, Bumkins worked quickly to get us a replacement system, not asking us to do any hassle work to get our busted system sent in, they just got it to us quickly. And for that they have my business for a long time! :)