Best Cat Nursing Supplies in 2020

Miracle Nipple for Pets, Original - 10 Pack Review:

If you foster, you definitely want this package deal. We googled this nipple but couldn't find a better price anywhere online.

At just $40/package of 10 you'll spend just $4 each for your kittens' soon-to-be favorite nipple. It's so much easier to get your newborn kittens to be comfortable with this nipple -- probably because it's skinner than the typical (completely out-of-date) bottle nipple.

But what's the best part about this nipple? IT ALREADY HAS THE HOLE CUT OUT! That's right: no more trying to hack your way into those stupid bottle nipples, making your holes too small or too large, completely ruining the nipples in the process. Beyond the better shape, the pre-cut hole is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY.

NOTE: you'll need to cut the tip a bit because it is a bit long for newborn kittens but that's super easy. Cut a bit then try it. Cut a little more if necessary. You won't need to cut very much, even for newborn kittens.

RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit Review:

I bought this kit to add to our emergency supplies, given some of the recent events in California. I'm sure it will be great to have on hand even just for every-day cuts and minor injuries. Most of the supplies are items you would find in a typical human first-aid kit (bandages, antiseptic wipes, etc.) but I like having an extra kit that is designated for our pets (2 dogs, 1 cat). I also really like that it includes a pet first aid guide, but be advised that most of the instructions are limited and end with consulting your vet. Still, even taking a small extra measure (e.g. splinting, bandaging, etc.) on the way to the emergency vet could be the difference in your pet's survival. I have also added 3 additional items that I think will be very useful: styptic powder (to stop bleeding), vet wrap (non-adhesive wrap bandage), and a pet-specific healing ointment for minor cuts and scrapes. If your pet requires any medication, it would be good to include those as well. Like most first-aid kits, the quantity of each item is limited, so be sure to replace each item when used to make sure the kit is complete. I also really like the fold-out flaps that have a place to write down emergency numbers, and extra slots for any items you choose to add. Overall, a must-have for any pet owner.

HomeAgain Microchip Implant Kit for Administration by Veterinarian Review:

I’ve been with Home Again for 12 of my pets, countless fosters I’ve taken in, and for over 15 years; I prefer them over other companies because they are the only company to have an anti-migrating mechanism on their chips. While other companies chips lack this mechanism, potentially allowing the chip to migrate into different parts of your animals body,( i.e. their shoulders or ribs) thus making it more difficult to scan and easier to miss in the event that your animal finds themselves in possession of animal control. I’ve never had a Home Again chip migrate. I’ve used 24 hour pet watch and Petlink on 2 of my animals, both chips migrated and we ended up re-chipping with Home Again.
I purchased this chip because I recently had my dog spayed through a low cost spay/neuter clinic but I didn’t like the microchip company they offered through their clinic. They agreed to implant this one if I brought it in. If the chip is implanted correctly you should not be able to feel it or even tell it’s there. Your pet won’t notice either.
Shipping & delivery was much faster than they said it would be. Product arrived in great condition, sterile packaging, with a tag and the registration paperwork (although you can register by phone or online as well).
Once you register your chip with the company (a one time fee of 19.99) it is registered FOR THE LIFE of your animal. There is NO YEARLY FEE. Like Ive said, I’ve been using their services for 15 years. I’ve only paid ONCE for all my pets and countless fosters over the years. I’ve moved & updated info plenty of times. There is no yearly registration charge. I’m stressing this as there seems to be a lot of confusion out there about yearly registration vs the optional add on features the company offers.
There are other amenities you can purchase yearly for an additional 19.99 a year but again, these are optional and opting out of purchasing them does NOT affect your registration status. They are just packages the company sells to increase profits. I have personally found no use for anything other than the registration.
If you sell or transfer ownership of a pet, you can (and should) transfer owner information on the chip as well. You contact Home Again and they send you the transfer of ownership paperwork (similar to a car title). The most important thing is to always keep your information updated, or the chip is useless.
Once the chip is implanted there are only 3 things you need to do:
1) make sure the microchip is registered;
2) ask your veterinarian to scan your pet's microchip at least once per year to make sure the microchip is still functioning and can be detected;
3) keep your registration information up-to-date. (So many people forget this part)
*If you've moved, or if any of your information (especially your phone number) has changed, make sure you update your microchip registration in the manufacturer's database as soon as possible.*

BSTEAN Pet Nursing Feeding Syringe Kit for Kitten, Puppy, Cat and Other Newborn Small Animal and Wildlife (Pack of 10) Review:

I wish to goodness I'd found a kit like the BSTEAN feeding syringes with needle and caps a few years ago. I've spent a small fortune trying out different syringes, needles and feeding/dispensing/suctioning/storing apparatus for taking care of cats and kittens, and this simple, inexpensive kit covers almost every need I've had. Nothing fancy (you'll still need a good, soft nipple for feeding newborns) but totally practical. The only change I'd make is to add a longer needle (for drawing liquid into syringe, esp. flea meds bought in bulk) and a couple of larger syringes at least 15mL, which is a quantity I often use for hydrating an average sized cat in increments over a few hours. This kit is a gold mine, especially if you're new to caring for critters and don't quite know what you'll need yet; you'll quickly figure it out! As with almost all syringes, I'm sure they will be useful a lot longer if you spray some clear polyurethane on the outside to keep the marked increments from fading with frequent washing in warm soapy water. The kit is well packaged in plastic inside a box just the right size to hold all the pieces - and for the first time EVER - whoever put the kit together made it affordable for anyone! I am so sick of the greed of manufacturers of pet products that I take great pleasure in finding good deals and touting them all over creation for folks who stay broke trying to care for stray and injured critters. And by the way, it's not a bad kit for crafters, either, for dispensing paint or glue or any number of materials. I highly recommend it for the locking tips, caps for temporary storage, needle for suctioning and especially the price. Well done!

PetAg PetLac Kitten Milk Replacement - Liquid Review:

I first tried this product a few weeks ago when I rescued a kitten that had been abandoned on my property. I bought the first container at the local pet supply store for nearly three times the price here - talk about sticker shock!
Little Tony was about 4 weeks old at the time and needed to be fed around-the-clock. He was dehydrated and probably had not been fed for the better part of the day , which at that age means at least three or four meals had been missed. This rich formula greatly helped get him back on track, properly hydrated and feeling strong and energetic quickly.
I did have to discard part of the first carton because apparently I was not shaking it well enough and the solids settled into the bottom. When I received my first order from Amazon and read through the directions again I decided to shake it thoroughly every time I got it out of the fridge. This has made a huge difference in keeping the formula well-blended. I can't stress how important it is to shake it well every time you take it out to use. The resealable cap makes this easy because there is no risk of leakage when you shake it.
The pouring spout works very well although for a nursing bottle you will still probably need a funnel. My kitten is now eating from a dish, mostly kitten weaning cereal, but I also am still giving a little of this formula in a dish as a supplement . I do recommend it for both bottle feeding and kittens that can lap from a dish.

Pet-Ag Nursing Kit 2oz Bottle (Carded) Review:

We found an abandoned kitten in our yard, under a bushy plant. It was a hot day but we were concerned the mamma might be coming back so we did not touch anything (or the kitty) - and left him, hoping mamma would return.
Sadly she did not.
We brought the tiny kitten inside, and hubby went out to buy one of these kits. The baby kitten still had a dried umbilical cord attached so he couldn't have been more than a few days old.

We used the set we bought with powdered Kitten Milk Replacer. Even though the bottle was almost as big as kitty (now named Pumpkin) - he was able to drink easily from the small-sized teat.

Pumpkin is now 2 weeks old, and we bought more kits so we could have them on standby. I was very surprised that little Pumpkin feeds much better from this bottle and teat, than he did from a "Miracle Nipple" and syringe.

We have had Pumpkin vet checked and to date he is doing marvellously. I would absolutely recommend this set - the little bottle brush is great, and the nipples seem perfect for our newborn rescue kitty.
My one concern is when Pumpkin gets bigger (and gets teeth) - that he may "chew up" or tear the teat. But we will deal with that when & if it comes up!

Pet Feeding Bottle Can Squeeze Liquid Feeding Kit and Replacement Mini Nipples for Kitten Puppy Small Animals Feeding Tool Review:

Life as a kitten foster mom just got a whole lot easier. All of the nipples fit the hub of a luerlock syringe. Syringes make it sooo much easier to determine exactly how much or little formula newborns are ingesting. The little white tool makes puncturing nipples quick, safe, and easy. This kit grows with the needs of your foster babies. 10/10 would/will buy again.

PETHOUZZ Pet Piller Gun Dog Pill Shooter Cat Tablet Soft Tip Syringe Pet Medical Feeding Dispenser Tool for Small Animal Review:

This pill gun works nicely for the size #5 capsules I use to put my cat's thyroid medication in. I simply insert the smaller end of the capsule into the tip of the gun, and it is an exact fit.

The downside? It will either work, or it won't at all, for the type of pill you are using. The pill really needs to be almost an exact fit. The Drontal tablets I get from the vet are too large and round, even halved they are still too big to fit into this pill gun. The tip is plastic and rigid, which is good (the pill doesn't fall out as easily), but bad (you can't wiggle a larger pill in like you can with some of the pill guns that have a flexible, rubber end).

I haven't tried using anything smaller than my #5 capsules, so I have no feedback on using it with smaller sized pills/tablets.

Pet Pill Dispenser Dog Pill Dispenser Pet Piller Gun Cat Pill Shooter Tablet Soft Tip Syringe Pet Medical Feeding Dispenser for Small Pet Review:

This product is a godsend. my cat has ckd and has been started on meds and the lil jerk kept cheeking his pills! i would find them spit out under the bed or vomitted up in a lil mush. Not anymore. i tilt his head back, pry open his mouth and shoot the pill to the back of his throat. then i hold his mouth shut for a few seconds. i usually tilt his head back and open his mouth again to make sure he swallowed it. if not this usually makes him swallow whats left. takes me seconds to do now!!

Four Paws Pet Easy Feeder Review:

I was referred to these easy feeding syringes by a friend. My cat had to be assist fed for about 1 week and these were a life saver, literally! I did have to cut the tip off one of the feeders but after that everything went smoothly. When my cat is stressed out by being assist fed and I'm stressed out by feeling bad for her I'm thankful for how easy these are to use.

Note- always put the tip of the syringe in the side of your cat's mouth so your cat doesn't aspirate the food into his/her lungs. Push small amounts at a time.

I love that the 'food' syringe lists both ml (same as cc) and teaspoon amounts!

***Update, August 2013-

I have had to (unfortunately) use the food syringe of this set 3-4x/day every day for the last 8 days. I never throw it in the dishwasher or wash with regular soaps. The most I do is put it in nearly boiling water, sometimes with a drop of white vinegar (kills bacteria from cat's mouths) and let sit until the water cools. The numbers and markings are beginning to lightly rub off but so far, so good. I'm posting a picture of the comparison between the syringe I've been using and the brand new one I got today.

Sometimes the blue plunger sticks slightly which I thought was the food in the syringe but after testing my brand new syringe I realize it's actually the wearing of the syringe/plunger. I've read that you can use a tiny bit of oil (olive, coconut, etc) to lubricate the plunger.

Also, if feeding exact increments of food is important know that there will be some food (if feeding pureed/mixed cat food) left on the 'bottom' of the blue plunger; I'd say it's about 0.5ml- 1ml of food. Also, there will be about 1ml of food left in the syringe tip that you can't possibly feed. So, in total you MAY lose roughly 2ml of food/meds when using these syringes.

For now I'm leaving my review with 5 stars but depending on how worn the syringe becomes in the next few weeks I may have to downgrade to 4 stars.