Best Champagne Glasses in 2020

TOSSWARE Flute recyclable champagne plastic cup-stemless, shatterproof and BPA-free Review:

These are amazing! I originally purchased them because they are recyclable and I didn't want to add a bunch of plastic to the land fill. I expected them to be serviceable, but expected to toss them out at the end of the party. Not so. I decided to wash them and use them again. After having a party with 40 guests and doing all the cooking, etc., the last thing I expected to do was wash these by hand, but I did. Seriously, they are that nice. Several guests asked me where I got them because the quality was so good. They are crystal clear and really looked and felt nice in hand; add to that they stack for storage, and It seemed a complete waste to throw them out. They stack securely and the boxes they come in are really nice quality cardboard, so they will store nicely for many parties to come. After I hand dried them, they looked new again. I am so glad I bought these and at only just over $1 per piece, how can you go wrong? I bought 4 boxes of the flutes and the wine glasses and feel like I should buy a couple more of each. From now on, these are my go to "glasses" for my large or outdoor parties.

BrüMate 12oz Insulated Champagne Flute With Flip-Top Lid - Made With Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel (Aqua) Review:

This is an overall awesome product! I have to start off my saying that I love that there are so many beautiful colors to choose from. I bought the rose gold but will definitely be buying other colors as well! The flute is the perfect size for my small hands! I am able to hold it without a problem. While it is a good size for my hands it also holds a lot of beverage! It holds about double the size of a standard flute which is amazing, no need to refill as often! If you love cold mimosas this flute is for you! Keeps the drink cold bubbly and looks cute all at the same time! I think it is cool that the lid is a flip top lid so it is able to keep the drink bubbly. You have to opened it each time you are going to drink from it but it’s not a problem for me since the lid goes all the way back and doesn’t hit your nose while drinking.

140 pc Plastic Classicware Glass Like Champagne Wedding Parties Toasting Flutes Party Cocktail Cups (Clear) Review:

Very pleased with these. They came nicely packaged! Only one base cracked out of my whole order, I think it only cracked because the shrink wrap was tight. Received the same amount of cups I ordered (420 cups; 3 packs of 140, total 420 bases and 420 cups). They are very easy to assemble; some are a little harder than others not bad though. You get a good cup for the value and they are really cute and pretty durable (I accidentally dropped some and they were good!).

Gold Glitter Plastic Classicware Glass Like Champagne Wedding Parties Toasting Flutes (1 Box = Quantity 30) Review:

Based on previous reviews, I was worried that the quality of these glasses was lacking due to broken product. However, I was very pleased when they arrived. I was home when they were delivered, and the man clearly just dropped the package to the ground. I was so worried that his lack of care would have caused these to break. However, all 60 glasses were in perfect condition.

The packaging was great; each row was lined with thin foam for protection. The subtle glitter on the gold set is a nice touch. Even my husband likes them (and he usually hates glitter). These are perfect for anyone seeking disposable but elegant champagne flutes.

48 Pack Stemless Plastic Champagne Flutes Disposable 9 Oz Clear Plastic Toasting Glasses Shatterproof Recyclable and BPA-Free Review:

The stemless flutes are outstanding. They look fine and held up well. Plus, they hold a decent pour— not just a toasting taste. Many people complimented them. Caveat— for a party at which people are standing and mingling, it is easier to hold a plate and stemmed “glass” in one hand. But for our reception they worked very well and we intend to wash and reuse them another time.

Libbey Stemless Champagne Flute Glasses, Set of 12 Review:

I ordered these glasses for a bridal shower I was throwing. I had a champagne bar and didn't have enough of my own but didn't want to use plastic either. They arrived well packaged with no damage at all. I noticed a few other reviews said they had broken glasses when they arrived, no problem for me. I LOVE that they are the stemless kind. Much more sturdy and less likely to tip over when sat down. And let's face it, a bunch a women chatting and drinking someone is bound to knock a drink over or break one, didn't happen with these bad boys! They hold a good amount of drink too, more than the traditional glasses I had already. More drink=better glass!
I also noticed a few reviews said they had trouble getting the stickers off the bottom. Now I don't know why every glass in the box needs to have a sticker on the bottom, but they do which is slightly irritating, but I just sat the glasses in my sink in an inch of hot soapy water for a few minutes and the stickers came right off with no problem at all. I used a bottle brush to clean the inside of the glasses but I don't think that would be necessary if you don't have one.
The best part is the price. I mean you can't beat the price for 12 glasses, real glass, not too thick and not too thin. Everyone at my party loved the glasses. Don't hesitate to buy these glasses. I bought them for my party but we have used them already several times since then as well. Need flutes? These are it!

Munfix 24 Pack Stemless Plastic Champagne Flutes Disposable 9 Oz Clear Plastic Toasting Glasses Shatterproof Recyclable and BPA-Free Review:

I’ve ordered the stemless wine glasses in the past and LOVED them, the champagne flutes did not disappoint. I usually hand wash the ones people did not throw out and reuse. I’ve reused the wine glasses MANY times and they still look fantastic. The flutes were the perfect for a mimosa bar at a birthday brunch. One minor drawback, these don’t stack like the wine glasses but are still awesome.

36 Stemless Plastic Champagne Flutes - 9 Oz Plastic Champagne Glasses | Clear Plastic Unbreakable Toasting Glasses |Shatterproof | Disposable | Reusable Perfect For Wedding Or Party Review:

I bought these for a Mimosa Bar at a bridal shower. They came in a box and each glass came in plastic. I was skeptical at first when I placed one empty on the counter and it was wobbly. However, when filled with fluid it was fine and they were very cute at the shower. No spills at the shower with 50 plus people there. I would buy again!

Plastic Champagne Flutes Disposable - 100 Pack | Silver Glitter Plastic Champagne Glasses for Parties | Glitter Clear Plastic Cups | Plastic Toasting Glasses | Mimosa Glasses | Wedding Party Bulk Pack Review:

These look great and did the job for wedding reception toasts. The way they were nested caused several to stick and not come apart without one of the two breaking and having to be thrown away. Other than that, they were good. We just lost 10 or so due to them sticking together and breaking. Overall, worth the price.

Plastic Champagne Flutes Disposable - 100 Pack | Gold Glitter Plastic Champagne Glasses for Parties | Glitter Clear Plastic Cups | Plastic Toasting Glasses | Mimosa Glasses | Wedding Party Bulk Pack Review:

Absolutely amazing. Used for champagne toast for a celebratory event. My guest loved the gold sparkles on the glasses and raved about how cute they were. Their size was smaller than regular champagne glasses, but so dainty and cute! No leakage, none broken, packed 20 to a pack, bottoms attached easily and securely, good weight and durable. Am ordering again for another occasion. I had a problem getting my guests to throw them away after using them. Everyone wanted to save them for another time.