Best Cat Flea Combs in 2020

Pet Republique Dog and Cat Flea Comb - for Most Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Pets – Grooming Tool to Remove Fleas, Mites, Ticks, Dandruff Flakes – Safe and Fine Pins Review:

I buy tons of items on Amazon and don't do reviews very often, but when I find something that works and helps, I want to tell the world! I am the owner of a strictly indoor cat, and yes, I am now waging war on fleas in my home! We have two neighborhood dogs that are flea covered and that's how I think we got them! We now sweep and spray our pants and shoes before coming in the house. Over the past few weeks, I have used 5 foggers, bottles of natural repellent, advantage, frontline plus, now frontline gold, 3 flea baths, vet visit, traps, everything but a flame thrower!! Finally decided to really investigate how to regain my home from the little #%^*!! I decided to block off most rooms from my cat, ( fleas can only reproduce if they consume animal blood!), vacuum 2-3 times a day ( under and on furniture, steps, etc) AND use this comb on my poor cat 2-3 times a day! He was literally climbing into cabinets and jumping up on anything he could to escape! This comb will pull out the fleas and most of the time, hold them in place til you can slam it into a bowl of soapy water! He is a Persian and it will go through his coat just fine. He loves it and I have probably collected about 60 fleas in a week off him. I was using a regular fine tooth comb but it's not the same. The stiff, silver teeth allow you to see the flea and make sure it dies a horrible soap filled death! My cat is so much happier and calm and I feel like I am finally starting to win the war! Worth its weight in gold!

zYoung 3 Pcs Dog Comb, Cat Dog Grooming Comb, Comb for Dogs Cats, Gently Removes Mucus and Crust Clean Tool Review:

I had some rescue pups who had a bad case of mange. During treatment I would brush their mostly hairless bodies with these tools, and it would help lift the dandruff and gunk off of their poor little selves so the medicine had the access it needed to the skin.
I also used the piece with the handle on my dog to get any fleas he got when he would go outside. That way there weren't any in the house. It worked wonders. The fleas get caught in the bristles and you could just scrap them off into some soap water and keep going.

Safari Pet Products Flea Comb for Cats, Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats, Cat Flea Treatment, Flea Prevention Review:

If you've treated your yard, your house, washed all of your bed linens and cat bed, and treated your cat, whether naturally or went the chemical route (sometimes it's the best solution), adding into the lot you need to physically and mechanically remove fleas/eggs as a suggested part of the protocol. Vacuuming everything, everywhere, every day and also use this handy little comb. It's fantastic. I've had acreage, many dogs and cats and never had a flea infestation since back in the 70 & 80's where we used harsh chemical means to control fleas/ticks before the spot-on products were developed. Until now. We moved into a house that was infested! We had no idea. Our poor little cat became inundated. We did a combo of natural (baking soda and salt) and chemical (chemical sprays for carpets). He was already on a spot-on treatment- but there was an outbreak that needed help. So after treatments, we vacuumed every. single. day. And twice a day I used this comb on our kitty. It's fantastic! Perfect for his medium length coat.

Setup: Be methodical. Don't skip a day.This works. Lay out a light colored bed sheet or large light colored towels on the floor. You will sit on this with your cat as you do this. I lean against a wall to help with support of my back, cat between my legs. You may need someone to help you hold the cat. The light colored fabric will allow you to see any fleas that will make a jump for it! They are fast! Use your fingers or a tissue to pick them up and plunk them into the water or a ball them up into a trash can beside you. A medium bowl in white or clear glass so you can see the fleas. Fill with water and liquid soap, swish around. Several Q-tips. Plus a few facial tissues and a small trash can (for hair and escaped fleas you catch with a tissue). Start at the head and neck of your cat and slowly draw the comb through in short strokes. Check the comb quickly and using your thumb, push any fleas into the water that is beside you. If a flea gets stuck in the comb, use a Q-tip to scrape it off. The fleas stick to the Q-tip and I just drop it all into the water.

Keep going from head to tail. When you run out of fleas, turn the cat on its side. One side then the other. Then the cat on it's back, starting at the head/throat. Run out of fleas to catch? Good! Now start over until you get no more fleas. They will run from the comb to other parts the cat's body. Don't forget the legs and tail. Go slow so you don't accidentally catch the edge of your cat's skin. I then throw the Q-tips in the trash and flush the bowl of fleas down the toilet. Scoop up the light colored towels/bed sheet you were sitting on and place it straight into the washer. Change your clothes and put them right into the washer. Take the trash out. Now, vacuum the area. I also vacuum up some salt and baking soda into the vacuum to help with what it catches. Change the vacuum bag or empty the cannister. Do this twice a day, every day until you find no more fleas on your cat. Also, don't fret if a flea escapes. Just say out loud, "That's fine, I'm going to vacuum you up in a few minutes, you cannot escape!

Note: You must treat all areas at the same time, from your house to your cat. Don't forget under beds and furniture. Vacuum your whole place every day! It's a PITA but it works. And in my case? Next time we move into a new house, we will have it treated for fleas ourselves whether or not they said it was done. Ugh. Lesson learned. Additionally, you probably won't have fleas, but after removing them and watching them die in the water/soap solution, you will think every itch on your body and scalp is flea! Disgusting but amazingly tough and resilient parasites.

Cat Flea Comb, Pet Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs, Tear Stain Remover, Stainless Steel Teeth with Plastic Handle for Removing Flea Egg, Mites, Ticks Dandruff Flakes, Crust, Mucus, and Stains Review:

I can’t say that I really have a dislike for this comb. If I have to give one, it’s the fact it’s a little hard to clean in between the teeth which I kinda expected because it so close together...and that is needed to get the fleas and their eggs and all that Jazz. So I use an old toothbrush to clean the comb. No biggie. I used it to remove fleas, flea eggs, flea poop, and dandruff off of my fur babies. It was able to get things that I generally don’t see because of all the fur. I’d highly recommend this comb to try and put an end to your flea issues.

DUKES Pet Flea Combs Review:

These flea combs work at our house. They aren't hideously ugly, excessively sharp, and they are brightly coloured so they're relatively easy to find when they slide down between sofa cushions, blankets or toys. Plus they don't scrape or irritate Kitty's skin, but seem to feel just perfect for a pleasant back scratch. Kitty also likes them because they are not too large so, when she's in the mood, she can play with them. Some people may not appreciate that but at our house cats rule, so we don't have a problem with it.

MiracleCoat Flea Comb Review:

Fuzzball Gus gets brushed every night. I live in a studio so there's no way to escape the cat fur so I try to be as proactive as possible by getting as much loose fur and dander off of him as possible. For this, this comb works great. It moves smoothly through his fur, doesn't get snagged or pull, and keeps him happily purring for at least 15 minutes.

The one drawback is what another reviewer already mentioned - the black color. Fleas blend in with the black handle and there have been several times when I've brushed out a flea only to not notice because it blended in and so it gets away, back into Gus's coat. Bummer. If they made a white handled version, I would buy that one too.

Hertzko Flea Comb with Double Row of Teeth Double Row of Closely Spaced Metal Pins Removes Fleas, Flea Eggs, and Debris from Your Pet’s Coat - Suitable for Dogs and Cats Review:

Using this comb with a flea spray that is safe for your dog's skin is the ULTIMATE in "de-bugging". The double row of teeth either combs the fleas up and out, or they get stuck between the teeth. Either way, the fleas are no longer on your beloved pet. I go in between the teeth with a paper towel and a metal finger nail file, pushing the paper towel through the middle. This cleans the comb right out. You'll see more bugs than you thought after cleaning the comb. This comb even picks up the flea poo (dark dots). I thought the dark dots were flea eggs, but learned differently. The larva is actually white glanuals (looks like salt). Since getting educated on what they look like, I can see them now. This comb pulls the larvae and flea poo off the skin. My dogs get great relief after a combing. I'm still doing battle with these little pests and I will win, eventually.

Update:--The comb is still awesome, but alone, it could not win the war. I resorted to digestable flea tablets to put an end to the whole ordeal. The tablets were like nuclear bombs to the fleas. They were ALL GONE THE NEXT DAY! It was a miracle, and I wish I hadn't wasted so much time with my dogs suffering with fleas.

Andis Pet Grooming Tools Review:

We have a Bichon and do not cut her hair short. The small size of the tool works good for getting at the mats on the back side of her legs or breaking up some of the knots under her ears. I did find it is best to hold the hair down near the skin and gradually work down from the outer edge of the hair to the skin. If you don't hold the hair at first the tool will not cut through the matting without pulling on the skin. The more you use it the easier it is to work with it. The front edge of the tool is rounded and cannot cut into the dog which is good. We also have the larger Andis dematting tool which we use for larger areas like her back and chest areas or to go over areas we started with this smaller tool.

Vet One Flea Lice Comb Review:

We adopted a street kitten a couple weeks ago who came to us infested with cat lice. She's still too young to use Advantage on her and she can't get a vet dip every week, so I bought this comb to use in the interim.

It has two sides, and the side with the finer teeth makes a game effort at pulling the nits off. The nits are, of course, glued to the hair, so it's not as easy as just running a comb through the kitten's fur, but at least some of the nits are removed with each combing and that's more than you can say about the metal flea comb I got at Petsmart (and later returned due to it not doing anything for the nits). Next week the kitten will be old enough to get a small spot of Advantage and that will take care of her lice, but the comb is reasonably sturdy, and will probably be useful just for generalized combing for a long time to come.