Best Catnip in 2020

Temptations Classic Treats for Cats Tempting Tuna Flavor Review:

Temptations treat squares are calling all cat lovers to treat your furry friend.
This was a hit with both my cats. I was shocked, because one of my cats will eat nothing but her specific brand and flavor of cat food. I've tried all kinds of treats and she turns away, completely uninterested. NOT this time! These tuna, shrimp, salmon flavored squares, with a crunchy outer later and soft inside...she can't get enough. (She would eat the whole box in one sitting if I would let her.) I was thrilled! They are nutrionally balanced and help control tartar build up on their teeth. The sealed plastic box is wonderful. The triangle shaped opening is perfect to dispense these tiny (obviously delicious) squares. It fits on any shelf in my kitchen, so finding a place for storage is no problem. They stay fresh, don't spill and easily dispensed. What more could I ask for? (My cats would say "another box!")
My other cat, "Tyson," she'll eat anything so of course she loved these treats. But to find something "NewMe" will eat is amazing. She's 7 years old, finicky and set in her ways and these are a real "Treat" for her, so I will make sure I don't run out of these. I recommend these without hesitation to anyone that has a cat.

Greenies Feline Catnip Dental Cat Treats Review:

My cat loves these but I can never find a big container like this in stores. For freshness I gave 4 stars because when I got it the container looked a bit like it'd been in a warm environment a bit longer than it should have but not long enough that's it's gone bad. Presentation I'd give 4 stars for size because I won't have to buy more for a while but deducted 2 extra stars because it's a plastic container and I'd prefer something better for the environment. Scent I gave 3 stars because well, I'm not a cat and I don't think it smells good; but my cat does and that's what counts.

FELINE GREENIES Natural Dental Care Cat Treats 11 oz Review:

I was woken at 3:30 this morning by loud thumps and bangs from my rear parlor/living room. Alarmed, and fearing burglars, I turned on the lights and rushed in, to be confronted with the spectacle of my recently-adopted cat, Sir Fergus the Fat, standing amongst a pile of books and other things he had knocked down from a glass-fronted bookcase. When I looked more closely, he was standing with all four paws, and all 16 of his furry pounds, on top of this box of Greenies, and pounding on the lid, in a (successful) effort to get it to come off. As I watched, he delicately inserted one of his paws into the box and fished out a treat, ate it, started to purr, and dove in after some more. By then I was awake, and grabbed the container, which I had put in a place that I had hoped was inaccessible to prevent Fergus from morphing from fat to morbidly to obese, out of his paws, and stuffed it in the refrigerator. Take that, fat cat.

Perhaps these addictive treats should require prescriptions, as do opiates? I have another cat who will drag small bags of Greenies to the bedroom in the middle of the night and drop them on my face, so I thought I would try the bigger size container, and see how long it lasted us. Also, after a brief flirtation with "Temptations" cat treats, I wanted to see whether Greenies were worth the premium price. Tragically, it appears that my cats believe this to be the case. Don't misunderstand: a treat is a treat is a treat. But just as there is hamburger and filet mignon, there appear to be treats, and Greenies.

I will say that after a lot of years noshing on Greenies, my two older cats, Molly (15) and Cassie (13), do have very good teeth. This may be correlation rather than causation, but I'm not doing anything special in terms of dental care, and my vet is v. pleased with their teeth. I do, however, have to strictly ration the Greenies to keep their weight under control. And I'm quite sure that Fergus will hate me forever now that he can't repeat his clever trick. Until, that is, he learns to open the refrigerator.

Friskies Party Mix Natural Yums Adult Cat Treats - 20 oz & 30 oz. Canisters Review:

I purchased this because it was economical and came in a handy container. I was expecting the treats to be the same thing as the "Naturals" from the pouches, but these "Natural Yums" pieces are MUCH larger and a whole heck of a lot more popular with my outdoor kitties. Most notably, unlike the regular Party Mix, there is WAY LESS of those super creepy hair follicles sticking out of the treats.

FELINE GREENIES Natural Dental Care Cat Treats 5.5 oz Review:

Treats, everyone loves them. Whether it's a cupcake, a bowl of ice cream, or buying yourself a new car, nothing feels better than getting a treat.

I used to think I reacted quite modestly to treats, but I think through osmosis, I may now go absolutely crazy when I even smell them, and do all I can to keep them rolling... At least, that's what my cats do when I open this bag and hand them each a morsel!

We've all been in that situation where we see a sleeping cat, are compelled to pick it up to give it Lovins, and get a stinky yawn in our fur covered faces. These dental treats may not make the scent go away, but at least the toughness of the chew (as advertised by the crunching of my cats) supposedly helps clean the teeth a bit.

What they don't do is satiate the animal, seemingly at all... Because suddenly the cats are the most animated they get when a whiff of these treats is even partially presented.

I think when I even think of giving them a treat, they sense it. When I walk to where we store them, suddenly their treat sense tingles and their primary objective is to consume.

Anyways, long story short, if you're looking for something to absolutely make your cat fall in love with something with a dental attribute (we all know brushing is difficult), get these treats. Your cats WILL thank me. And you, if they get around to it.

Cat Crack Catnip, Premium Blend Safe for Cats, Infused with Maximum Potency Your Kitty is Sure to Go Crazy for Review:

I don't own a cat, but I do have a stray that hangs out at our house. It's a love/hate unique relationship and sometimes I feed it when it looks sick. I went out of town and my partner bought a tiny cat lounge chair for our front porch, for the stray cat, as well as started feeding it daily. I know, what's the point of this story, but just hold on.... No matter what, my partner couldn't get the cat to use it's new lounge chair and it really became an obsession of ours to get the cat to use its new furniture.

I figured maybe if I tried some catnip it'd entice the cat to at least go near the lounger. I know that some cats don't respond to catnip, so I was taking a chance. However, put a small amount of cat nip on the chair and then looked out my window to find the cat at least acknowledging the chair and curled up around the bottom of the chair, again, not in it.

The cat hung out by the chair for about ten minutes hanging out on the ground stretching away, which is kind of unusual for it to be so chill for being an on-guard stray.

So, product works, packaging is cool, came as advertised, and we've only used just a pinch of the stuff, not much at all and gotten some pretty strong reaction to it.

Photo's: So, the first photo shows cat chilling, second photo is a day later, I guess the cat left some catnip to come back to, and now he's chilling again. He's kind of a lazy bum now who seems to be having a pretty chill day, but, at least he's close enough to take a picture next to his little recliner.

Update: we re-ordered recently, thought I'd share black kitty in his chair, he hangs out there now....we put a pinch of catnip on every 2-3 days, it's his new hangout.

Add'l Update: Sometimes when I haven't been around, the cat becomes a creeper and stares at me as I open the garage door. Added photo of it glaring at me as garage door was opening until I put out more catnip. I mean, he won't let me pet him and he hisses at me, but, it seems we now have a mildly abusive relationship to his advantage.

Oh, and he is in the chair all the time now.

SmartyKat Organic Catnip Review:

So, consistent with another reviewer, just like humans, personality will influence results. Your mileage will vary!

For one of my love muffins, it produces the most hilarious singing, partying, and dancing (see if you can tell which one he is ;-). The other (a generally timid and neurotic muffin), becomes all dreamy and like "Duuuuddddde.... loook at my's sooooo biiiigggg" while upside down (a position he NEVER adopts sober). Too much fun for legal. Get it already. It's good. (P.S. I've dropped a few quid on the supposedly "premium" catnip -- it was a beautiful dark green, no straw-like stems, it LOOKED premium. They wouldn't touch it. So, I've got fifteen dollars of friggin grass in my fridge I"m too cheap to throw out. For like a year. Anyway. Buy this Smarty Cats Catnip. It works. And they love it.

Pet Craft Supply Premium Potent Catnip - USA Grown and Harvested Large 3Oz Resealable Cannister Review:

I am most pleased with this brand of catnip.. My cat absolutely loves it... heh.. decided to mess with him about it and leave tyhe tin on the right side of the desk for him to discover... Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!! he started sniffing the tin... heh.. snif-snif-snifsnifsnifsnif paw-paw paw... sniiiiiiiiiiif * looks at daddy curiously * I said, " Hmmmm You wonder how to get Daddy to give you some hmmmmm?? * he hoppps off to the floor and waits for me to say something, " Hmmmmm Welllll why don't you ask me nicely for some nippie-nuu hmmmm??? " ( " Merowl-MuNu nu?? Merowllumm?? "" ) Ok Sweetie... Here you go..* Lets him taste directly out of the tin first.. then starts sprinkling in the Numn Numnm ZIIING!! ( BTW.. that is apparently what cats call catnip ) box, and then starts powdering him with it.. ( Ohhhhh he went nuts.. kept playing for over an hour... and both felt, and looked like a kitten for several hours after... ) This blend has the flowers as well as the leaves so it is a lot more potent. I will definitely buy again... It's also a good price at 6.99/3oz.. Thank you so much..