Best Cell Phone SIM Cards in 2020

SpeedTalk Mobile Complete Multi-Purpose Triple Cut SIM Card Starter Kit - No Contract (Standard, Micro, Nano) Review:

I bought this for a child's smartwatch with calling feature (Duiwoim Kids Smart Watch, 36.99). I bought a $30 plan (250 min or 250 sms a month for 6 months). It says on the package it may take 24-72 hours to sync but it took only a few minutes. I tested the watch (called, texted from the watch and to the watch) and it worked perfectly. They have many plans to choose from, you really can find one that works best for you. I would definitely recommend this product.
On a side note, I have Amazon Prime and I needed this the next day so I paid the extra $3.99 shipping, but I received it a day late, so that was a waste.
Update: I contacted Amazon, they saw I paid for next day delivery but got it late. They issued me a 3.99 refund. All is good.

$15/Month Mint Mobile Wireless Plan | 3GB of 4G LTE Data + Unlimited Talk & Text for 3 Months (3-in-1 GSM SIM Card) Review:

(UPDATE: I liked this 3 months SIM so much that I purchased a 6 month SIM direct from Mint. I didn't need to use it right away so I just stuck it in a drawer. A month later I got an email from Mint warning me that if I didn't activate the SIM within 45 days from purchase, it would be permanently deactivated! There was nothing on their website mentioning this. I contacted their support and was told that this policy comes from T-Mobile (Mint uses their network) and actually the SIM might still activate after 45 days. But if it didn’t, I could contact Mint support and they would get it working - though it could take 5-7 business days. This definitely is something that they should make clear in their product info. I’m also not sure about blaming it on T-Mobile since I know that US Mobile - which also uses the T-Mo network - has SIM cards that last 2 years before needing to be activated. The rest of this review is about the 3 month card I purchased from Amazon, before I got the 6 month card.)

Overall I’m really happy with Mint so far. It was easy to set up, the service works well, and support is good too.

Activating the card was seamless, the info provided with the SIM and on their website was really well organized and clear and the process was easy. You can choose to add a credit card for auto-renew when the 3 months are up, but I skipped that. About the minor negative I noticed during activation is that I didn’t get to choose my new number from a list; instead they just assigned me one. Once activation was finished the website clearly told me how to update my phone’s data settings (though I found that on my phone, the first few steps were a bit different though it wasn’t hard to figure out).

Mint uses T-Mobile’s network so signal strength and call quality and data speed are all fine on my Moto E4 phone. Voicemail and international texting is included (I tried both). International calling is available too, but only if you first add credit to your account - however even though I never added any credit, I could still make International calls (at least short ones - I haven’t tried more than that). Voice and texts are unlimited and so is data, though after you’ve used 2GB data, it’s supposed to slow down (a lot) until the start of the next monthly cycle. But as with the international calling glitch, I found that even once I had used up my 2GB (which I confirmed by checking my account on their website), my LTE data speed was not noticeably any slower than before.

Since I was concerned that allowing me to make International calls without me paying in advance could come back to bite me later, I contacted their support via email. I got a reply within a few hours assuring me that they would investigate and I wouldn’t be charged. Similarly when I noticed that data wasn’t slowing down after 2GB was used up, I sent another email, the equally quick reply told me they would look into that too. Since neither of these are really problems (who doesn’t want free int’l calling or free unlimited high speed data?), it doesn’t bother me that both issues seem to still be happening a week later - but it is a bit concerning that if they give away stuff they’re supposed to be charging for, that might not bode well for their long term business success!

P.S. If you get this card for a friend/family member and activate it for them, the good news is that although during activation you need to provide an email and a name and password, later on the only info needed to log in is the phone number and password (and once logged in you can change any of that other info including the password).

Also P.S. The number I got must have been recycled. Every few days I get a robocall from the same company asking me to call back about an overdue payment.

Cricket Wireless Prepaid Universal SIM Card Kit Review:

Fast Prime delivery and worked perfectly. The mount for the micro sized SIM seemed a bit flimsy, but the SIM slid into it and locked in place fine. Solid enough to easily slide into the snug SIM port. Unlike so many other Cricket SIMs I've tried from Best Buy and other sellers, this one arrived properly activated and it connected to the network immediately. Ordering a spare to have on hand.

Tracfone Keep Your Own Phone 3-in-1 Prepaid SIM Kit Review:

Tracfone must be contacted to find out which of the three included SIM cards to use. as for installing it, You might need a bit of help om what "tray" opens to hold our card. Youtube can be a good helper on this. To install the card, you will have to choose the correct sized one- Standard, Micro or Nano. Be very careful as the correct card will fit only ONE WAY! There is a 'notched' corner on the cards. It must fit PERFECTLY (don't get confused on which side go where - there is only one exact place. TAKE YOUR TIME!

$5 SIM Card Preloaded with 1st Month Service No Contract Review:

I bought this SIM card along with a kids smart watch for my grandson. It came with easy to follow instructions for setting it up online or you can call to activate it. I activated it online and received a phone number right away. It's easy to select the applicable size from the punch-out card so it fit the smart watch. This one came with a pre-loaded plan, but there are other plans available too. You will have the option of viewing them when you activate the card. They have unlimited usage plans, but I chose a lower plan to start with. However, there's an option that I chose to select that will automatically add a $5 "cash card" to the account if the minutes run out. This will avoid any interruption in service. The nice thing about the cash card is that it rolls over to the next month if you don't use it all up in the month you acquired it.

Orange Holiday Europe - 3GB Internet Data in 4G/LTE (currently 8GB promotion) + 30mn + 200 Texts from 30 Countries in Europe to Any Country Worldwide Review:

I used this while traveling through Dublin airport, France, and Spain. It worked really well for what I needed, and definitely had enough data for the week I was there.
I used the call function to call my hotel, and the call went through easily.
The reception overall was great- I was easily able to video chat with a friend from inside several shops along Champs-Élysée in Paris, and from my hotel room in Madrid. I also took the train from Madrid to Barcelona to Paris, and it worked for a decent amount of the trip. I’ve taken the train within France before and I found that I had as good or better reception during this train trip. That said, in some of the more remote areas, the cell service did kind of suck, but I had expected as much because no cellular carrier has 100% coverage anywhere.
It was nice getting texts where Orange identified which country I was in (being on the train, it was cool to know when I crossed into France), and I found the way to check my data was simple to use. I even got a message saying that I was in the US when I turned my phone back on in the US, and that I was now being charged roaming fees (since it’s only for Europe), and that my current network, with the strongest connection, was T-Mobile.
One thing you do NEED to make sure to do is register the SIM card within a? week of ordering it, or it supposedly will not work, even if you still have data credit on it.
My only complaint with it was that it didn’t come with a key thing to change out your SIM card. I chose to use my US SIM card until I landed in Dublin. Luckily, in the Dublin airport there was a nice gentleman in an electronics store willing to change out the SIM card for me for no charge.
So, in short, this is an amazing deal, and it definitely works. Although it seems sort of like it’s too good to be true, it’s really not. It has flaws, but overall it works well and I will definitely recommend this to friends looking to travel internationally and use this again when I next go to Europe.

T-Mobile Prepaid Complete SIM Starter Kit Review:

Excellent connection by T-Mobile! Cheapest Sim Card. I choose "Prepaid Pay As You Go" plan, so that I need to pay only $3 monthly with free 30 minutes or 30 messages and thereafter flat rate of $0.10 per min/msg. No annual Contract. When we need to recharge, go online and use debit or credit card for payment (here you can choose "auto payment" by saving your credit/debit or bank details or "uncheck" save card or bank details online for manual payment. Minimum recharge amount is $10.

how to setup sim card for first use

1. After getting your sim card, check the sim card validity. Activate before the sim card validity expires. Go to this link for activation [...] 2. Find your 19-digit SIM number on the plastic card that holds your SIM card.
3. Check your 15-digit serial number (IMEI) on the inside of your device’s battery compartment or by dialing *#06# from your phone
4. Your 11-to-12-digit Activation Code is located on the Activation Card included in the package with your device/SIM.
5. Then choose your plan. If you choose "pay as you go plan" then recharge for $10 for 3 months validity. You can use your debit/credit/bank. You can see that $3 is deducted for the current month and balance $7 will be shown in your account. Check your T-Mobile balance by dialing #225# from your mobile. Go to this link for Prepaid Pay As You Go Plan[...]
6. Now you can start using your new number. Good Luck.

h2o Smart SIM Starter Kit 3-in-1 GSM SIM Card Review:

Why this product is so cheap?

Well basically everytime a seller sells one H2O Sim Card and the buyer activates it on the H2O line the seller gets a commission so he is able to make some profit.

Pros (why this SIM card is worth it):

H2O runs on the ATT Line which provides a good coverage in the United States
The plans are extremely cheap compared to other carriers like T-Mobile or Sprint.
H2O works on ATT Locked Phones flawlessly or ATT GoPhones (And of course Unlocked Cell Phones)
H2O Customer Service is amazing, I been using H2O for around 3 years and contact through Live Chat and problems are resolved in a matter of minutes,


You need to personally set up an APN or install an iOS profile to get Data Working or Picture Messaging.
Data Speeds aren't extremely fast and around 8 Mbps
Pings are around 60-70ms which is also not that great.

At first I was a bit skeptical about buying a sim off Amazon for only a penny thinking I might get scammed or something around those lines but, I had the urge to do it because it's only a penny and Amazon customer service is amazing if I have any problems! Well the order came through regular mail (the one without tracking) in around six days. I was able to activate the sim and was able to use it flawlessly through H2O Customer Service.

Sprint Sim Kit - Your Phone. Our Plan. - Unlimited Plans Starting $35/Month Review:

I was switching from USMobile to tello for a cellphone plan because they had a great deal ($14 for unlim talk and text and 2gb lte). Back to the review, I didn't want to blow $10 plus shipping to get a sim from tello directly, so I took a slight chance and bought this instead ($3 vs $10+). And needless to say, it worked! Make sure your phone is compatible with the network before you buy, however. My iPhone SE is compatible with all carriers (that I know of) so there was no issue there.
TL;DR: This sim will work with Sprint MVNO's, such as Tello.

PrePaid Europe (UK THREE) sim card 12GB data+3000 minutes+3000 texts for 30 days with FREE ROAMING / USE in 71 destinations including all European countries Review:

Bought these for two Verizon iPhone 7s. They worked like a Charm and were way less expensive than adding a few days of International to my Verizon.

When we arrived in Heathrow, we made our way to ground transport and installed the sims. All we did was turn the phone off, use a paperclip to pop out the Verizon SIM, and then pop in the Three SIM. We powered the phone back on, and within a minute we had received a text stating the SIM was initializing, and shortly after a text asking us to restart the phone. Upon restarting, a text arrived stating everything was working. It was!

The SIM does come with Tethering, but I could not figure out how to tether over WIFI even though my iPad could see the phone. I could select the phone on my iPad, but would get a connection failed error instead of the password request. I was, however, able to get the tethering working over Bluetooth for the odd occasion when I needed my iPad and did not have wifi. I have no experience with tethering, so was unsure what was going on.

Over the space of 17 days of normal use (for me) I think I got through about 5GB of data. I hardly used any phone minutes or texts because most of the time I was using Apple Messages.

Interestingly, when I got back to Minneapolis and pulled the phone out once we had cleared customs I noticed that the phone was picking up T-Mobile and that a message had come in stating I could use the sim "internationally" and what Three Mobile's rates were. I did not bother testing it because I just popped out the Three Mobile SIM, Popped in my Verizon SIM, restarted the phone and I was instantly back to Verizon.

I did see these SIMS in a SIM dispenser in the Heathrow Central Bus Station and noticed the prices were not unreasonable over there, but I calculated that I did save buying them before leaving. The SIM dispenser had a lot of choices from different mobile companies, but the Three Mobile SIM definitely seemed like the best value if Data is important to you.

Overall, this was a great experience and I would recommend this SIM to anyone with an unlocked phone. Verizon is always unlocked, but I do not know about other US mobile companies. Apparently, you can check by taking the sim out and looking whether your carrier is still listed in the Cellular preference, but you are better off reading about that on Google!