Best Ceiling Molding & Trim in 2020

Outwater Industries 100 Foot Black 3/4 Inch Center Barb Tee Moulding T Molding Pro Pack Review:

It fits nice and tight into a 1/16 inch edge groove I cut with my router. It takes a bit of time to center the cut in the wood. I used the black moulding to finish my white melamine MDF work table.
It is ever so slightly wider than the 0.750 inch MDF sheet (which I measured with my digital calipers). In cases where it is important you can trim it flush with a sharp utility knife. I needed to do that because if i slide a piece of wood across, I don;t want it to catch on the edge.

Flexible Moulding Ceiling Crown Molding Trim Veranda Vinyl Furniture Home Decor 1.4"x115" Window Wardrobe Wall no Paint Review:

I love this crown molding, the design is very detailed, easy to work with, I also like the fact that I was able to glue it (glass glue, E6000) however it didn’t seat flat on the wall in some parts, maybe I didn’t put enough glue, so I used a few nails (small ones) in some parts, I also loved how easy was to cut it, I used the kitchen shears, I also painted some of the patterns in gold,. It got placed around the tile of the shower in my bathroom, it doesn’t get wet, but gets some splash and has not problems with water, it adds a very elegant touch to the room.
Note: I bought the corner piece on the picture separate.

Flexible Moulding - Flexible Quarter Round Moulding - WM105-3/4" X 3/4" - 8' Straight - Flexible Trim Review:

This trim is amazing and saved me from having to spend hundreds of dollars to have my local stair company come out and custom bend a piece of trim for around the bottom of our steps. It actually looks like wood and kind of even feels like wooden rubber.

The trim looks good in conjunction with the other trim that was prefinished to match the flooring. Once painted no one would have any idea its not actually wood.

PS: This product was recommend to me by my local painter that does lots of painting and stain work.

Flexible Moulding - Flexible Base Shoe Moulding - WM126-1/2" X 3/4" - 8' Length - Flexible Trim Review:

I likedm that if was a quality product you can sense it with his weight. it is alos very flexible but can come back to his shape. It has the wood grain imitation. They suggest not to paint it before or the paint might crack after forming it to position. I couldn't do taht because of the finich of the floor.So I paint it before and it didn,t crack at all. So il will sugggest it to anyone. Thanks for the product fast shipping and fair price.

Ekena Millwork ONL11X02X0BI 11 5/8-Inch W X 1 3/4-Inch H X 3/4-Inch P Baile Center with Scrolls Onlay Review:

Love it! I used it to decor my mailbox to make it look “luxurious”. I painted it with silver spray paint and I’m happy with the results. I think it’s made out of wood (super light weight material). Highly recommend!

Ekena Millwork ONL16X04X01MA 16 3/8-Inch W X 4 3/4-Inch H X 3/4-Inch P Marcella Medium Leaf with Scrolls Onlay Review:

This is a great little piece, looks great wherever you place it, the color is a very clean white with a settle shine, I put it above the lights on my bathroom and dresses up the space so good, is very lightweight, very delicate, I glue it to the wall first (glass glue) and then I put 2 small nails at each side, it will stay in place looking very classy,. I see the bad reviews and those negative comments about getting it broken should be directed to the sellers, they do a very poor job with the packing, mine came inside an envelope and even with padding and a hard board, is not enough, mine was not broken.