Best Clarinet Cleaning & Care in 2020

Instrument Clinic Cork Grease Tubes, 5 Pack, Made in USA! Review:

My daughter started to play the flute this year and the rental was in pretty good shape but it was difficult to assemble and take apart. The cork grease here is an excellent value. I did use a cloth to first thoroughly clean the insides of the end of the flute pieces with my little finger as well as the outsides of the sections that would be joined together. This removed a lot of "black" stuff and the grease made it that much easier to put together. I hope she sticks with the Flute (she seems to enjoy it a lot) and has practices a lot. With 5 packs of grease we hope it lasts many years.

Music Nomad MN702 Bore Oil Cleaner and Conditioner for Wooden Bore Instruments, 2 oz. Review:

Music Nomad products are very good, and well thought out. I usually check with them before considering any other manufacturer. What's important about musical instrument oils, is that they shouldn't be made from petroleum, which dries out wood in the long-run. I purchased this to keep my new clarinet in shape, but am waiting for it to be broken-in before using any oil on it.

In the meantime, I had to change guitar strings, and I usually apply a bit of oil on the fret-board to keep it from drying out. As I applied the Music Nomad Bore Oil, I noticed the pleasant odor it gives off - that of a very fine and refined light-oil. More importantly, it was absorbed by the ebony of the fret-board very quickly. This is good because it means that the oil is thin and easily penetrates into the wood, rather than floating on the surface. This action also allows me to gauge how dry the wood is; when it stops being absorbed it's saturated.

Now, I don't want to overdue this, as any softening of the fret-board wood could change it's dimensions, or worse still allow frets to work loose. Nevertheless, a judicious application every string-change has worked well, especially during dry winter months. I use Elixir strings, and thus don't change strings more than 3 times a year; if I used un-coated strings I would not oil until every other string change. In any event. I think Music Nomad could sell more of this product with a simple change of the label to "Fine Instrument Oil" as it's really good for any fine wood instrument. I just finished using it on my son's expensive wood-recorder and it brought the finish, and tone, back to life. I think its time to work on that clarinet wood now....

Herco HE106 Clarinet Composition Maintenance Kit Review:

The Herco Composition Clarinet Maintenance Kit is a great kit for those starting out. For those who are professionals or have been playing a while in school you probably do not need this kit. I gave it five stars because it has everything you need. I have two clarinets one wood and one plastic from my years way back from the 70's when I was in the marching band and symphonic band. I did not do a video a review because the only difference between the Composition Maintenance Kit and Wood Maintenance Kit was the Bore Oil. For this reason I sent it back. I tell you this to be honest and also to save money. At the time I purchased both products from Amazon. Sometimes you pay a little bit more but 90 percent of the time if it is within 30 days and you haven't destroyed or used up everything they will refund your money. Furthermore, I never opened the package and I ordered through Amazon directly. If you buy a product cheaper from another seller read the fine print on the Seller's site as they may not offer refunds and may also charge to put them back as well as just saying they do not give refunds. I invite you to look at the video review for the Herco Wood Clarinet Maintenanace Kit where you can see all that is there remembering minus the Bore Oil and if you do play the clarinet please feel free to read my other written and video reviews. I am here to help you make an unbiased decision as well as I can and would invite any recommendations that would make your decision easier. I hope this has helped you in your decision making process. I will be reviewing other clarinet products so keep checking back.

Set of 2 Vandoren Clarinet Cork Grease Review:

I've been using this cork grease from Vandoren for several years now, and can truthfully say it is a superior product. A nice light coating every time I put the Buffet or Selmer together helps prevent any excessive tightness when the joint swells in warm weather. It also keeps the cork supple and clean. There are cheaper products but none I've found that measure up.

Hodge Silk Oboe Swab - Deep Purple Review:

My oboe has a narrower top than some I've used, so I was afraid this would get stuck in the receiver, and it fit right through! But if it would happen to get stuck, there is a small string on the bottom of the cloth to pull it out of the oboe from the bottom, so if I ever run into that problem for any reason, I know I won't have to worry about it.

Hodge Silk Clarinet Swab - Black Review:

Most middle-school kids will get a package of clarinet accessories when they first begin learning the clarinet. Yes, that accessory kit does include a swab, but it's exactly what you should expect in a "value-pack"---cheap, low-quality, barely absorbent.

Immediately invest in several of these silk Hodge swabs and get your clarinet student off on the right path to caring for their instrument. The difference in absorbency between this product and cut-rate swabs is immense. The weight and cord are the right length and heft for dropping down the clarinet, and the material doesn't catch or snag as it pulls through.

Why get several? Well, swabs by definition are absorbing---UGH---"moisture" from the inside of the clarinet. I prefer to have multiple swabs in rotation so they can be cleaned before they start growing legs and walking around the band hall. These are reasonably priced and your instrument wasn't cheap, why not take care of it?

Vandoren SW200 Microfiber Swab for Bb Clarinet Review:

Strong, absorbent, and haven't had any issues running it through the bass as of yet - I have a Buffet 1193 bass clarinet w/a Backun custom bell. It holds a lot of moisture, but is almost as smooth as silk. Great idea. One problem, is that it holds onto that moisture a bit too long, so... when ya get home from the gig, open the case and dry it out, or better, keep it out of a case until it dries. Still, I think it's the best swab I've used for bass clarinet.