Best Catnip Toys in 2020

AILUKI 29 PCS Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assortments, Variety Catnip Toy Set Including 2 Way Tunnel,Cat Feather Teaser,Catnip Fish,Mice,Colorful Balls and Bells for Cat,Puppy,Kitty Review:

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 Cute toys and my cat goes crazy for them. She doesn't like the balls as much but my aunts kitten liked them a lot. You get a lot for the money!

SmartyKat Value Pack Cat Toys Review:

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical of these toys when I ordered them. Not now. And if my cat were writing this review, she'd give them ten stars. She loves these little mice (that's what I call them). They're small, but really the perfect size. She flips them up in the air and chases them around. She bats them under the coffee table. Of course, I have to eventually retrieve them for her -- I think she likes that part the best.

My cat has claws and eventually the stuffing starts to come out, but it takes quite some time for that to happen. I expect this bag of toys will last around a year or so. If your cat doesn't have claws, they'll last forever. I'll certainly purchase them again.

Hartz Just For Cats Cat Toy Review:

Got these yesterday and quickly took four out of the package and threw them around. They were pounced on immediately! Luckily, I threw the four mice rapidly, so each cat got their own and there was no fighting. I have three cats (picked out four mice because there are four colors...and an extra one just in case doesn't hurt). My two kittens (5 months) loved them, as I knew they would and started batting them around then carrying them (with the guttural growls warning "MINE" if the other got too close, which tells me they REALLY love these things). I was pleasantly surprised when my seven-year old cat loved it, too. He was curious when I threw them in the direction of the kittens, but then pounced quickly on the one I threw him. Now, he loves to play fetch with me, so I knew he'd like the mouse for that reason, but he spent a long while batting it around and flipping it all by himself...up and down the hallway several times (and quickly...he smacked heads with one of the kittens at one point). So, I was impressed considering my older cat has always been more of a "stalker" and not really an attacker in his play. I would have thought they had catnip in them, that's how playful he was (except there's nothing in the packaging or description, they don't smell like catnip, and my older cat generally just rolls around in catnip instead of playing like a kitten).

All of the cats played with these almost solidly for the rest of the evening. This morning, I only see one (which each cat has batted around more than once). I'm guessing the others are in each cat's secret stash. I'm sure I'll randomly find them at times in my bed or tub.

The price is great for the number you get, so even if--I mean when--they get lost under the refrigerator I'll have more...and when that runs out I can get more; and even if they never play with them again (which I seriously doubt will be the case...I'm thinking about releasing some more mice today, even), it was well worth it for the fun I had of watching them last night. Kittens are always adorable and fun to watch, but to see my older cat have so much fun (without me having to throw anything for him to fetch) was definitely a treat.

So, I love these!

SmartyKat Fish Friends Crinkle and Catnip Cat Toys Review:

Right out of the Amazon cardboard box, I opened these and tossed one to my cat. 15 minutes later, she's still playing with it. I just popped two more packages in my shopping cart.

It's hard to find toys that will keep her entertained.

She use to be a stray that showed up every few months for five years to be fed, never touched. Then, three years ago, she came and didn't leave. I trapped her and had her spayed, after which time I could finally pet her. She stayed in the metal carport. Then she got scared by the raccoons, stray cats , possums, etc that came in after her food and got sick. When she got sick she moved into our garage. I kept hand warmers in her box she slept in and that was, I guess the first time she ever got warm. Little by little she decided to see what inside a house was like. It was hilarious to see her run when the TV was turned on. Now, she's a full time spoiled house pet who sleeps in bed with me at night and has a stack of toys as big as her. She's got one eer, and a short broken tail, but she's happy and loved. Lucky for her, because we've always been dog people. But, she moved in just weeks before I had to have my last baby put to sleep and helped get us over that. She's not a dog, but she's a good pet.

Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center Review:

 I bought this for my two cats (who are extremely bored). I saw in the description and reviews that it doesn't run on any electric, which is always a plus. My cats were pretty much sniffing and pawing at it before I could even finish assembling it. I snapped the green plastic cover with the rubber nubby thing onto the "Catit" and sprinkled their favorite organic catnip inside the well of the nub attachment, and also inside the rubbery gray bristles, and let the games begin! My two cats actually fought over who could spend time with it first. The cats rubbing their heads against it, and rolling around with glee. They kept tearing off the pad and biting it (must've been the high from the catnip)! They were laying half-on, half-off of the pad area, which they didn't seem to really mind. I do think the green pad area (where the cats sit) should have deeper, more plush padding, and be a lot larger (in consideration that most cats in the U.S. are a bit large). They love that particular shade of green on the pad (lots of cats like this shade, I noticed). I had a long-haired cat once, who wasn't a Maine Coon cat, who got to be almost 16 or 17 pounds. If these do well, maybe they'll think about making a much larger, deeper, heated bed (with an automatic off setting when the cat leaves). One with the scratching/face rubbing area on all sides? Well, I were a big fluffy cat, that's what I'd want!

Eutreec Catnip Toys, Interactive Cat Fish Shape Toothbrush Refillable Catnip Simulation Fish Silicone Teeth Cleaning Chew Pet Supplies for Kitten Kitty Cats Review:

 I was skeptical at first, but after I gave it to my cats. They all love it and started to play and bite it. The whole package came with 3 toys, 6 packets catnip and 3 sticks. My cats love all, especially the sticks.