Best Cigar Clips & Stands in 2020

Mrs. Brog Pocket Size Portable Cigar Stand - Stainless Steel - Lightwaeight Review:

You will love this product. It folds very neatly and compact and will save you from having to use a public ashtray. It's also a conversation piece believe it or not. Once you pull this out and set it on the table, everyone will want to know what it is and where you purchased it from. It's very solid. I will never smoke a cigar without it.

Beautifultracy Portable Cigar Holder Outdoor Cigar Stand (Gold) Review:

Color is vibrant and looks good even after being outdoors for a week or more. Hold most ring gauges of cigars very well. Makes smoking more convenient if you are doing something that requires both hands and aren't a seasoned old smoker who can take cigar smoke drifting into their eyes whole holding it in their teeth. It is quite stable as well.

Beautifultracy Portable Cigar Holder Outdoor Cigar Stand (Black) Review:

Love the cigar holder. I know another buyer said it was smaller than expected, which is strange since its the exact measurements as described. Easily holds 52 ring size cigars, with room to spare. Has good weight to it and a nice felt bottom. I ordered the black, and am very pleased with it. The photos make it look a bit blueish, but the actual product is a nice midnight black. Would recommend to any cigar smoker!

Cigar Minder Clip - All Purpose Cigar Holder Review:

For years I would just drop my cigar on the ground and hit the golf ball, pick it up and sometimes condensation from the morning dew or recently watered greens would dampen my cigar. Hey, I smoke good cigars - I don't need them to go out when i'm golfing. Also recommend getting them in bright colors (I had the orange), these are easy to forget about after you finish 18 holes - and can be left on your cart if you aren't careful.

Also it makes a great gift - I would have loved to have gotten this as a gift. I only discovered it because another guy playing with me whipped the holder out while we were playing. I was instantly jealous!!

Cigar Compadre Clip On Holder Review:

Every cigar smoker on the golf course asks me about this simple product.

Clip it to your bag and put your cigar in it while you go and hit the ball. No more exposing your mouth to the chemicals our superintendent uses to keep our course looking awesome.

Works just as well if you are walking or riding...perfect product.

TIP: Put a tee through the hole in the bottom so when you are down the nub, you can still get it out of the holder. Sweet.

Pack of 6 Cigar Holder Cigar Clip Cigar Minder for Golfers Review:

Very simple and easy to store in your golf bag. IF, you remember to put it back in after your round of golf!! Haha, getting a package of 6 at a great price makes it easier to accept if you forget it back on the cart at the course !! Single hand operation to slide cigar in and out. No need to use both hands to push spring loaded clamp to insert cigar or take it off.

Perfecto Cigar Holder Review:

I like it and would buy again. First impression "wow this is big", an industrial strength cigar holder. And it is indeed large. However, after using it, it works really well. Your cigar simply lays in the deep slot, nothing to pinch or deform it and it has never fallen out, even over severe bumps. It's large enough so you don't forget it when you return the cart and yet fits comfortably in the pocket of a standard size bag.