Best Cell Phone External Flashes & Selfie Lights in 2022

Last update: January 3, 2023

Are ring lights really worth it?

If you're in the market for a new ring light, you may be wondering if they're really worth the investment. Here's a quick rundown of what ring lights can do for you and your photography. Ring lights emit a soft, even light that's perfect for close-up shots. They eliminate shadows and give your subject a flattering, natural-looking glow. Ring lights are also great for videography. The even light helps to reduce shadows and makes your footage look more professional. So, are ring lights worth it? If you're looking to improve your

Are selfie ring lights worth it?

If you're constantly taking selfies, then you know how important lighting is. Selfie ring lights are becoming increasingly popular because they provide the perfect lighting for your photos. But are they worth the investment? Selfie ring lights provide an even, natural-looking light that is perfect for taking selfies. They can be attached to your phone or placed on a table, and they come in a variety of sizes. If you're serious about taking great selfies, then a ring light is definitely worth the investment.

How can you tell if someone is using a ring light?

If you're looking for signs that someone is using a ring light, you'll want to pay attention to the lighting in their photos. If the photo is well-lit and has even lighting around the subject's face, it's likely that a ring light was used. Another clue is if there is a bright, circular reflection in the subject's eyes. This is a tell-tale sign of a ring light, and is often used in portrait photography to create a flattering, bright effect.

How do I turn on the LED flash on my phone?

To turn on the LED flash on your phone, you will need to go into your phone's settings. Once you are in the settings menu, you will need to find the "flashlight" or "camera" option. Once you have found this option, you will need to select it and then turn on the LED flash.

GLOUE Selfie Light Ring Led Circle Clip-on Selfie Fill Light with 36 Led Bubbles USB Rechargeable Portable for iPhone, Smart Phones, Pads, Makeup Mirrors (Black, 1 Pack) Review:

Due to its tiny size, you may easily carry it in your purse. This is quite simple to use and improves your photos greatly. To test whether a clip-on light would be suitable for sporadic use. It's more vibrant than I anticipated. I was quite pleased with the design and functionality of this lamp. Three separate lights are present.for dim, press button once.For medium, press the button twice; for bright, press the button three times.This light is fantastic and lasts a long time for about $10. I was astonished by how affordable it was and am astonished by how nicely it functions. I won't have to spend a fortune on batteries anymore because it's rechargeable, and I'm surprised by how much I enjoy using it. I can use it with both front and back cameras because it is reversible. The only accessory I might buy for it is a case to store it in because it already comes with a USB charging cable! Check out this gem if you're searching for a superb ring light at a better price—certainly it's worth it! It clips on in a split second and charges fairly quickly. Although it has three light settings, only the first one was actually necessary. Great purchase for the price.

10.2 Inch Ring Light with Stand - Rovtop LED Camera Selfie Light Ring with iPhone Tripod and Phone Holder for Video Photography Makeup Live Streaming Review:

Product was exactly as stated and arrived swiftly. Really quick and simple to set up; the entire process only took a few minutes! You may change the brightness and intensity as well as switch between cold, warm, and natural lighting modes using the control switch on the USB power line. The "gooseneck" mobile phone holder, which uses a spring-loaded, expanding, rubber-lined holder that opens to about 4", quite big for most mobile phones, connects to the tripod stand while the Ring light is attached to the latter. Additionally, a Bluetooth shutter remote that functions with Apple or Android devices is included (was able to connect quickly with my iPhone - make sure you turn on the remote, very small switch on the side). In general, I believe that this is a fantastic product at the pricing range. I've used professional ring lights on DSLR cameras for many years, but this device's power when combined with a smartphone lets you fast take still photos or films, both of which produced excellent results for me. This LED illumination and holder combo was exactly what I wanted because I record YouTube videos with my iPhone. I have to suggest the Rovtop Ring Light, yes.

10 inch Ring Light with Tripod Stand - Rovtop LED Camera Selfie Light Ring with iPhone Tripod and Phone Holder for Video Photography Makeup Live Streaming, Compatible with iPhone and Android Phone Review:

You MUST have this ring light if you enjoy snapping selfies! Holy crap! I've always thought that if you wanted a high-quality ring light, you had to spend a lot of money. Being as thrifty as I am, I chose to make a small investment on this ring light.The directions are simple and easy to follow, and it arrives packaged nicely in foam inside a box. I should have taken the extra time to position the knobs and light where I wanted them, but the complete device was assembled, disassembled, and stored in less than 5 minutes. Even though I've had a ton of trouble connecting other gadgets, the Bluetooth remote—which came with a battery inside—connected with my smartphone (an iPhone) without a hitch. As soon as you plug it in, BAM! the light comes on. The light is undoubtedly a significant plus because it illuminates your face without making you blind. Additionally, it includes two separate device attachments, one for mobile devices and the other maybe for something smaller. Another major plus: My old 7 fit perfectly on the first attachment, which was already linked, and didn't move at all.To make sure the remote was working, I snapped a few test pictures. Of COURSE it did, and the pictures had substantially better quality with the light.Without a doubt, I'd suggest this item. Even though I am a Prime member, shipping was really swift.

8" LED Selfie Ring Light for Live Stream/Makeup/YouTube Video, Dimmable Beauty Ringlight with Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder for iPhone Android Phone, Color Temperature 3000K-5000K, 80 Bulbs, Remote Review:

This first selfie ring is extremely amazing. In order to have it with me while I apply makeup at people's homes, I bought it during the Prime Day Sale. For the use I required it for, investing the extra $30 was a better alternative for me than shelling out $80-$90 for a large ring light. The circle is really small, and the tripod's extension is not the strongest because it just twists to lock. When I used it for the first time, it wasn't particularly secure and eventually dropped down to revert to its previous size. It's not the best quality compared to others on the market, despite the fact that I think it's a wonderful value for the price point. However, if you're looking for your first ring light, this is a great affordable alternative with several illumination options and intensities.

UBeesize Selfie Ring Light with Cell Phone Holder Stand for Live Stream/Makeup, LED Camera Lighting [3-Light Mode] [10-Level Brightness] with Flexible Arms Compatible with iPhone 8 7 6 Plus X Android Review:

I purchased this item so that I could use it to brighten my face while teaching English online for VIPKID. It functions really nicely! It effectively illuminates my face without casting a lot of shadows on it or the wall behind me.I had to make a little adjustment to get the illumination just right, but the flexible arm made it quite simple to do so. Although I haven't tried filming videos with the phone holder side, I'm sure it would be a success. Instead, I use it to hold my phone, which is set to a timer so I can keep track of my class time. It adjusts just as easily and holds firmly.It's great that there are so many brightness and light type settings! I really enjoy having everything be customizable.It is firmly clamped to the desk by a powerful clamp. In order to fully open it, I actually needed to squeeze it with both hands. This is good in my opinion because it means that it is extremely tightly fastened.Given how beneficial it is and how little space it takes up on my desk, I might even buy a second one of these for additional lighting.A brief observation regarding the listing itself. It seems a little bit hazy to me. It's not what I thought I was getting—I thought I was getting three different rings of lights or lenses that would change color or something. Each of the three color types is integrated into a single light that you get. Which bulbs and colors will be used are determined by the switch selections. I was concerned about losing the discs for the various colors, so it was a pleasant surprise when I saw that nothing was missing at first.Regards on a fantastic product! I've been advising it to others who require a similar item.

8" Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder for Live Stream/Makeup, UBeesize Mini Led Camera Ringlight for YouTube Video/Photography Compatible with iPhone Xs Max XR Android (Upgraded) Review:

The various light hues are used in the photos at their strongest settings.In all honesty, this is by far the best item I have purchased from Amazon in a long time! I love it so much that I recommend it to everyone who comments on my images or videos.This light/phone stand actually does its job, unlike many others. Even though we'll have to wait and see how well it holds up to my S10 , the stand's grasp on your phone is quite firm; not once has my phone (S9 with case) popped out of it.The lighting is fantastic! No matter what time of day I am shooting, I have options thanks to the many brightness/color settings. Additionally, the size is ideal.My images and videos now have significantly higher quality overall as a result of this.I have already suggested it to a number of my friends and want to buy a second one very soon.The only drawbacks, in my opinion, are that it is very light, which is generally a positive thing, but if you lightly touch it, it can quickly tip. It can be a bit challenging to position the light precisely how you want it, but aside from those two rather minor flaws, it is fantastic!

Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light [Rechargeable Battery] with 36 LED for Smart Phone Camera Round Shape, White Review:

I recently bought five equally priced smartphone "selfie lights," with the idea of retaining one (whichever one best matched the case of my phone) and giving the other four to friends. Knowing that we all had various phones and different cases, I particularly tried to buy five different models in an effort to find options that would increase the likelihood that we would all find a good match. None require AA or AAA batteries; instead, they can all be recharged using short USB connections.These two things arrived in nearly identical packaging and are almost identical in every way. On all three settings, the first one is a little brighter than the second and has a black back. (In actuality, among the five lights I compared, this initial model was the brightest.) The back of the second one is white. On both, I discovered that the light from the ring was so brilliant and diffuse that it perplexed the camera's sensors and caused unfavorable haziness in my photographs when I tried them on my Galaxy S8's front-facing (selfie) camera lens. If the light was more clearly focused on the front of the ring and didn't also shine through the sides, the product would be better. To try to stop the bleeding light issue if I were utilizing this product, I'd have to put dark electrical tape to the edge.#1: B01NACUC38 at aui detailpages00?ie=UTF8

10” Ring Light LED Desktop Selfie Lamp 2700-6500K Dimmable 3 Colors 10 Brightness with Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder and Remote Control for YouTube Video Makeup USB LED Desk Camera Ringlight Review:

I have to admit that I'm really feeling this light right out of the box. incredibly easy to use with simply 4 buttons that are USB powered. Easy to set up, includes a tripod and a phone mount attachment. It also has a tiny bluetooth remote that can really operate the camera on your phone (really like that).This light's three light modes are a crucial feature. I call it UFO abduction and there is soft light and dusk. There is no need for plastic screens because all three of these things are just a button click away and kind of bright but dim. It's a little difficult to notice in my photographs, but I blame my lousy light box. In conclusion, if you want an AFFORDABLE ring light, I'd HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS.Edit: Take caution when attaching the light to tripods because the power wire is prone to wear and tear.

Selfie Ring Light, XINBAOHONG Rechargeable Portable Clip-on Selfie Fill Light with 36 LED for iPhone/Android Smart Phone Photography, Camera Video, Girl Makes up (White) Review:

Okay, since it's crucial for me to give an ENTIRELY frank review, I'll leave up my initial assessment of the selfie ring light I received. I'm revising my feedback and star rating to reflect the fact that the company has gone above and above to resolve the issue as I review the full of my interactions with them.After submitting an extremely negative product review, the company's customer service sent me an email. It reads exactly like this:We apologize for any trouble this may have caused, and if it's feasible, we'd want to send you a new one or give you a complete refund. Is this okay?We want your buying experience to be excellent. We appreciate your feedback. All feedback will be used to raise the caliber of our offerings and services. Please let us know how we can help you address the problem you're having. I hope you can understand, and I eagerly await your response. Enjoy your day.Best regardsBerniceBecause I was traveling outside of the nation and genuinely needed another ring light, they granted me a complete refund right away through PayPal. When they hadn't heard from me for a few days, they even reminded me that they were waiting for my PayPal information to refund me. It was a real pleasure to connect with them. Actually, I'd like to leave a 4.5-star review but I might do so later. I also like that they never pressured me to provide a 5-star or "better" review; instead, they only asked that I update my review to reflect my complete interaction with the business, which I am gladly doing.I am leaving my entire experience up to your judgment because I heavily rely on evaluations posted by others and detest when I buy something that does not work or is not as described.Having said that, I would unquestionably prefer to place an order from a business like XINBAOHONG that goes out of its way to connect with and guarantee customer happiness. I'm hoping that the item I received was simply defective and that the other products are superior. In their defense, I should add that perhaps if I had approached them directly rather than simply venting my annoyance by leaving a negative review on Amazon, my overall experience might have been immediately remedied. The fact that they are completely prepared to send you a replacement product or issue a full refund, however, counts for a lot in my book.I hope this frank review was helpful.After using my girlfriend's selfie ring light during our livestream, I decided to get this light. Hers was incredibly bright, illuminated the entire room, and was quite long-lasting.I got none of it from this product. On a FULL charge, the maximum brightness is only usable for under 15 minutes. So I had to use it while plugging it in and standing next to a charger to stream. As if that weren't awful enough, the charger inserts' actual plastic shattered in just two weeks (about 7 uses in total). Pay a little more for a product that lasts and genuinely works to save money and frustration.On a full charge, the image depicts it at its "brightest level."

QIAYA Selfie Ring Light for Phone Camera Photography Video, BatteryPowered Clip White Review:

This tiny bulb sure has a lot of power. There are four different light variations. It doesn't add much weight to your phone and is quite simple to clip on. As long as you remember to switch it off when you're not using it, the charge also lasts a long time. Excellent present for someone who enjoys taking selfies or who frequently publishes films online.

How do you turn on a selfie light?

A selfie light is a small, portable light that you can attach to your phone to take better selfies. They are usually rechargeable and come in a variety of colors. To turn on a selfie light, simply press the power button on the side of the light.

How does the selfie ring light work?

A selfie ring light is a small, portable light that can be attached to a phone or camera to provide extra light when taking pictures or videos. The ring light is usually battery-powered and can be adjusted to different brightness levels.

How long do selfie ring lights Last?

Selfie ring lights typically last for around 2-3 hours on a full charge. However, this will depend on the brand and model of the selfie ring light. Some may last longer, while others may need to be recharged more frequently.

What are cantina lights?

Cantina lights are a type of string light that is often used in outdoor settings. Cantina lights are typically made of a metal or plastic frame with small bulbs that emit a soft, glowing light. These lights are often used to decorate patios, decks, and other outdoor living spaces. Cantina lights are available in a variety of colors and styles, making them a versatile option for any outdoor decor.

What are selfie lights?

Selfie lights are small, portable lights that can be attached to a phone or camera to provide extra light when taking selfies. They can be used to improve the lighting of a selfie, make the photo look more professional, or simply make it easier to see the person in the photo.

What can I use instead of a light ring?

If you don't have a light ring, you can use a regular lamp.