Best Cat Ear Care in 2020

ZYMOX Pet King Brand Otic Pet Ear Treatment with Hydrocortisone Review:

Since we adopted her as a puppy my poor Sophie (now two years old) has had chronic yeast infections in her ears, which then spread to her paws (due to the itching). We have tried EVERYTHING; new food(s), medications (drops/shots/pills), cleaning treatments... you name it, we've done it. And they all worked... for a few days to a few weeks, then she would head right back down hill... I felt like the worst dog mom in the world!
Finally in my desperation I searched "dog ear yeast infection" on Amazon, and low and behold Zymox shows up! Now I am a bit of a review fanatic... I scour them all, and to be honest I almost didn't try Zymox because I was a bit skeptical about so many positive reviews (crazy, I know), especially since this seems to go against what our veterinarian was telling us. The instructions on the Zymox recommend not pre-washing the ear... are you serious!?! How is a dirty ear supposed to help my poor puppy!? But in my desperation I decided a few more "wasted" dollars (and less of a fight over ear cleaning) wouldn't hurt, and what the heck, we had tried everything else.
I AM SO GLAD I GAVE ZYMOX A CHANCE!!! I followed the directions and treated her ear everyday for two weeks... the first few days we really didn't notice anything, but I wasn't willing to give up hope. After about day 4 I noticed that she wasn't itching very often and the inside of her ears wasn't bright red anymore! After day 7 her ears were a healthy pink and she was literally running over to have the Zymox put into her ears... that right there told me it must be working, I had never seen her excited for ear drops!
By day 14 her ears were a healthy pink, they no long smelled like "dead fish" (a smell I never thought would go away - from the yeast infections), she was no longer incessantly licking and chewing on her paws - which she was doing because the yeast infection was transferring to them from itching her ears.
We have been using this product for over a year now, after the initial 14 days I have only had a to use it about once a month (or less) and then for only a few days at a time - I use it when I notice her ears getting a little red, and use it just until her ears return to normal. She now recognizes the bottle and still comes running over to have her "drops" put in - this stuff is seriously awesome and I cannot recommend it enough. If you have a pet that has been suffering from yeast infections, give this a shot - my guess is it will work for you too!

ZYMOX Pet King Brand Otic Pet Ear Treatment with Hydrocortisone Review:

My cat is 9 and has had ear problems on and off all throughout her life. Crazy amounts of earwax, always shaking her head, and scratching. Every year the vet gives me new ear drops for her to try and it would never solve the problem. In December 2016 my vet put my cat under and cleaned both of her ears. She said she was surprised my cat could even hear anything because of the amount of wax build up, but told me it didn't look like she had any ear mites. When I asked her what I can do to keep them clean she never really gave me a solution other than drops that didn't seem to work. A month later in January, I noticed the ear wax was coming back and decided to do some research. I came across these drops and decided to order them. I did exactly as the instructions said and my cat didn't seem to mind these and actually let me put these in her ears. I noticed a huge improvement while using them, the ear wax was slowly disappearing. Fast forward to July I checked my cats ears today and NO WAX!!! NONE! this stuff is amazing. Seems like my cat had a yeast infection all along and treating her for mites and other things was making her ears worse. She is finally wax free!!

ZYMOX Plus OTIC-HC 1.25 fl. oz Hydrocortisone 1.0% Dog Cat Ear Otitis Treatment Review:

Works better than any other ear solution I've used, but bottle is sized for one week's use if following label instructions. Labeled as safe for long term use. Great, because ears revert back to earlier problem with one week's use. Two weeks continued use keeps ear problems at bay longer, but need a bottle for each week of treatment. Trying to stretch the amount used to get more than one week out of a bottle doesn't effectively clear ears. Use as labeled for two solid weeks and then weekly after that to keep ears clear. Amazon does sell a two pack.

My dog wags his tail and sits when he sees me approach with a bottle of this solution. He's learned that it really does make his ears feel better and doesn't sting or have a strong odor like many other ear products.

BEXLEY LABS Curaseb Dog Ear Infection Treatment - Treats Ear Mites, Yeast & Fungal Infections - Cleans & Flushes Away Sticky & Smelly Infected Ears - Broad Spectrum Veterinary Formula Review:

I have to commend Bexley Labs for providing a great product that actually did what it was purported to do. My cocker spaniel, Max, has had ear problems for the last two years. I took him to two different vets who cleaned his ears and gave me a prescription ointment to eliminate yeast infections. The ointment worked very well, but the problem was that the first vet charged me $30 for it, the second vet, $20. The container held about two ounces and lasted about two weeks. I love Max to pieces, but I could not afford the prescription plus the office visit every time his ears became infected. And yes, both vets refused to sell me more ointment without an exam. As anyone who owns a cocker knows, ear problems are ongoing, so I needed an alternative that was safe for Max and not going to send me to the "Poorhouse". Curaseb was the answer! I tried other products available at big box stores and pet supply stores, but none of them gave Max more than a couple of days relief. Then, he was right back to shaking his head and vigorously scratching his ears with his paws. With an application of Curaseb every three days, Max is comfortable and his ears don't smell. For just over $14 for 12 oz, both Max and I are delighted with Curaseb. Thanks again for a good product!

Zymox Ear Solution with 0.5-Percent Hydrocortisone, 1.25-Ounce Review:

I've spent severa hundred dollars taking my Boston Terrier to the vet for his ear infections. His ears get really red, smelly, with a waxy brown discharge, and they itch so bad he scratches them until they bleed. It was literally so bad he would yelp in pain anytime someone touched him near his ears.
During this time, vet prescribed some antiobiotic drops that did nothing, so we went back, got more medicine that seemed to help for about a week, and the problem came right back. Desperate, I decided to do my own research and saw the great reviews for this product on Amazon, so I decided to try it.
I applied the drops once a day and after three days, his ears were normal. I continued to apply for three more days, just to kill off any lingering nasties. That was about a month ago, and so far, so good. No more gross ears.
I should mention my dog has a grain intolerance and must eat grain free food. And I'm not one of those people that think grain is evil--I eat it myself. It took us months to figure out the grain based food was causing him to get red, irritated, itchy skin... so bad he scratched nearly all the time. The grain free food stopped the skin problems but not the ear problems.
If your dog is having similar issues, this medicine is worth a try. And it costs less than an office visit charge for the vet.

ZYMOX Advanced Formula Otic Plus Enzymatic Ear Solution for Dogs and Cats with 1% Hydrocortisone, 1.25oz Review:

I have show dogs - Irish Setters...and I have one little guy who has had food and environmental allergies all his life. He's five years old now - for his food, I eventually found Fromm Adult Maintenance, which did miracles for his weight, gut and coat. However, he has ALWAYS had yucky, runny, gooey ears that my veterinarian of over 30 years could not resolve.....he finally chalked it up to environmental allergies and said he would always have bad ears - they were RAW, bloody (only SOME from scratching) and just RUNNY with serum and fluid - I could smell the beginnings of a Pseudomonas infection (sweet and grape-like), but it was NOT pus like an ear infection.. Listen folks - I know what I'm doing - I really do...I have owned, showed and/or groomed show Irish since 1992 for a well-respected breeder, owned a champion Gordon Setter and if "I" can't resolve an issue, it's pretty bad.....I used the Eco-Ears with no luck, religiously, so picked up some Zymox (the regular stuff w 0.5%hydrocortisone) at Petco to just see if it would work. Seriously......After 2 days of using it, my guy's ears started to heal up...well I thought I better order the Otic-HC, after reading the reviews......I was beside myself - after 2 more days of treatment, his ears were 95% back to normal. See the picture (7 days of use and five days using nothing afterwards) for yourself - they are UNCLEANED (per the instructions), so yes, they have a bit of brown wax in them, but they are a FAR CRY from the discouraging, painful, smelly runny mess. He doesn't cry any more when I just get near his head, and he seems very comfortable - no bad odor - yes, that stuff is thick like I used a cotton ball in the ear to keep the Zymox in for an hour, then removed the cotton ball (be careful to get the whole thing out - don't let kids do it)....if you have a dog who has not responded to antibiotics and you have not tried this yet, you would do yourself and your best friend a BIG favor if you at LEAST tried it!!! $23 may seem like a lot but in comparison to a $371 veterinarian bill where you are handed MORE ear cleaner, prednisone and one or more antibiotics (like Baytril - yikes!) and sent home.....well, I think it's a SMALL price to pay. We are on a weekly maintenance dose now - my dog and I thank you, Pet King Brands!!!!!!! I hope we NEVER go through that again - poor little guy suffering like that because"I" didn't know about Zymox Plus Otic-HC......

Gold Medal Groomers Ear Powder (30 Grams) Review:

This product really worked well for my dog. A couple of months ago, I noticed my dog was shaking his head, and scratching his ear until it got bloody. I tried a vinegar peroxide flush on his ear, and a whole bunch of wax washed out, and his ear was wet and raw and very smelly. I went on every two or three days with this type of flush, but his ear did not get any better. I then did some reading and saw this product, and decided to give it a try. I purchased this product, the combination dry ear lotion, and a dog ear powder. I noticed improvement after the first treatment. However, I still have to put the cone collar on the dog to prevent him from over scratching his ear to this day. After several months, I only have to use the three product treatment about once or at most twice a week. His ears are now flushed with a dilute warm water vinegar using a plastic bulb tip applicator several times, followed by the wash cleaner, dry lotion, and powder. I'm happy to report both his ears have a nice, healthy color, do not flush out loads of wax, and do not have any foul odor. The dog is happy, and I believe this combo has fixed up his ears without the expense of a vet. I'm very pleased with this product. It worked well for my dog, and it never irritated his ears. The product (s) have a nice clove smell that is pleasing as well. Strongly recommended.

Zymox Ear Cleanser With Bio-Active Enzymes, 4 oz. Review:

The only line of products I’ll ever use! I have a German Shepherd I got from a shelter 4 years ago. When we got her, she had an ear infection so we treated it. $250 at the vet later, it came back. We fought chronic infections for the next 3 1/2 years. It was never more than 2-3 months before they came back. We were out of options and started treating at home with natural remedies. Still, nothing worked! We have Zymox products a try, thinking I was just wasting more money. We bought the Zymox Advanced Otic Plus solution because it was the highest strength available. We treated for 4 weeks straight. The recommended length is 7 days or 14 days for chronic infections. We decided to treat extra because we’ve been fighting infectionsfor so long. After the treatment, we left the ears alone for 3-4 days and ordered the Zymox Ear Cleaner. We cleaned and cleaned the ears and they have never looked so clean! Normally, her ears are dark and discoloured because of the infections and scratching but they are now nice and pink and normal looking. We’ve been cleaning daily with the Ear Cleaner for about 2 weeks now but everyday, nothing comes out but maybe a little waxy stuff. I missed a few days and I was honestly flabbergasted that her ears were still clean when we started back. I have ran out of options and didn’t have $2000 more to spend on more ear treatments at the vet. I spent about $100 between the two bottles of Otic Plus solution and two bottles of Ear Cleaner. Best $100 I’ve spent on this dog! If your dog has suffered like mine, give this a shot!!! I’m not paid to give this review, I’m just an estatic momma that wants to spread our experience.

Pet MD Otic Clean Dog Ear Cleaner for Cats and Dogs - Effective Against Infections Caused by Mites, Yeast, Itching and Controls Odor - 8 oz Review:

Unlike most of the other reviews here, I did NOT receive this item at a discount. I paid full price for it and hoped for the best.

I am using this on two cats who both have ear mites, along with Animal Dermatology Laboratories ear mite treatment. I use this cleaner first to prepare the ears for treatment, but wait a couple of hours after cleaning before applying the treatment, to make sure the inside of the ears are dry so the treatment can work better. Since the treatment can only be applied twice a week (for 3 weeks), I'm also using this cleaner every other day in between treatments.

To use this cleaner, I warm about an ounce of it in a shot glass just enough to get it "baby warm". Then I unroll some real (not synthetic) cotton balls to make the cotton a smaller diameter. This gives me a strand of fluffy cotton about 6" long by about half an inch wide. I cut those in half to 3" long pieces. I dip the end of a cotton strand into the cleaner, and hold it in the cat's ear, gently swishing and twisting it around but not too deeply. I go through about 3 cotton balls (six half-strands) per ear. This is much safer than trying to use cotton swabs on a stick.

My cats hate the ear mite treatment stuff, so they start struggling when they realize I'm about to mess with their ears again. But there must be something in this that helps them feel better, because within seconds of this cleaner hitting the inside of an ear, both cats calm right down, relax, and start to purr.

The only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars is because the scent is very strong. Not quite as overpowering as some pet ear cleaners and treatments, but still strong, and very persistent. It lingers for days. Cats have very keen sense of smell, so I can't imagine what it must be like for the poor things to have this cloyingly sweet, perfume-like scent hanging about them 24/7. It's not clean or natural smelling. I wish they would make this stuff in UNscented especially for cats and for dogs with sensitive sense of smell.

Vet's Best Dog Ear Cleaner Kit | Multi-Symptom Ear Relief | Wash & Dry Treatment | Alcohol-free Review:

Seriously, I can hardly believe how well this stuff works. I bought it 2 years ago for my Staffy’s frequent ear infections and irritation and it worked like a charm. The combination of wash AND dry is the key. After 2 years of occasional but consistent use the contents were a bit funky and it was time for a new order. This time, however, I made the HUGE MISTAKE of trying something different. I bought Zymox, the most popular dog ear wash on Amazon and it was horrible. My poor pup’s ear went from bad to DISGUSTING—more irritated and starting to smell AWFUL.
So, my partner picked up something else on his way home from work, and the results were the same.
So, I immediately went online and ordered Vet’s Best Wash & Dry and her ears were cured OVERNIGHT. In less than 12 hours, the putrid stench was replaced by the soothing, natural scent of chamomile and echinacea and her head scratching, shaking and rolling stopped immediately.

The key is the combination of wash and DRY. Wet products only contribute to a dog’s discomfort, but the dry formula apsorbs the moisture, stopping the itching, scratching, and rolling that leaves ears raw and red.

Don’t hesitate. Buy this combo pack NOW. Your precious pup will thank you.