Best Cat Relaxants in 2020

Feliway Plug-In Diffuser Refill, 48 mL, 3-Pack Review:

This product is answer to my prayers. Don't banish your cats outside because of urine marking. We spotted our cat 2 years ago drinking water out of our salt water pool and tried to give him fresh water and feed him, he did not come close or eat the food we left for him. So we had to stop the feeding because we saw from surveillance the food and water were consumed by unwanted animals. One afternoon we found the cat trapped on our second floor balcony hungry, thirsty, dirty and had bleeding wounds that didnt heal for two weeks on several areas in the front of his body. We applied antibiotic ointment which he just licked off, then we measured body weight and fed him amoxicillin cut in small pieces with canned food, he happily ate it all up twice a day for 8 days. There are coyotes everywhere now and they love to eat cats, our city was no exception. We neutered him, chipped him, and had the necessary shots, and tried to keep him indoors at night because that's when coyotes hunt. He did not like to kept indoors because he lived freely outdoors for almost 5 years on his own.
When he marked the inside of our house as his territory we were horrified, we let him out during the day and locked him up in our pool bath at night while we explored different ways to keep him inside. We found Feliway, but found that 3 bottles did not work for our larger home so we tried 6. When he continued to mark his scent by spraying we were sad our efforts to domesticate him and keep him safe failed. Then we read one review by a kind soul specified the different ingredients in the Ceva brand Feliway. BINGO!
We only placed 3 bottles throughout our house, at his previously marked areas. We followed him closely for 2 weeks at any sign he raised his tail, he did try but we calmly told him no while pushing his butt down. Now If you tried other products and failed, don't give up, give this product a try.
Urine making is the reason majority of cats are banished outside to fend for themselves from coyotes, traffic, and other animals and the deseases they transmit. I am now looking at my cat peacefully sleeping inside a warm house safe form harm.
I should also add that we took him to petsmart pet hotel and board him for 6 days and brought him home with the previous urine scent cleaned and feliway plugged in.

Relaxivet Dogs & Cats Calming Diffuser + Refill - New Improved Anti-Stress Formula Natural Anti-Anxiety Treatment #1 with a Long-Lasting Calming Effect Review:

So, a tiny black female cat recently adopted us and even though she's a snuggle buddy with the humans in this household, she loves to terrorize our adult male cat. She just charges, claws out, and just jumps at the poor guy at any given time she sees him walking, eating, sleeping, existing.. She growls and hisses and then runs to us, all proud of her mischiefs. A friend of mine suggested this specific diffuser (he had the same issues with his female cat attacking two males). This is day one using the diffuser and the black devil spend her time sleeping, stretching, playing with her thousand toys, not giving a damn that our other cat is sharing the same space with her. I call that a huge improvement! The diffuser smells of lavender and chamomile, the smell is not overbearing (which is a huge plus for me cause I'm really sensitive with smells), but it does the work since the house is all quiet. Yesterday it was pure mayhem. I will be definitely buying a refill. Having a nice smelling house and cats that get along, is a win win for everyone!

Feliway Animal Health Multicat Feliway Refill (3 Pack) Review:

These are expensive and ugly. I keep trying to stop buying them. But then within a day or two of the units bring unplugged, my older cat Bruce is like, “wait a minute . . . I forgot, I actually HATE the younger cats!” So I get more. Use them for a few more months. Things go back to being good. I conclude that we have reached genuine harmony. I let the last refill run out. Bruce starts hating the younger cats again. I buy more. Peace returns . . . and so on.

I wish they were nonsense because I’d save $30 a month and reclaim two outlets. They’re not nonsense. If you have tense cats they work miracles.

As other reviewers have noted, they can get warm, and it’s important that the refills get changed on time. We set a reminder to change them every 28 days and that seems to work. (At that point they’re very nearly dried out without starting to burn.)

All grumpiness and dry humor aside: I really am grateful for this product. It clearly is helping our middle aged cat live in harmony with two playful young cats.

Feliway Classic 30 day Diffuser Refill Review:

On the advice of my vet I decided to try the Feliway diffuser. I had used the spray with some results. I had read all the reviews and like many others was afraid to use it. But I was at my wits end with my yowling cat. My sweet kitty has developed kidney disease and wants to be near me constantly. Waking up at 4 a.m, for months now, I was severely sleep deprived. Locking her in another part of the house only make the howling worse. I plugged in the diffuser and left it in my office, where she sleeps, most of the day. I was at home so did check on the diffuser off and on to make sure it was not getting to hot. I did not hear a peep out of her until she came to get fed in the afternoon. I was absolutely amazed. I unplugged the unit before I went to be to see how she would act without it. No crying at night!!! Calm in the morning - she sat by her food bowl and just waited for food. I was in shock!!!!! Now on the second day without using the diffuser she has been calm all day and came to play with me. I am still in shock!!! I just plugged it in again and will leave on until I go to bed just for backup. I realize that this is unusual but it worked!!!!!!! Just unplug the unit if you are not home and when you go to bed so you don't have to worry about the unit overheating. Check on it from time to time. Mine is working fine and just stays at a comfortable, warm temperature. If you leave it on 24/7 it could get hot.

FELIWAY MultiCat Diffuser Refill (48 mL) Review:

Finally, I have found the product I was looking for.

I think the folks at my vet's office were not clear on the differences between this Multi-Cat version and the regular Feliway, because I kept buying the regular Feliway there (upon staff recommendation) and it was not exactly what my cats needed. I could notice some changes in their behavior (for the better), and it helped more than the Comfort Zone product (which, by my understanding, uses a different concentration of pheromone and a slightly different temperature for heating). But my calico cat was still stressing about my recently-adopted kitten (well, he's one year old now, and he's a holy terror). The calico cat has asthma and the stress was making her condition worse (and don't worry, she has seen the vet about this and we are working on transitioning to an inhaler).

Anyway, it's been like a night and day difference since I started using the Multi-Cat version. We haven't had to throw any cats out of the bedroom all week; they sleep peacefully in their various chosen spots. That is a huge deal! I'm seeing fewer chases, fewer fights, etc. Even the kitten has calmed down a little bit.

I have some fairly old CEVA diffusers. I believe they came with the regular Feliway, but they work with the Multi-Cat version as well. Please note that there was a period of time when CEVA changed the diffuser style (this was a year or two ago, or maybe a bit more). This was not popular with consumers and there may have been other issues as well, so they changed back to the original style. If you buy a new diffuser, it should work with this refill. If you have one of the interim style of diffusers, you should probably just get a new one because I doubt they will go back to making refills that fit them.

I have two of these plugged in, one in the master bathroom (where I have cat beds in a sunny spot around the tub) and master bedroom (where most of the cats -- I have 5 -- spend most of their day, sleeping). I feel that between the two of them, I get good coverage of the area where my kitties spend most of their time. Please note that you will need to plug the diffuser directly into the wall, where it can be upright, for best results. I have never had any safety issues with mine, nor do I notice any smell. Please also note that this listing is for the refill only and does not come with the diffuser. You will need to purchase a diffuser separately, or buy one of the starter kits and then transition to these when your original pheromone solution runs out.

Overall, though, this has been absolutely wonderful. Very glad to have finally realized the difference and to have tried it.

Comfort Zone with Feliway Diffuser Refills for Cat Calming, 2 Pack Review:

I was very dubious of this stuff since it just seemed like there was no way it could really be effective. I understand how pheromones work, but I wondered how they could produce them and sell them for this price and make a profit. Still, I had a few friends who were adamant about how great Comfort Zone with Feliway was. After a few months, we finally tried it, and it was a surprisingly effective success! Allow me to explain why we needed it and how it helped.

We had one cat, Meep, and when a friend was unable to keep their cat, Q, due to having to move for their job, we thought "We'll take him in. Q and Meep have similar personalities and would probably love playing with each other!" We were completely wrong! Despite going through the whole process of slowly introducing the to each other through closed doors, etc. over 2 weeks, Meep decided she hated Q from the start. She would get jealous of him even being near me, get angry when he tried to sniff her, and just seemed ticked off by his existence. As a result, Meep was constantly attacking Q and starting fights. Aside from it being upsetting when they fought, Q is twice Meep's size, and while he didn't start fights, he would finish them. As a result, Meep was regularly getting injured. Most of the injuries were on her face, and I was terrified she was going to be seriously hurt.

We initially bought 4 diffusers even though each one supposedly covers a large area. We placed 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs to be sure. The change was not instant, but it was definitely noticeable within about 2-3 weeks. It was a gradual reduction in fights to start. Within a about 3 months, the fighting had stopped almost entirely, and the occasional spats were much, much less violent. At that point, we went to 1 diffuser upstairs, but we still have 2 downstairs because with how our house is arranged, there didn't seem to be enough air flow between the rooms at the front of the house and the 2 at the back. The cats continued to get along, and their behavior continued to improve.

We have used this product for 2 years now, and After the first year we were able to reduce to only 1 diffuser on each level of the house. Meep and Q went from tearing each other apart, to tolerating each other, to (finally) getting along and even being affectionate with each other! Honestly, without Comfort Zone, I believe we would have had to find a new home for Q or risk one of the cats getting severely injured.

Now, if you're like me, you might be thinking "It has been a long time, maybe they just got used to each other, and this product didn't actually do much." I have 2 reasons as to why I think Comfort Zone has made and continues to make a difference in our cats' behavior.

1) When we got the diffusers, the cats had been together (and fighting) for at least 6 months, and their was no sign of improvement during that time. As mentioned, I noticed a significant reduction in the number of fights and their intensity within 2-3 weeks of use. I do not think such a rapid change in behavior just happened to coincide with starting to use Comfort Zone.

2) About a year ago, I decided to stop using Comfort Zone and observe the effects. Within about 2 weeks of unplugging the diffusers, Meep & Q were fighting again! Now, the fights were significantly less violent and occurred less often, but they still started again.
I did notice that, over the few weeks without Comfort Zone, the cats also had moments where they got along. This says to me that even the single year of use did result in permanent behavioral changes changes. So, while we chose to go back to using Comfort Zone more or less constantly, my observations suggest it could be used for a certain period of time to induce behavioral changes and then stopped. I really think it just depends on why you are using Comfort Zone and how your cat or cats respond.

I love this product since it has allowed us to keep both of our cats and made our home significantly more peaceful. I know it can be used for other issues. For example, I have a friend who used it to help with a cat who was pooing outside of the litter box, and I've had a few friends who've used it temporarily right before a move and then at their new home to help with the transition. If you are using Comfort Zone for the first time, I would suggest doing what I should have done and keep a journal with notes about the initial problematic behavior(s), dates of use and when changes were noticed, and general observations during use. This way, you can determine if this product is effective for your needs.

Comfort Zone MultiCat Calming Diffuser Kit, New 2X Pheromones for Cats Formula, 3 Diffusers and 6 Refills Review:

Having 4 cats, they tend to have different personalities and needs and clash now and then. We were introduced to Feliway by our Vet. She said it contains pheramones that are naturally found in a Momma Cat's milk that is passed onto her kittens to make them relax and have a sense of security.
Similarly,the pheramones in the dispenser get released into the air giving your cat(s) a sense of calm and security. As a result, my 3 cats are much calmer and don't clash nor fight nearly as often. They still do here and there but it's definitely decreased significantly...atleast by 50-60%.
For my 3 cats, I purchased the multi-cat pack that came with 3 dispensors and 6 bottles ..3 for the initial use and 3 for future refills. These value packs were NOT available for purchase at my Vets.. only individual packs which were much more costly. Buying a multi-cat value pack through Amazon was much more affordable.
***PLEASE NOTE: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY to learn the proper way to place the Feliway in the plugs, how many are suggested, and how to strategically place them throughout your house.
I have 3 cats who clashed way too often so we bought 6 Feliways...1 for each room frequently used by the cats and an extra one that we also placed in the main conflict area.
They should last several months before needing to buy more of JUST the refills. You can buy the actual Feliway plug-in containers alone or with the refills. Since you reuse the Feliway plug-in containers, you can also purchase just the refills alone.
A great investment with fast results.
*****Addition.......after using Feliway for a couple weeks now, I notice that it's efficacy is improving in accordance with the length of use. After initial use, conflicts decreased 50-60%. Now, after a few more weeks of continued use, conflicts have been cut to about 2/day (when they get hungry..right before meals) vs. a constant all day hissing, growling, and attacking.
Perfect timing because another homeless kitty showed up at our door. After befriending him and earning his trust throughout the summer, we are now able to bring him to the vet for all his shots, tests & getting neutered so he can join our other 3 rescues.
Thank you Comfort Zone!

Nature's Miracle Just for Cats Calming Spray Stress Reducing Formula, 8-ounce (P-5780) Review:

This is a little long. The gist of it is this: I think it depends on the cat, but all three of my cats have drastically reduced anxiety. It won't fix all your problems or change the entire temperament of a cat, but at least in my house all three cats are much more relaxed, they sleep better, they are friendlier towards me, and the non-recognition aggression from one visiting the vet is going away much faster with the spray than without. Read the rest if you like long-winded cat lady stories with details. Or if you are trying to integrate or reintegrate cats and it's 3am, you have to get up for work in like two or three hours but you can't sleep because of the meowing and door scratching, and all you can think about is how you're afraid to leave your angry cats alone while you're at work and you feel like it the whole arduous process will never end and you desperately need moral support because you can't tell anymore whether, after four days of this insanity, whether it is actual meowing you hear or whether it's now just all in your head and you maybe never even owned cats to begin with, maybe you're in an asylum somewhere and this is just a horrible fever dream. Because that was me last night, friend. I've been there.

I have three cats-- two four year olds from the same litter that I've had since they were weaned, and a former stray cat who is about ten or so. I've had the former stray for five or six years. All are spayed females. The older cat and the more boisterous of the two younger cats have never had the best relationship, as the younger one bugs the older one a little too much and they both want to be the dominant ones. The younger boisterous one had a two night stay at the vet's last week and came home smelling and acting different, so unsurprisingly I'm dealing with some non-recognition aggression. I've tried putting them all together (seemed to work at first, but the older one got really scared by some unknown thing and I had to separate them), and now they're in separate parts of the apartment, separated but with their food on either side of my bedroom door.

The vet/foreign smells seem to not be an issue anymore, as the older cat (who is the angriest by far) can smell the younger one on me, or near the door, or she can hear her meow and it just isn't a big deal. I did the towel trick and the vanilla trick, and no one seems to care about scents anymore at all. Only when the older cat sees the young one does she get really upset and start hissing and growling and sometimes yowling. I'm doing the thing where you open the door an inch or so while they're eating, and give them their favorite treats when they can see each other to reinforce the positives. It doesn't seem to be progressing that much, but I could be biased since I haven't really slept for the last few nights because when I'm with the older cat, the younger ones cry and want me to come back over to their side. When I go to their side, the older cat cries till I come back to her. Not my most favorite week ever. I live in an apartment and don't want to drive my neighbors nuts with the constant meowing, so I even went so far as to sleep in the hall next to my bedroom door so I could easily switch between rooms and I could try to calm down whoever was crying by singing soft songs about them and whispering to them. They love that, so it sometimes makes them cry a little softer or scratch less, this I don't have to go back and forth as often. I'm trying to rationalize this here, but obviously, cat people like me are nuts enough to do this crap. No excuse really. We're nuts.

I asked a bunch of my friends (all multiple cat households) what I could do that I haven't tried yet. A few suggested the calming spray, which I had dismissed as snake oil the first time I saw it. "How gullible would you have to be to buy THAT," I thought. But friends I trusted who are parents to very nervous cats swear by it, and I figured I had nothing to lose but ten bucks. I'm feeling pretty desperate and want this process sped up. I love my cats so much, but this reintegration is a little high maintenance for me. Singing songs to them is crazy enough but sleeping on the floor in the hallway while they scale me like a mountain and scream from the top of my butt is not how I envisioned my adult life to be. Help.

Today I had a friend get some spray on his way home and drop it off. I sprayed it all around the area with the two younger cats first. It could have been my imagination, but the boisterous young one seemed to get kind of sleepy. Not like she would be if she were sedated, because she was still alert and responsive like normal, but she seemed a lot less on edge. Could have been my imagination though. The other younger one, who I haven't really mentioned since she's not really part of the conflict, she suddenly got really frisky and her tail puffed up and she zoomed around. Not like anything was wrong or like she was scared, just like she was really really excited. Like if I'd come home from a long weekend away and it was time to catch up on snuggles and treats. But, also, could have been a coincidence or my imagination. This was around 5pm today.

When I was sure the younger cats weren't going to die or have any weird reactions from the spray, I moved to the quarantine area in the back where the older cat is. I sprayed it everywhere in there while she yelled at me about how I should really just get rid of the other cats. Seemed like nothing happened. Then she got kind of calm like the boisterous cat had. So I decided to do the thing where I open the door an inch or two so they can see each other while I give them treats. The older cat hissed and grumbled a little, but not like before. The younger cats used to try to charge the door because they miss their grumpy friend, but instead they just sat there, kind of staring, but not in the threatening manner cats can stare with. Just calmly and happily watching. The older cat also sat there, kind of mesmerized. Eventually they all got bored and walked away. I went ahead and closed the door, even though I was amazed at the changes. I decided that these changes couldn't all be coincidences. The calming spray had to be doing something, and for it to work on all three of my cats it had to have been made by a very talented sorcerer and subsequently blessed by a shaman before being out in the Amazon warehouse. Or maybe they have shamans in-house, I don't know.

All evening, all three cats have been themselves, but much more relaxed. The younger ones took naps on the couch next to me while I watched some horrible TV, and I haven't seen them sleep so deeply in weeks. They were so relaxed, but when I woke them up to make sure they were ok, they were completely themselves. Not like they were drugged, just like they trusted me and everything around them. I came in to see how the older cat was dong at about 10:30 pm. I heard her doing the soft meows she does when she gets lonely, but nothing like the manic, worried crying and door scratching she had been doing when I wasn't with her the last few days. When I came in she wasn't nervous or jittery or grumpy at all. She was excited to see me and chirped a whole bunch, she ran around like she did when she was younger, and she snuggled with me like she has never snuggled before. Then she just fell asleep, and even if there is a noise from outside or whatever, she looks up just enough to make sure it's not some really extremely interesting bird or something, and just goes back to sleep. And it's a happy, restful sleep.

In conclusion, I still am not ready to put all the cats together in one room, but I feel like it'll happen much sooner than it would have without the spray. Everyone has really mellowed out in their separate areas and I no longer have to run back and forth whenever the other side gets lonely. They are still themselves, alert, and with the same personalities, but they all seem much happier, less stressed, and better able to get a good sleep. Thus, I will be too. My grumpy older cat is still grumpy and will continue to be, the boisterous younger cat still talked to me a lot between her deep naps this evening and forced me to scratch her head repeatedly, and the already calm younger cat who was obviously nervous about the situation between the other two is still calmly herself, but she is much more relaxed. So this stuff didn't change everything or fix the entire situation, but I love how much more content everyone seems and will absolutely continue to use it, even after the reintegration is complete. I am so glad I tried it, and that all three of my cats had great reactions to it. Best of all, I can finally get a full night's sleep tonight and not worry about my cats yowling in their respective rooms while I'm at work tomorrow. This stuff is lovely. Try it. It might not work on your cat, but I got three out of three. Oh, and like everyone else said it has a faint floral/spa scent that was not bothersome to me even though I am having a rough day, pollen allergy wise. I smelled it briefly and faintly while I was spraying it, but when it dried the scent was gone. So that's another plus. Try it. If it doesn't work on your cat, give it to a friend who has cats and tell them to just buy you lunch when it works for them.

FELIWAY MultiCat Diffuser Starter Kit | Constant Harmony & Calming Between Cats at Home Review:

I’ve never heard of this product before I adopted two little kittens from a local shelter. I’ve only had one cat at the time, so there was no need for me to use this, but as I was uncertain how my 3-year-old Siamese would react to two more kittens in the household, I started researching a bit on line how to make the introduction and the transition as smooth as possible. Cats are weird little creatures and I didn’t want to start the introduction on the wrong paw! So what I did was this:

⭐️ I bought the Multicat Starter kit which includes one diffuser and one refill good for about a month. This particular Multicat refill works just like a Glade plug-in except that it emits synthetic pheromones a mother cat would naturally emit to her kittens in order to make them bond to her. Sound good. We humans do not sense or smell anything, but the cats do.
⭐️ I separated the kittens from my Siamese for a week in a kitty-safe room allowing no contact with the host cat, but occasional pawing through the crack between closed doors
⭐️ I’d play with the kittens often, holding them so they would leave their scent on me, then I would play with the Siamese allowing her to smell their scent on me. You get the idea. I did that for a week. No visual contact other than when I would open the door to get in, which made my Siamese very curious.
⭐️ After a week I tried the introduction in the living room where I had the Feliway Multi Cat diffuser plugged in. It went okay, though the Siamese did hiss a few times. When I saw that she was getting a bit rowdy, I separated the kittens again for 3 days allowing her no contact. That made her even more curious, now that she’s seen them and had contact with them. Reverse psychology, what can I say..
⭐️ After 3 more days, I tried again and just a few days later they were all sniffing each others’ butts!
⭐️ I kept the diffuser plugged in until it ran out of juice, which was a few days short of a month.

I was very impressed with the product as I noticed that all three would usually gather around the area where it was plugged in. The Siamese seemed more chill than normal and her demeanor towards the kittens changed for the better. I was a bit worried that she would not accept them as I know quite a few people with pets that don’t like each other and that’s a headache for everyone involved.

I highly recommend the product. I’ve read testimonials of people saying that the diffuser almost set their house on fire, or whatnot, but if you read the instructions before use, Feliway does warn not to use any surge protectors, extension cords and to make sure that there is at least a 4 foot clearance ABOVE the diffuser once plugged it and to change the diffuser every 6 months. I followed all those instructions and had no burning smell or anything of the kind.
Highly recommend the product (my cats are licking each other as I’m writing this!!!) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️