Best Car Headrest Video Players in 2020

NAVISKAUTO 10.1" Car DVD Player with Wireless Headphone Support HDMI Input, 1080P Video, Sync Screen, AV Out & in, FM IR, Last Memory, USB SD Review:

We bought these right before a road trip at the beginning of July. The instal was easy and we have them mounted to our headrests. The wires were put behind a plastic peice on the back of the seats. The picture and sound quality were great as well. Now, my kids loved the video games that came with it. My son loves the nes games on there, i.e. Top Gun, Mario, Paper boy. It is also easy to get the DVDs in the back of the machine. Once they are mounted, you can move them up or down depending on your child's height. We bought two and are very pleased. You can connect the sound to your vehicle. We also connected my sons NES to the Player for our trip. That was a plus. There are many more perks to these.

Costumer service is great! We had an issue with the IR on one of the players. The remote and headphone would not connect. (We had to use the wire to connect the headphone.) We contacted customer service and they responded VERY quickly. They were able to exchange the item. They were pleasant to work with and never had an issue with them. To me, this is a huge plus. Good costumer service is hard to come by. FIVE STARS HERE!

I highly recommend this item. It has been over a month because we wanted to give an honest review.

NAVISKAUTO 10.1" Dual Car DVD Players with 2 Headphones Support 1080P Video, HDMI Input, Sync Screen, AV Out & in, Resume, Region Free, USB SD (2 x Headrest DVD Players) Review:

Excellent backseat entertainment! I had an older Naviskauto rear seat system for my kids, but the second monitor was only a slave monitor (so both kids had to watch the same video). This is a game changer for long road trips! So why only 3 stars? Because the headrest mounts don’t fit my car (Chevy Traverse). The riser bars in my car are too close together, so I’m left with having to mount the monitors using Velcro. I wish they offered a smaller bracket option!

Absolutely fantastic customer service! The manufacturer contacted me based on this review, and is now sending me smaller brackets to work in my car. Wowsa! That kind of service is hard to find these days, and I've added a star accordingly. Once I get the new brackets and install them, I'll write another update.

I received the new brackets and the monitors now fit my car splendidly! I'm quite pleased with these monitors and with the fantastic customer service. My kids and I took a 2,000+ mile road-trip this summer and these monitors helped us all with making the time go by. One thing to be aware of is that mirroring (ie, playing the same thing on both monitors) only works with DVDs--you cannot mirror videos from an SD card, for example. As long as you're aware of this limitation, you can plan accordingly.

NAVISKAUTO Dual Car Headrest Mount Holder Bracket Only for NAVISKAUTO 10.1 Inch Dual Screen DVD Player and Dual DVD Player Review:

These work really well to hold the appropriate DVD players/screens. Make sure you get the right version to fit these holders. My only desire was that they had a better way to mount instead of simply being a thicker strap than what came with the dvd player itself. It is nice to not have to completely remove the straps to take the player out of the car. Haven't had them for very long so I will update if I run in to any problems. But otherwise definitely worth the price for the added convenience.

Hikig Car Headrest Mount Holder for Kids All Kindle Fire - Kindle Fire HD 6 / HD 7 / HD X7 / HD X9 / HD 6 (2014) / HD 7 (2014) / HD 6 (Kid Edition) / HD 7 (Kid Edition) / New Fire 7 / HD 8 / HD 10 Review:

This product is sooo easy to install and holds my sons 10 in. tablet securely, even with the silicone case on it. I was worried it wouldn't hold while driving after reading the reviews. We drove for over an hour today on pothole covered roads and never once did it need to be adjusted. It is so easy my 8 year old placed the pieces that hold it in completely by himself. Love it so much I just ordered another one for my stepson. Highly recommend.

Hikig Car Headrest Mount Holder for 7 Inch to 11 Inch Swivel and Flip Style Portable DVD Players - Adjustable Angle and Rotate Screen - Black Review:

My sons DVD player came with a headrest case but it was junk and fell apart quickly so I needed something different. This is literally perfect! Its very strong, sturdy, durable. glad that I bought this. It has very thick elastic bands to accommodate various size DVD players. Its very simple to slide the DVD player in. Very easy to put on the headrest. If you're looking for a DVD player holder for the head seat then look no further. This one is perfect.

TFY Car Headrest Mount for Swivel & Flip Style Portable DVD Player-9 Inch Review:

we bought the Sony BDPSX910 Portable Blu-ray Player. It fits in the mount but the screen on the player is only a 1/4" from the top so about 1/2" of the top of the screen is covered by the panel. The lower panel below the mesh screen covers up the sound so it sort of mutes it a bit but the sound on our player is loud so its not too bad. Our head rests are also narrow but by crossing the straps over each other it stays on very well. the mesh also does not go over the controls but the panel in between the mesh and the screen space covers the controls. Which is fine with me because my daughter doesn't need to be playing with the buttons. To change movies we just unvelcro the top and slide out the player (after unplugging the power supply). I just need to get a aux to aux cable and i can stream the audio through our car speakers.

01/17/2013 update: our player and this mount was stolen. upon re-purchase the straps changed to the single as is currently pictured. fits our headrest much better.

Car Headrest Mount Holder for DBPOWER 10.5" Portable DVD Player with Swivel and Flip Screen and Fits Other 10-10.5" Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player - Black Review:

We had an older version of the DBPower portable DVD player for years and we loved it! So, we were taking another road trip and I thought getting a headrest mount holder for ours would be more fun for our daughter because it would sit on her lap. I bought this and decided to buy an updated version of the DVD player as well. It was so easy to put on the headrest and had spots for the cords to come out. Lifesaver for plane and car trips. You don't have to worry about wifi and will keep their attention for as long as the movie runs.

WONNIE 10.5 Portable Dual DVD Players, 1024x800 HD LCD TFT, USB/SD/MMC Card Readers, Built-in 5 Hours Rechargeable Battery, Stereo Sound, Regions Free, AV Out & in Review:

We purchased this for a road trip and I’m so glad we did! I searched high and low for dual screens that would auto-resume where we left off on a movie after they were manually turned off when exiting the car and with a remote that you can work from the front seat and these did! They arrived quickly and were packaged perfectly. They were very easy to get up and running, easy to strap to the seats with the velcro straps which made them tight enough that they don’t move around, no extra accessories needed, they came with everything! The clarity of the LCD screens picture are great, haven’t had any issue with skipping or stopping. The 10.5 inch screens are the perfect size, the sound works great with the remote giving you 20 volume settings, and the ability to use headphones is a saving grace for this mommy. Also, if you want to control only one volume, cover the light on the one you don't want to adjust, so it doesn't get the remote input. I love the dual AC cord and car charger that are included that make it easy and convenient to charge them at any time. The AC cord is nice and long and I love only needing one power adapter to charge both. When battery powered they lasted around 3 hours and you can even play videos while it is plugged into the DC Power source. The fact that we can also use this as a cd player/mp3 player is just a bonus we can’t wait to use! This portable player will be making my kids happy for many more years to come.

WONNIE 10.5" Dual DVD Player Portable CD Players for Car Headrest with 5 Hours Rechargeable Battery, USB/SD/MMC Support, Last Memory( Two Screens Play One Movie) Review:

 I’m glad I bought this Dual DVD player! This works good and easy to use. I like the idea of dual screen in a DVD player especially, if it’s for the car use with two kids inside the car. The other one is a DVD player with a screen which you can put the DVD disc inside, and the other is just a screen. The speaker is loud enough for you to hear the movie inside the car. You can take this anywhere, or use it even at home. You can even play this without plugging in, just make sure that it’s battery is fully charged and it could last up to 5 hours of use without charging. The video quality resolution is pretty decent. I loved that it’s very lightweight and at the same time has a good quality.

WONNIE 9.5'' Dual Screen DVD Player Portable for Car Travel Built-in 5 Hours Rechargeable Battery, Last Memory&USB&SD Slot(Two Screens Play Same Movie) Review:

 The wonnie dual screen DVD player 9.5" high resolution TFT LCD is by far the best portable player we have ever got. First it comes with everything you could possibly need to set it up. It has both the cord to plug into wall, which weve used for fort nights in the kids rooms. Also comes with the plug for the car which is where we keep the player at almost all times for every car ride. Love the fact I can use the remote from the front seat to lower/raise the volume or whatever else I'd need to do while have the player in the back seat. The strap thay comes with it to secure it the head rest is perfect and I'm able to get it really tight so it doesnt move around at all. So far we've only played movies on the player, the picture is really clear and the sound it great and can get it pretty loud. Our last portable dvd player was a sony and the picture came in dark and made all the movies hard to see so we are so happy we can actually see all our movies now. The fact that we can also use this as a cd player and mp3 player is just a bonus we cant wait to use! This portable player will be making my kids happy for many more years to come.