Best Clarinet Parts in 2020

Vandoren VMC6 Mouthpiece Cushions; Clear; Thin; 0.35mm/.014"; Pack of 6 Review:

Useful innovation to protect both a player's expensive hard rubber mouthpiece, AND the player's upper teeth! Since any single reed instrument is balanced by the player's teeth and right hand thumb (and a neck strap, if the instrument is large enough to require such), it is helpful for that mouthpiece to NOT slide around in a player's mouth! Decades ago, I used to build up players of waterproof first aid tape, to make a cushion for my teeth so they wouldn't hurt when I had to do all sorts of busy movements in college marching band performances. This is a more elegant solution, with enough padding to protect teeth and mouthpiece from one another, matches the mouthpiece color (that white tape was just plain UGLY), and seems to have adhesive that holds until you peel the pad off on purpose (not by accident). Highly recommended!

BG C20 E Clarinet Accessory or Part Review:

This is a well-designed strap that obviously is made well. My only problem (personally) was that it was a little too short for me and I am constantly pulling the clarinet down a little bit, even with the strap fully extended. However, I've got a big neck, so it's entirely possible the fault is with my body type. (I have to use long neck straps for saxophone, too) I'm going to try one of the extra-long varieties next, and I'm sure that will work better. So, if you have a big neck, this *might* be too short for you.

Protec Clarinet/Oboe Thumb Rest Cushion Review:

This Protec thumb rest cushion (available direct from Amazon) is as good as it gets. It fits snugly on the thumb rest, is larger than most--providing a very large support area, and the cushion is made of a very soft translucent synthetic rubber like material. It provides great support and comfort. One thing to look out for with the Protec cushion is that its size can be a problem in clarinet cases that do not allow much depth beneath the thumb rest. For a smaller sized cushion that is not much larger than the thumb rest, or if you want one in black rather than translucent material, go with the Yamaha thumb rest. The Yamaha cushion, though very comfortable and a snug fit also, is made of not quite as soft a material, and being smaller in diameter distributes the weight over a smaller area.

UPDATE TO THIS REVIEW: Now that I have used both the Protec and Yamaha thumb rest cushions for some months now, I actually have a slight preference for the Yamaha cushion over the Protec. I find the firmer material and smaller size of the Yamaha cushion to actually be more comfortable and less distracting. I also have found that most clarinet cases do not accommodate the larger size of the Protec cushion, but the Yamaha cushion usually fits just fine. The final word is that both thumb rests are excellent, and your preference will depend upon you.

Clarinet/Oboe Thumb Gel Cushion with Extended Support, Size Small (fits thumb rests up to 13mm wide), by Protec, Model A353 Review:

I've been playing the clarinet for 3+ years now, and this has helped me a lot. My thumb ends up getting really sore from holding my instrument for longer periods of time or when I'm playing with Pep Band. (Lots of music gets heavy on a lyre!) This helps relieve a lot of pressure. It's a jelly-like texture and is pretty thick. Really squishy you could say. The only downfall by it being like this is that it can easily come off. I did end up losing my original one and had to buy another due to my other one falling off. Otherwise, this is a great product for fellow clarinet players! Suggested for marching band too.

Vandoren CG100B Clarinet Cork Grease Review:

Apparently, cork grease can have an unpleasant taste/smell. Vandoren cork greas does not. This brand came with my daughter's Jupiter clarinet and when she ran out, we bought some from a local music shop that was a different brand. When I asked my daughter about it, she asked me please to not get that again, and while looking for reeds, I came across this. She is once again a happy clarinet player. Shipping was awesome. Ordered on Sunday, received on Friday that same week. Would happily reorder from this company and would recommend it to others.

Rico Clarinet Strap with Thumb Tab Review:

I have some joint problems in my thumb, so whenever I play my clarinet for more than half an hour it begins to hurt rather bad. Playing an entire concert is excruciating. I haven't tried any other straps, so perhaps there's something better out there, but this has been working well for me. I attack it and put a Ridenour thumb saddle over it so it can't slip off. It provides just enough support to take the weight off my thumb and I can play for hours without pain. Not everyone needs it, but it's made a world of difference for me, and I don't set up my instrument without it.

Valentino 700321 Clarinet Joint Corks Review:

I needed to replace one cork on my son's clarinet. One of five corks fitted the joint by the width. I would use other ones should it be a different width joint. Also, I think if needed, wider cork may always be cut more narrow to fit the particular joint. They all are long enough. These corks are artificial and have adhesive backing. So, it took me about a minute to install: no cork cement was needed (and I bought it together with the corks). Just wrapped it carefully around, cut the end with the blade to make a butt joint, tried to fit to the mating piece. The thickness happened to be perfect: no sanding was required. So, I just applied the cork grease to the new cork and assembled/disassembled the pieces a couple of times adding the grease. Right now I do not know for how long it will survive but the cork seems to be durable enough to last for a while. The product is great but the description of the corks could be more detailed. This would help do-it-yourselfers who are not professionals. I would add to the description the following:
- the corks have adhesive backing, no additional adhesives required.
- the set includes one 3/8" wide, one 13/32" wide, one 7/16" wide and two 1/2" wide x 3 and 7/16" long (at least, that is what I received).

ROSENICE 17pcs Clarinet Pads Bb Clarinet Woodwind Instrument Pads Review:

These actually worked great for my old Bundy but I needed 4 large pads instead of 3 and a medium. I am having to purchase a second set to get the large 4th pad but then I will have extras on hand.

SATINIOR 27 Pieces Clarinet Instrument Accessories Replacement Kits with 10 Pieces Clarinet Neck Joint Cork and 17 Pieces Clarinet Pads Bb Clarinet Woodwind Instrument Pads Review:

We bought our son's clarinet used last November and he's been practicing daily with it. One of the keypads came off and to service one pad was going to cost $30.00. I decided to fix it on my own and will repad the whole thing at a later date. This kit was all that I needed, I can use the other pads in case others fall off in the future. I have not used the cork neck joint. The bag it comes with is handy as it keeps everything together. The back of the pads did not have sticky but press on it while inserting on the instrument it stays in place.