Best Chicken Breasts in 2020

Barber Foods Frozen Stuffed Chicken Kiev Breast Meat, 7 Ounce -- 24 per case. Review:

I wasn't sure what to expect for the shipment. I've purchased the Barber Foods Chicken Kiev at grocery stores in the past and always loved them. So of course I am happy with the product. My primary concern was on the shipping; whether these would arrive individually wrapped, wrapped in packages of two, or what. They came as one box with all of the Kiev inside one plastic bag. (Good thing I had some freezer bags to put them in as my freezer is not big enough to handle the bigger box.) They were well packaged with dry ice, so arriving home a couple hours after they arrived, with the box sitting in the sun, was no problem. They were still completely frozen. I will buy these again.

Kirkland Signature Premium Chunk Chicken Breast Packed in Water, 12.5 Ounce, 6 Count Review:

I recently ordered this chicken for the first time and was not at all disappointed. The package came in good condition. I love the fact that Kirkland mentions it on the back of the can the drained weight of the chicken vs. the actual weight of the can with water. Drained weight of chicken according to Kirkland is approx 7 oz. My drained chicken weighed 8 for me! Previously, I've been disappointed with other brand canned chicken cuz they don't mention it and you think you're getting one amount vs. another. So, I was definitely happy about that. Not to mention, when I opened my can today I noticed the quality of the chicken looked pretty good. They were White chunks of tender chicken and tasted pretty good. I'll definitely be buying more next time.

Just BARE All Natural Fresh Chicken, Hand-Trimmed, Boneless, Skinless Breast Fillets, 1.0 lb Review:

I really wanted to make a review only because I added this chicken to my cart 5 times and kept removing it because I was unsure about purchasing this.


Let’s start off talking about the price. I’m really not feeling the price. I feel like you could get more if you went to the super market yourself. Unfortunately my supermarkets here suck when it comes to meat so I get it from amazon fresh. This is my first time buying this brand which I’m pleased with due to the fact that the other fresh market meat is no longer Available for purchase so I had to find another meat source.

Let’s talk about smell: when I opened the pack the first thing I did was smell it due to reading all the review about how bad the smell was. My chicken smelled fresh. Was not all that slimy stuff on the chicken or all that liquid at the bottom. My chicken didn’t have any of that which made it easy for me to clean with less mess.

Let’s talk about quantity: only 2 breast and they are average size not huge. You might want to split each one down the middle to make “more”. One pack if you split it should be enough to feed mom, dad, child. Depending if you guys over eat or not. In that case 2 packs will do fine for 4 people.

Let’s talk about taste and texture: after cooking my chicken in olive oil I cut them in strips for my salad. I was also worried about the toughness of the chicken because reading the reviews made me nervous. My chicken was so tender and soft. The taste as so good.

Would I buy it again? Yes I would. I also wanted to take photos for you guys since people that took photos weren’t very helpful. It’s so important I see what I’m about to buy from other peope who leave reviews. I wanted to be that person.

Hope this helped 4 stars because I had 0 issues with is product. Would’ve gotten 5 if the price matched the amount

Just BARE All Natural Fresh Chicken, Family Pack of Hand-Trimmed, Boneless, Skinless Breast Fillets, 2.0lb Review:

I have purchased this several times now from Amazon Fresh and it is very good. I have been buying chicken breasts for many years for a good large family and I can say that these do, in fact, taste better than the average brand of chicken in the grocery store. It tastes as good as Bell and Evans brand. My kids also immediately noticed the taste difference and texture on these. Most chicken needs to be tenderized (pounded a bit) but I don't have to tenderize the Bare chicken.

I also don't have any complaints about the quantity as I don't think the size is misleading if a buyer pays attention to the measurements. As for some complaints about the chicken arriving spoiled: I can say that I have had other Amazon Fresh items arrive spoiled and just at the expiration date, but their customer service is exceptional and has always issued a refund immediately. That is the best one could hope for in this situation.

I would recommend giving his chicken a try.

Tyson Chunk Chicken Breast, 7-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12) Review:

I've tried this and the Sweet Sue packaged chicken. Neither are bad at all. Sweet Sue has less additives/preservatives and things I can't identify. This particular product looks good, but tastes slightly dryer than Sweet Sue's. The reason I went Tyson (this product) .... because Sweet Sue just can't seem to keep it in stock and it's considerably cheaper, too. Sad.
I usually eat it a few times a week. I'll make a sloppy Chicken sandwich, mix it in to a salad or a favortie chicken dish, etc. I can't complain by any means ... It's just not Sweet Sue. Oh well, I'm alright with it.
It comes packaged in a 5"x10" box and sits comfortably in my cupboard until I need it.
The packaging is tight and nice, no complaints. Resealable would be convenient, but these aren't (along with Sweet Sue). I believe if someone made the resealable packaging they'd have an edge right now.
I recommend.

NatureRaised Farms Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Tenderloins, 12 oz. Review:

Not the best quality chicken, but these tenderloins are nice tasting and cut to the perfect size for serving. The trim isn't perfect, but at least there's no extra fat on. They work best baked in my opinion, they are took thick for cooking in the pan. You can also cube them for soups/stew/casseroles too.
I actually got more than 12oz with my orders, so if you are meal prepping and looking into weight/calories/macros you definitely need not to trust the packaging.

Just BARE Organic Fresh Chicken, Hand-Trimmed, Boneless, Skinless Breast Fillets, 1.0 lb Review:

Yes, I'm writing a review about chicken on Amazon. To think I used to buy only books here, back in the day.

This chicken is very high quality, even better than the organic chicken breasts that I've bought at Trader Joe's or other stores. I've purchased this multiple times via Amazon Fresh and it's been very reliable.

Feb 2018 update: I reduced my 5-star to 4. In the most recent batch, one of the breasts was not right. They were cooked together yet one of them was strangely chewy and ended up being tossed.

Gold'n Plump, Boneless Chicken Breast Portions, 16 oz Review:

I don't understand the negative reviews. NO, what I received didn't look like the picture, but given that the picture seemed to be of chicken BREASTS rather than portions, I didn't expect it to. I frequently make dishes like pasta salad, either for meals or just to have on hand in the fridge/freezer for a snack or meal instead of processed/frozen/packaged food. This is perfect for that! Since it's portions, instead of full breasts, part of the job of cutting and chopping is already done. The taste is good, with no hormones, etc., and the price is great. If you want FULL chicken BREASTS then buy them. If you just want chopped chicken breasts, these are fabulous and convenient.